Wednesday, August 10, 2011


There are new silver graphics this season.

Opening Challenge: Using the Hunt & Wesson 500 (U.S.; 2003), two shooters at a time had to hit targets from 30, 50 & 70 feet away. The winners made up the Blue Team, while the losers would form the Red Team.



Mike Hughes (Maple Falls, WA)- President of a firearms training equipment company
Jarrett Grimes (Atlanta)- Homeland Security agent
Jake Zweig (Barrington, NH)- University of New Hampshire football coach & former Navy SEAL
Sara Ahrens (Roscoe, IL)- Police Sergeant
Paul Marinaccio (Fairfield, NJ)- Detective
Alex Charvat (Conifer, CO)- Engineer
Billy Rogers (Calabasas, CA)- Restaurant operations manager
Dustin Ellermann (Zavalla, TX)- Summer camp director


Cliff Walsh (St. Petersburg, FL)- Airport driver
Gary Quesenberry (Cleveland, OH)- Homeland Security agent
Chris Collins (Collinsville, OK)- Firearms instructor/college student
Amanda Hardin (Birmingham, AL)- NRA firearms instructor/nurse/real estate agent
Michael Marelli (Long Island, NY)- Court officer
Mark Schneider (Tierra Verde, FL)- USPSA A-class shooter
Drew Shprintz (Boca Raton, FL)- Firearms instructor/bartender
Phil Morden (Milford, MI)- Video producer

First Team Challenge: Both teams used the Larue Tactical OBR (introduced last year in the U.S.) on four elevated shooting platforms to hit the 75-yard & 100-yard targets for each station. They had to climb a 16 ft. pole after carrying it to the designated position to get on the platforms.

1. Billy & Dustin vs. Michael & Phil

2. Jake & Paul vs. Cliff & Drew

3. Sara & Jarrett vs. Gary & Mark

4. Mike & Alex vs. Amanda & Chris


Nomination Range:


Michael- MARK

Cliff- AMANDA (2)

Drew- MARK (2)

Phil- AMANDA (3)

Mark- AMANDA (4; clinched Elimination Challenge berth)

Amanda- MARK (3; opponent)

EC #1: Amanda & Mark had 10 rounds each in the Winchester (18)73 repeating rifle (U.S.) to hit as many of the 10 targets as possible while riding a stagecoach moving at 25 mph.

Just like last season, each EC winner will pocket a $2K Bass Pro Shops gift card.

Mark nailed three targets, while Amanda...

...lost w/ only one.
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