Sunday, August 21, 2011

"The Great Food Truck Race" 8/21

DESTINATION #2: Salt Lake City

First Truck Stop Challenge: At Heritage Park, original sausage dishes have to be made in 1.5 hours using sausage made from scratch at Creminelli's Fine Meats 12 miles away; also, each team can only choose five ingredients from the pantry table.

Guest Judge: Ryan Lowder (The Copper Onion chef/owner)


Roxy's Grilled Cheese: Crispy Potato Napoleon w/ sausage, grilled eggplant, roasted onions & a couple layers of Reggiano cheese & topped w/ some marinara sauce & a balsamic drizzle
The Lime Truck: Sausage two ways- Top Sirloin of Pork in a Ragout w/ tomatoes, fennel & fresh Mozzarella (bottom) & Piquillo pepper stuffed w/ pork belly sausage, has a Spanish flavor & wrapped in pancetta (top)
Hodge Podge: Sausage flatbread w/ some olive/red pepper tapenade
Devilicious: Pork belly sausage meatballs rolled in a Tuscan soup w/ sun-dried tomatoes & wild mushrooms
Cafe Con Leche: Salchicha a la Verde (green sausage) w/ shared coffee
Seabirds: Fennel sausage over roasted red pepper & a garlic crostini garnished w/ toasted walnut oil & more fennel
Korilla: NOTHING

WINNERS: Hodge Podge

The advantage that truck team receives is...a seed money doubler!

SPEED BUMP #2: All teams are ordered to move to another place the moment they hang up the phone.


WINNERS- Korilla ($5,665)

2. Cafe Con Leche ($3,709)

3. Hodge Podge ($3,646)

4. The Lime Truck ($3,281)

5. Seabirds ($3,036)

LOSERS BY $159- Devilicious ($2,847)
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