Friday, August 26, 2011

"Top Chef: Just Desserts"- SECOND SEASON PREMIERE

First Quickfire Challenge: Seven teams of two had a half-hour to make a modern soda fountain treat at Soda Jerks. Both members of the winning duo got immunity.


Chris Hammer & Sally Camacho: Caramelized bananas w/ wafer crunch, white chocolate & butter pecan ice cream
Melissa Camacho & Vanarin Kuch: Micro cake w/ shattered banana carpaccio & white sauce
Megan Ketover & Orlando Santos: Feuilletine w/ bruleed bananas, chocolate ice cream & syrup
Carlos Enriquez & Rebecca Masson: Breakfast milkshake
Katzie Guy-Hamilton & Matthew Petersen: Chocolate egg cream w/ Ile Flottante, citrus & lemon
Amanda Rockman & Nelson Paz: Chocolate sponge cake w/ pickled cherries & pistachios
Craig Poirier & Lina Biancamano: Almond crispies w/ raspberry sauce & butter pecan ice cream

BOTTOM TWO: Megan & Orlando and Craig & Lina
WINNERS: Amanda & Nelson (Runners-up: Carlos & Rebecca)

FIRST ELIMINATION CHALLENGE: The remaining six pairs were re-divided into four three-member teams (after which Amanda & Nelson decided on which of the four teams they would join) & had to make a showpiece based on one of four fairy tales & two plated desserts. Everything was served at a fairy tale costume gala.

Nelson was on Team "Goldilocks & The Three Bears", while Amanda chose to be on Team "Little Red Riding Hood".

DESSERTS (doesn't include the showpieces):

TEAM "GOLDILOCKS" (Nelson, Orlando, Rebecca & Sally):
1. Almond bar & fruits of the forest w/ honey ice cream
2. Baby Bear's porridge w/ hot Rainier cherries, basil syrup & cherry sorbet

TEAM "JACK & THE BEANSTALK" (Craig, Katzie & Megan):
1. Bergamot clouds w/ whipped lemon ricotta, sweet pea sorbet & spiced golden soup
2. Brown butter hazelnut cake w/ lemongrass silk-infused cream & passion fruit

TEAM "LITTLE RED" (Amanda, Carlos, Chris & Matthew):
1. Rose-scented Bomboloni w/ Coconut Tapioca & red berry gelee
2. Blackout sponge cake w/ Cocoa Nib Nougatine, poached cherries & micro basil

TEAM "HANSEL & GRETEL" (Lina, Melissa & Vanarin):
1. Butterscotch brioche w/ goat cheese mousse & smoked pineapple
2. Chocolate cloud, milk sherbet & hibiscus apple seltzer

WINNERS- Team "Little Red" (Runners-up: Team "Goldilocks")
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