Thursday, September 22, 2011

"project RUNWAY" 9/22

CHALLENGE: At Rockwood Music Hall, the eight designers learn that they're dividing into two teams creating looks for The Sheepdogs. The winner's look will be featured in both Marie Claire & Rolling Stone Magazines, as well at a live RS event.


1. Olivier, Viktor, Kimberly & Joshua
2. Anthony Ryan, Bert, Becky & Laura

At Mood this week, $300 & a half-hour are given.

Guest Judge: Adam Lambert

(Notes: Nobody goes down the runway this week; instead, the band performs on the runway while pictures of each look are shown.)


1. Anthony Ryan
2. Anya Ayoung-Chee (I think she was concerned about her look)
3. Laura Kathleen
4. Bert Keeter


1. Joshua McKinley
2. Kimberly Goldson (she didn't like the shirt)
3. Viktor Luna
4. Olivier Green

(Note: The songs played were "Who?" & "I Don't Know".)

WINNER- Vikor (Runners-up: Bert & Joshua)
OUT- Olivier (Dishonorable mentions: Anya & Kimberly)
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