Friday, August 05, 2011

"Project Runway" 8/4

UNCONVENTIONAL CHALLENGE: Make a look out of pet store supplies from Petland Discounts.

The budget was $300 in a half-hour.

Guest Judge: Stacey Bendet


1. Danielle Everene (Karin Aystam)- Rope dog toys & potty training pads
2. Fallene Wells (Tatjana Sinkevica)- Dog bed & aquarium seaweed
3. Anthony Ryan Auld (Chelsea Blackburn)- Birdseed
4. Bert Keeter (Kerstin Lechner)- Dog bed & birdcage netting
5. Julie Tierney (Thais Magalhaes)- Leashes & dog food bags
6. Anya Ayoung-Chee (Sveta Glebova)- Leashes & rope dog toys
7. Bryce Black (Hannah Gottesman)- Hamster bedding & potty training pads (he was worried about this outfit as it came out)
8. Kimberly Goldson (Bojana Draskovic)- Dog pillow & aquarium tubing
9. Josh Christensen (Ashley Lacamp)- Umbrella & reptile cage lining (he was nervous about its wow factor)
10. Viktor Luna (Erika)- Potty training pads
11. Cecilia Motwani (Alyssa Pasek)- Dog collars & hamster bedding
12. Olivier Green (Carla Barucci)- Dog bed & hamster bedding
13. Becky Ross (Meghan Giffin)- Aquarium flowers
14. Laura Kathleen (Michel Ann)- Catch-scratch cardboard & leashes
15. Joshua McKinley (Sonia Niekrasz)- Aquarium rocks & reptile cage lining

IMMUNITY WINNER- Olivier (Runners-Up: Anthony Ryan & Joshua)
BOTTOM THREE- Bryce, Fallene & Josh
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