Thursday, August 18, 2011


Whoever wins this week's episode will have their look featured in an ad that will be seen in Marie Claire as well as many taxi cab tops all over NYC (thus, I think immunity's off the table this week).

The Mood shopping budget is $200 within a half-hour.

Guest Judges: Joanna Coles (Marie Claire Editor-in-Chief) & Kerry Washington (actress)


1. Joshua McKinley (Sonia Nieklasz)- Grey/orange
2. Bert Keeter (Kerstin Lechner)- Black w/ sunglasses
3. Olivier Green (Carla Barucci)- White/grey/beige
4. Anthony Ryan Auld (Chelsea Blackburn)- White/brown shirt w/ brown skirt
5. Becky Ross (Meghan Giffin)- Black/white
6. Kimberly Goldson (Bojana Draskovic)- Gold dress w/ black pants
7. Cecilia Motwani (Alyssa Pasek)- Gold dress w/ some silver (she's worried)
8. Anya Ayoung-Chee (Sveta Glebova)- Brown dress w/ a strange red belt
9. Danielle Everine (Karin Aystam)- Green shirt w/ black pants (she's also concerned)
10. Julie Tierney (Thais Magalhaes)- Silver w/ some grey & orange, plus a brown belt
11. Bryce Black (Hannah Gottesman)- Two shades of purple (he's worried about the hem part)
12. Laura Kathleen (Michel Ann)- Green dress w/ some gold on the bottom of the skirt
13. Viktor Luna (Erika Opsvig)- Black

WINNER- Kimberly (Runners-up: Anya & Viktor)
LOSER- Julie (Dishonorable mentions: Cecilia & Danielle)
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