Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Newest "Survivor" roster

For "Survivor: South Pacific", Benjamin "Coach" Wade (Upolu) & Ozzy Lusth (Savaii) are returning to the game. Here are the newest castaways:

Dawn Meehan (South Jordan, UT)- English professor
Elyse Umemoto (Las Vegas)- Dance team manager
Jim Rice (Denver)- Medical marijuana dispenser
John Cochran (Oakton, VA, by way of Washington, D.C.)- Harvard law student
Keith Tollefson (San Diego, by way of Edina, MN)- Water treatment technician
Mark Caruso (Forest Hills, NY)- Retired NYPD detective
Semhar Tadesse (L.A.)- Spoken word artist
Whitney Duncan (Nashville)- Country music singer

Albert Destrade (Plantation, FL)- Baseball/dating coach
Brandon Hantz (Katy, TX)- Oil tanker crewman
Christine Shields Markoski (Merrick, NY)- Teacher
Edna Ma (L.A.)- Anesthesiologist
Mikayla Wingle (Tampa, FL)- Lingerie football player
Rick Nelson (Aurora, UT)- Rancher
Sophie Clarke (Willsboro, NY)- Medical student
Stacey Powell (Dallas)- Mortician

Various sources contributed to this report.
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