Thursday, August 04, 2011

"Expedition Impossible" 8/4

First Checkpoint: Look at a map & identify that the Souk can be the only symbol that can be spotted from a vista using a pair of binoculars before driving the Explorer Limited there.

The Gypsies are getting a three-minute head start this week.

Second Checkpoint: Get an airplane ticket & go to the designated airport.

Ike Isaacson may have torn a ligament in an ankle.

Third Checkpoint: One member per trio has to go skydiving & spot the symbol that will lead them to a river crossing. The last three teams to arrive here will all go on the third & final flight.

First Flight: Gypsies & No Limits
Second Flight: Fab 3 & California Girls

Checkpoint #4: Swim across & search the opposite river bank for a wooden sign after trekking a mile.

Challenge of the Week: The finish line's location, The Kasbah, is hidden in code on that wooden river activity sign (using the first letter of each of the six activities posted). They can either try to solve the puzzle themselves or trek two miles to an archery sign to help them out further.

WINNERS: Gypsies (sixth out of seven!)

2. No Limits

3. California Girls

4. Football Players

5. The Cops

OUT- Country Boys
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