Wednesday, September 21, 2011

"Survivor: South Pacific" 9/21

Ozzy has found the season's first Hidden Immunity Idol!

REWARD/IMMUNITY CHALLENGE #2: At the start, four members per tribe will pull long ribbons from a tall pole to release a keyring, which is useful in unlocking the rest of their tribemates prior to solve a crate puzzle together. The first tribe that gets the biggest crate on their finish platform also wins some comfort stuff & a clue to the next HII.

Edna is benched...

...& Savaii comes back to win this challenge!

TRIBAL COUNCIL #2: Edna & Sophie each get a vote. The other seven votes result in a close 4-3 decision between Christine & Stacey...Christine will take part in the season's first Redemption Island Duel next week.
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