Monday, September 05, 2011

"Hair Battle Spectacular"- LABOR DAY '11

Check-Up From the Neck-Up #4: Hair designs based on the models' makeups. Whoever comes out victorious will use a Dryer Down card to prohibit two other stylists from using his/her blow dryer for 90 minutes. And that's the same amount of time for this particular challenge.


Queen B: Gold sequin
J9: Cotton candy
GQ: Martian
Bossa Nova: Turquoise
Nostradamus: Vine
Mz. H2O: Geisha
Blondie: Tribal
Atomic: Rainbow

BOTTOM TWO- GQ & Nostradamus
WINNER- Mz. H2O (Runner-up: Blondie)

Mz. H2O uses the DD card on...Nostradamus & Queen B.

GLAM SLAM #4: There will be just two matches this week, because they're working as four teams of two. Furthermore, this is a DOUBLE ELIMINATION WEEK.

THEME: TV shows
Guest Judge: B. Scott


1. J9 & Atomic ("Charlie's Angels") vs. Bossa Nova & GQ ("Sex & The City")- J9 & ATOMIC (Taylor & B.)

2. Blondie & Mz. H2O ("Buffy the Vampire Slayer") vs. Nostradamus & Queen B ("Mad Men")- NOSTRADAMUS & QUEEN B (Taylor & Derek)

WINNER- Nostradamus
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