Wednesday, September 28, 2011

"Survivor: South Pacific" 9/28

FIRST DUEL: Starting w/ a totem pole, more pole sections will be added by both castaways as time goes on.

The first castaway to go home this season is...




IMMUNITY/REWARD CHALLENGE #3: One tribemate will race across a floating bridge carrying a bodyboard attached to a long rope. At the platform, they have to grab a puzzle banner bag before being pulled back to shore by a giant crank. Once a tribe has all five of those bags, the rest of the tribe has to use grappling hooks to retrieve their banners & complete their tribe flag puzzle to win the Tribal Immunity Idol, some food & a Hidden II clue.

The TII goes to...


TRIBAL COUNCIL #3: Mark/Papa Bear gets six votes to one each for Cochran & Jim.
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