Wednesday, August 03, 2011

"MasterChef" 8/2

Mystery Box #6: Surf & Turf

Top Three Dishes:

Adrien: Short ribs & crab salad w/ black garlic
Suzy: Prawn bisque & bison w/ pan gravy
Jennifer: Risotto w/ short ribs & crab

WINNER: Jennifer (third MB win)

DOUBLE ELIMINATION TEST #2 (& sixth ET overall):

Category: Judges' childhood
Choices: Pizza, macaroni & cheese & grilled cheese w/ tomato soup
JENNIFER'S CHOICE FOR THE ENTIRE GROUP: Sandwich & soup (45-minute time limit w/ five minutes of pantry shopping time)


Suzy: Red pepper
Adrien: Creamy tomato soup w/ Foie Gras & honey
Christian: Lobster & tomato soup w/ FG & Prosciutto
Ben: Roasted tomato soup w/ bacon & onion
Tracy: Pancetta & Fontina grilled cheese
Jennifer: Roasted Heirloom tomato soup w/ lobster grilled cheese
Derrick: Gorgonzola tomato soup w/ tomato & onion grilled cheese
Christine: Roasted Green Heirloom tomato soup w/ Goat & Provolone grilled cheese

WINNER: Suzy (Runner-Up: Tracy)
BOTTOM THREE: Ben, Christine & Derrick

The two losers of the week were...


...Christine & Derrick.
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