Wednesday, August 03, 2011

"Hell's Kitchen" 8/2

Challenge #6: Elizabeth & Paul went upstairs to meet three committee members of the Culver City High School Class of 1991, after which they had 45 minutes for their teams to cook- Jenna, Diata & Lynn.

The theme was Hawaiian, but the Red Team cooked Asian food instead.

Round 1:
Natalie: Ahi Tuna & Ono Poke on freshly-toasted Crostini
Carrie: Tuna tartare mixed w/ chiles & served w/ avocado

Round 2:
Krupa: Nut-crusted pork tenderloin w/ lentils & blanched Bok Choy
Monterray: Roasted tenderloin topped w/ mango-pineapple chutney

Final Round:
Elise: BBQ seared scallops w/ Guava Chipotle BBQ sauce & bacon lardons inside the sauce (but Elizabeth was largely responsible for the communication problems)
Will: Banana leaf-wrapped steamed Opah w/ a coconut chili-lime sauce- SWEEP

The BT's latest reward was to board a four-level super yacht, leaving the RT to clean & redecorate the building.

DINNER SERVICE #6 (w/ a Hawaiian high school theme) NOTABLE TROUBS:

1. The RT bombing out on the cake before the DS even began
2. Carrie taking too long w/ a couple pot stickers that were supposed to go w/ a salad
3. Paul's raw Snapper twice in a row
4. Monterray putting broccolini in a pan
5. Monterray serving third consecutive raw piece of Snapper- LOSS

ELIMINATED: Monterray (Dishonorable Mentions: Jonathon & Paul)
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