Wednesday, August 03, 2011

"Big Brother 13" 8/3

Power of Veto Competition #4: The three drawn participants are Jeff, Adam & Porsche; the host's determined to be Lawon. In each round, the six houseguests have to write down how long they think it will take them to complete a task inspired by a past competition. Whoever has the least amount of time written down will get to play it. If they complete it, the one who wrote down the most time is eliminated; otherwise, s/he is eliminated.

Round 1: Chew & transfer 10 gumballs while on a balance beam

Porsche: 2:24
Jeff: 2:01
Rachel: 2:00
Adam: 3:17
Daniele: 2:35
Brendon: 2:32

Round 2: Veto brick wall puzzle

Porsche: 1:58
Jeff: :48
Rachel: :38
Daniele: 1:31
Brendon: :49

Round 3: There are 11 hairs inside a giant foot w/ letters on them that spell out the word NOMINATIONS.

Porsche: :58
Jeff: 1:59
Daniele: :29
Brendon: :46

Round 4: Fill up a three-gallon milk jug

Porsche: 3:19
Jeff: :54
Brendon: 2:16

Final Round: Miniature golf

Porsche: :35
Brendon: :33
WINNER- Brendon (w/ :02 left)

Surprisingly, he uses the Veto ON RACHEL INSTEAD OF HIMSELF, likely ending his game on Thursday. Rachel gets replaced by...

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