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10/1/2011 Results

LIFE: These two teams are hoping to swim w/ some dolphins in Hawaii:

1. Rory (aspiring park ranger), Riley (sister/aspiring vet because she loves pigs) & Kelly (mom)
2. Madison (who loves Hula dancing), Bailey (a sister who loves sports) & Stephanie (self-proclaimed ultimate soccer mom)

First Round 1 Categories: Fitness Instructor & Ice Cream Seller

TEAM RORY: Ice Cream Seller

1. Which is the most popular ice cream flavor in the U.S.- vanilla or chocolate?
Guess: Vanilla (chocolate was #2)

2. An ice cream headache's caused by something cold touching what- the roof of your mouth or your stomach?
Guess: The roof of your mouth (300)

3. Which Thomas is credited w/ writing the first ice cream recipe in Atlanta- Edison or Jefferson?
Guess: Edison

Final Question: Which ice cream treat was created in Hollywood, CA- banana split or hot fudge sundae?
OUT OF GAS (A: Hot fudge sundae)

New Category: Cat Breeder

TEAM MADISON: Fitness Instructor

1. What's another name for sit-ups- ab grabs or crunches?
Guess: Crunches

2. At yoga class, which is a pose that might make you twist your body- cow face or horse lips?
Guess: Horse lips

3. At a gym, you'd be more likely to find a machine that imitates the body movements of what sport- cross-country skiing or ping-pong?
Guess: Cross-country skiing (400)

FQ: Which exercise works out the muscles in your legs- triceps dip or squat thrust?
OoG (A: Squat thrust)

First Round 2 Topics: Write a Best Seller & Get Cast as a Movie Villain

TEAM MADISON: Get Cast as a Movie Villain

1. Who was the villain in the first "Shrek" movie- Lord Farquaad or The Evil Dr. Mudd?
Guess: Lord Farquaad (600)

2. What seemingly impossible task does the evil genius Gru attempt to do in "Despicable Me"- dry up all the oceans or steal The Moon?
Guess: Steal The Moon (1K)

Extra Gas Question: In the "Star Wars" movies, which is true of the actor in the Darth Vader costume- he also played Chewbacca or he wasn't the voice of Darth?
Guess: He also played Chewbacca

Final Category: Visit All Seven Continents

TEAM RORY: Write a Best Seller

1. Which series has more books in it- "Harry Potter" or "Twilight"?
Guess: "Harry Potter" (500)

2. Before becoming a best-selling book, "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" started out as what- an online comic strip or the actual diary of a kid?
Guess: Actual diary of a kid

EGQ: E.B. White, the author of the classic "Charlotte's Web", also wrote what other classic tale- "Stuart Little" or "James and the Giant Peach"?
Guess: "Stuart Little" (1,100)

4. "The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe" is the first book in what series- "The Lord of the Rings" or "The Chronicles of Narnia"?
Guess: "The Chronicles of Narnia" (1,900)

FQ: Who's the hero of "The Lightning Thief"- Percy Jackson or Scott Pilgrim?
OoG (A: Percy)

Bonus Prize: Southern California CityPASS
Guess: Odd- 9

Final Round: Ribbons have to be attached to some wedding-like flower bouquets before being attempted to get caught.

Team Madison: 13 (4,250)
Team Rory: 15 (5,650)


Rory: Which of these real ice cream flavors sounds more disgusting- Salmon or Jalapeno?
Guess: Salmon- YES

Kelly: Would you rather be a best-selling author or a video game designer?
Guess: Author- YES

Riley: Do you want to get married in a grand ballroom or on a beach?
Guess: Beach- YES

PICK: Even
EXTRA NUMBER CHOICES: 9 (Rory), 1 (Riley) & 5 (Kelly)
GP NUMBER: 8- CLEAN SWEEP! (Waikiki Beach Marriott Resort & Spa)

SS: Did you know that Justin Willman's also known as Justin Kredible? I'm surprised the WWE hasn't filed a lawsuit about that. Tonight's teams:

Tim & Bailey (originally from Colorado)- Dubai
Kita & Shawn- Brazil

Babble: One teammate faces the board w/ one letter missing in a word & s/he has to give verbal clues until their partner (who's not facing the board) can identify exactly what they're thinking.
Prize: DXG HD camcorder


1. PAN
5. SPEAKER (Tim blurted out part of the word)


1. JOB
4. BRANCH (:22)

Slam!: A completed word is shown to start & each player has to replace one of its letters w/ the new letter in play to make a legal new word. Each round has a different amount of time that will be determined by a contestant hitting their lock-in; if a bad word's given or time expires, s/he is eliminated.
Prize: Body Glove package

Round 1 (:28): PAWN

Shawn: DAWN
Bailey: DOWN
Kita: GOWN
Shawn: TORN
Bailey: BORN
Kita: BORE- TIM (Last letter: C)

Round 2 (:22): KNEW

Shawn: KNOW
Bailey: SNOW
Kita: SNOB
Shawn: SLOB
Bailey: SLAB

Final Round (:18): BUNT

Bailey: BENT
Kita: RENT
Bailey: RANT
Kita: RANK- WIN (Last letter: B)

Flash Prize: CASIO digital piano
Letter Line: ERLMA




RT: G + D + K + C = 12
BT: X + Q = 12

1. KUSLL- A real bonehead
Kita: SKULL- YES (30)

2. CCOIMS (up from the S)- We "Marvel" at these
Tim: COMICS- YES (24)

3. PUYGP (up/down from the U)- Sounds a little fishy
Kita: GUPPY- YES (43)

4. CENLGII (across from the first C)- It's over your head
Tim: CEILING- YES (34)

5. HOCIR (across from the I in COMICS)- My people are filled w/ glee
Kita: CHOIR- YES (53)

6. DCOEY (left from the Y)- A real lame duck
Tim: DECOY- YES (56)

7. LEDOPAR (down from the second L in SKULL)- It's spotted in the jungle
Bailey: LEOPARD- YES (66)

8. OGGLEGS (up/down from the G in CEILING)- Helps watery eyes
Tim: GOGGLES- YES (86)

9. AOCNHR (up/down from the C in CHOIR)- Goes overboard
Bailey: ANCHOR- YES (97)

10. NUPDDGI (across from the D in LEOPARD)- Bread, rice & chocolate
Shawn: PUDDING- YES (65)

11. VEALES (up/down from the in DECOY)- They fall in Fall
Kita: LEAVES- YES (74)

12. HIGTE (across from the first G in GOGGLES)- Popular figure in ice skating

13. IGYGP (up/down from the G in PUDDING)- Kids bank on it
Kita: PIGGY- YES (98)

SUDDEN DEATH: STLAUE (across from the L in GOGGLES)- A soldier's call to arms
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