Friday, September 02, 2011

"project RUNWAY" 9/1

Just to clarify, both Joshua McKinley & Viktor had immunity this week.

ASSIGNMENT: Create an avant-garde look inspired by a piece of artwork from the Harlem School of The Arts.

The Mood shopping budget was $300 in 30 minutes.

Guest Judges: Zanna Roberts Racci (Marie Claire senior fashion editor; filled in for Nina) & Kenneth Cole


1. Kimberly Goldson (Bojana Draskovic)- Claudette (11)
2. Becky Ross (Sveta Glebova)- Maris (16; Becky was concerned about not having enough volume on the bottom)
3. Olivier Green (Carla Barucci)- Tonyalee (17)
4. Joshua M. (Sonia Nieklasz)- Patrice (15)
5. Bert Keeter (Alyssa Pasek)- Antonio (16)
6. Viktor Luna (Erika Opsvig)- Skyy (12)
7. Laura Kathleen (Meghan Giffin)- Kai (11)
8. Bryce Black (Hannah Gottesman)- Audrey (17)
9. Joshua Christensen (Karin Agstam)- Sasha (17)
10. Anthony Ryan Ayld (Chelsea Blackburn)- Wu Qing (17)
11. Anya Ayoung-Chee (Kerstin Lechner)- AJ (16)

IMMUNITY WINNER- Anthony Ryan (Runners-up: Joshua M. & Laura)
OUT FOR GOOD- Joshua C. (Dishonorable mentions: Bert & Olivier)
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