Thursday, September 15, 2011

"project RUNWAY" 9/15

Immunity's OUT OF PLAY.

THIS WEEK'S CHALLENGE: Design a look for a client's girlfriend/wife.

At Mood, the budget's $200 within the given half-hour.

Guest Judge: Malin Akerman

RUNWAY ORDER (the second name in the parentheses is the name of each lady walking down the runway for this week only):

1. Laura Kathleen (Daryl & Rebecca)
2. Anthony Ryan Auld (Brian & Caitlin)
3. Bert Keeter (Anthony & Ariana)
4. Joshua McKinley (Josh & Charlene; he was concerned because of its simplicity)
5. Bryce Black (Jovan & Janine)
6. Kimberly Goldson (Rasheem & Kenya)
7. Olivier Green (Jeff & Suzanne)
8. Anya Ayoung-Chee (Mike & Kaylene)
9. Viktor Luna (George & Victoria)

WINNER- Joshua (Runners-up: Anya & Viktor)
LOSER- Bryce (Dishonorable mentions: Anthony Ryan & Bert)
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