Monday, August 15, 2011

"Hell's Kitchen" 8/15

Challenge #9: One-hour desserts. Each one will be rated from one to three stars by both of the judges, w/ the team having the most combined stars winning.

Guest Judges: Waylynn Lucas (fonuts chef/owner) & Jordan Kahn (Red Medicine chef/owner)

Blue Team:

Tommy: Toffee & Macadamia nut sticky bun- 1/1
Paul: Banana polenta cake w/ lemon mascarpone whip- SWEEP (8)
Natalie: Chocolate espresso bread pudding- 2/1 (11)
Will: N/A- 1/1 (13)

Red Team:

Jamie: Croissant fig bread pudding w/ chocolate & strawberry champagne glaze- 2/1
Elizabeth: Ricotta-Strawberry Napoleon- 1/2 (6)
Carrie: Blondie w/ butterscotch chips- 1/1 (8)
Jennifer: Chocolate Banana Fosters- WIN! (14)
Elise: Fresh berry Zabaione- REJECTED BY TEAM

At the last possible moment, the RT wins a mini-vacation to Caesar's Palace in Vegas w/ a special guest appearance by Holly Madison (who gives them each a copy of her new book); also, each member of that team wins a three-day, two-night trip back to Vegas w/ the guest of their choice! The BT's forced to clean up the dining room.

DINNER SERVICE #9 THEME: Date Night (first-ever; features a raw seafood bar)


1. Communication problems between Carrie & Elise
2. Tommy seasoning scallops too early twice in a row
3. One of Jamie's hairs getting into an appetizer
4. Tommy cooking sea bass too soon- TIMEOUT
5. Carrie's overcooked sea bass & arguing w/ Chef Ramsay- BENCHED
6. Jamie taking too long on some garnish
7. Jamie's overcooked zucchini
8. Paul's raw chicken & arguing w/ Ramsay- BENCHED
9. Elise throwing lobster into some Cappellini when she shouldn't have
10. Elise's overcooked oysters- BENCHED


That means either Carrie or Elise will be cut unless I find out otherwise...

...well, this is one of those times- Ramsay eliminates Jamie instead.

Next week's episode will be two hours long.
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