Tuesday, September 13, 2011

"Wipeout" 9/13

This is the last regular one-hour episode of the season.

First Qualifier Obstacle: "Wipeout: The Video Game" Spinner
Jiggleator Prop: Red boxing glove
Double Barrel Theme: Surfin' Safari

BTW, the contestant w/ the fastest time in just this round will automatically win $25K courtesy of ActiVision!


Jamila Ewing: 5:31
Marcella Peach: 3:28.1
Jamie "The Puppy Pusher" Sterton: 3:51.9
Brenton Kuipers: 3:49.7
Robert "The Exhibitionist" Delgado: 2:56 (exact time not revealed)

Also going on to Total Carnage are Kimberly "Wipeout's Next Top Model" Clifton, Megan Thomas, "Toothless" Reginald Hayes, Cassandra Gomez, Jake Mancini "The Patriot", Diana Neumayer, Dave Crandall & Manuel "Truck Tripper" Gonzalez.

Advancing to the Playset:

1. Diana
2. Jamie
3. Robert
4. Jake
5. Brenton
6. Manuel


1. Brenton
2. Robert
3. Manuel

THE WZ: In his quest to become the biggest single winner ever on this show (the record's $52.5K each by Jayson Lansburg & Katelyn Reina), Robert's up first w/ 7:24.69. Is that good enough to beat the other two for a grand total tonight of $75K & the record?...

...NO, Brenton closes things out w/ a win by 6.34 for $50K. That means Robert will settle for half.

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