Tuesday, August 02, 2011

DEBUT: "Take the Money & Run"

Brothers Paul & Raul Bustamante will face these San Francisco police detectives- Cliff Cook (19 years) & Dean Taylor (31 years).

Cliff & Dean will be helped w/ the interrogations by Mary Hanlon-Stone & Paul Bishop; Cliff & Dean will get their opponent's cell phone info, receipts & GPS coordinates. As for Paul & Raul, they have an hour to hide the $100K briefcase wherever they want before they're taken into custody. If they can go two days without the briefcase being found, they get to keep the money; otherwise, the cops will split that cash.

Paul & Raul's accomplices are their brother Rob, Brian Burns & Carl Marino.

Paul & Raul originally wanted to hide the money somewhere in La Barca Mexican Restaurant, but they choose to bury it within Lafayette Park. They're arrested at Golden Gate Park. Raul's interrogated first by Mary & placed in Holding Cell #2.

Cliff & Dean immediately eliminate the brother before going to Carl & Brian's whereabouts.

W/ 18:22:22 left, Paul tells Mary the whereabouts of the money in order to go home 20 minutes later...

...& the police win in the dark w/ a little more than 17 hours to spare!
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