Friday, August 26, 2011

"project RUNWAY" 8/25

Cecilia Motwani WITHDREW, meaning the team that only had two members at the end of the selection process would have to bring back one of the first four eliminated designers.

THIS WEEK'S CHALLENGE: To start, at The Armory within the new balance Track & Field Center, everyone ran a lap to determine who would be the captain for each of four trios. Each member of every team then had to design a look for Heidi's new balance sneakers (denim &/or suede was a must). The winner's/winners' design will be sold on & be the newest member of that sneaker collection.

TEAMS (captains are listed first for each of team):

1. Joshua McKinley, Anya Ayoung-Chee & Becky Ross
2. Bryce Black, Kimberly Goldson & Danielle Everine
3. Anthony Ryan Auld, Laura Kathleen & Bert Keeter
4. Viktor Luna, Olivier Green...& Joshua Christensen

The shopping budget at Mood within the 30 minutes for the captains was $300.

Guest Judge: Erin Wasson


1. Viktor (Erika Opsvig)
2. Joshua C. (Alyssa Pasek)
3. Olivier (Carla Barucci)
4. Bryce (Hannah Gottesman)
5. Kimberly (Bojana Draskovic)
6. Danielle (Karin Aystam)
7. Anthony Ryan (Chelsea Blackburn; he DIDN'T like it)
8. Laura (Michel Ann; she wasn't too confident about her look, either)
9. Bert (Kerstin Lechner)
10. Joshua M. (Sonia Nieklasz)
11. Becky (Meghan Giffin)
12. Anya (Sveta Glebova)

WINNERS- Joshua M. & Viktor
LOSER- Danielle (Dishonorable mention: Anthony Ryan)
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