Friday, August 19, 2011

August '11 Ratings Report #3

"America's Got Talent":
Tuesday: 10.06 million (down from last week)
Wednesday: 9.42 million (barely up from a week ago)
"Big Brother":
Sunday: 7.19 million
Wednesday: 7.96 million
Thursday: 7.97 million (all three down slightly from last week's season-high)
Monday: 6.04 million
Season Finale: 6.54 million- SEASON-HIGH
"Minute to Win It":
Sunday: 3.46 million
Wednesday: 4.65 million (down from last week)
"Hell's Kitchen": 6.83 million- SEASON-HIGH
"Wipeout": 6.7 million (up a bit from all of last week)
"Food Network Star" (season finale): 4.23 million- SEASON-HIGH
"Expedition Impossible": 4.58 million- SERIES-LOW
"It's Worth What?": 4.07 million- DOWN AGAIN
"Take the Money & Run": 3.63 million (down from first two weeks)
"Project Runway": 3.11 million- SEASON-HIGH
"The Great Food Truck Race" (second season premiere): 2.04 million
"The Challenge: Rivals": 1.99 million (barely down from last week)
"Top Shot": 1.68 million (down from last week's season premiere)
"One Man Army": 1.04 million (barely up from last week)
"Hair Battle Spectacular" (second season premiere): .87 million
"Ton of Cash" (premiere): .31 million- DISASTER

Source: The Futon Critic
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