Thursday, October 20, 2011

10/20/2011 Results

IMPORTANT NOTE: As of today, most GSs are subject to pre-emption because of Muammar Qaddafi's presumed death.

LMaD: All three curtains are available in the morning's opening deal.

Allison's Round (dressed as a die): Curtain #2
DECISION: YES ($1.5K)- CRAPS (Nacho cheese hot tub)

Jennifer & Matthew Ridell's Round (who are about to be married): Curtain #3
DECISION: YES ($1.5K)- Costa Rican Tour

Video Bonus: End of said couple's celebration

Brenda's Round: Curtain #1 (by default)

I think Ashley may be Brenda's mom; she's dressed in various Vegas stuff; also, I presume Vison's her dad or husband.

Duane (dressed as a beekeeper) & Vanessa (dressed as a butterfly beauty) are gonna Smash For Cash. I have a feeling the 20 big ones are going to be won at least once this season; is today one of those days? We're about to find out.

Round 1:

Vanessa: #2- $3 ($1K)
Duane: #4- $3 ($6; $2K)


Vanessa: #8- BUCK ($7)
Duane: #7- DUD


5. #10- $2 ($9; $3K)

Consolation Bank Pick: #1- WINS $200

Michelle from Orange County, CA & Regina (dressed as a fairy) are forced to Dance Me a Deal. Winning $1K in betting money is...Regina.

THE BIG RISK (Jonathan w/ Small Box): YES- Rocky road ice cream

John's Round (a retired Army airborne while in the middle of the audience): $10 per ounce of some shampoo or Big Box?
DECISION: BB- Crosley jukebox package, including the $1K iTunes card ($2,795)(Ounces: 34)

Tracy's First Salon Round (dressed as salad): YES to Curtain #2 ($2,400)- Bedroom ($7,800)

TRACY'S TBR (Jonathan w/ SB): YES- Beverly Hills Makeover from Damone Roberts ($1,700)

Summer plays Tic-Tac-Deal for the Mitsubishi Lancer (Curtain #1). This season on TTD, there are eight envelopes instead of seven & the trader only picks three of them; half have X's while the other half contain those O's.


She declines the $2,999 Honda Elite scooter (Curtain #3) & $1K.

1. #3- X
2. #6- X

Other Os: #2, #5 & #8

Mark's First Round (dressed as a clown): $4K Real/Fake Silver Envelope or BB?
PICK: BB- BBQ/Margaritaville machine package ($2,749)
SE- $4K

TBR (Curtain #2): NO- Bathing camel

THE BIG DEAL: 82nd airborne John has nothing to lose when attempting to win the Tahoe boat worth $25,045 today. He's confident about Door #1 having it...WIN!

#2- Retro kitchen ($3,092; which was revealed last)
#3- Tanque Verde Ranch trip ($8,365)


FF: BTW, Steve was on today's episode of "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" & became the latest victim of one of Ellen's scare segments; he shortly said something that got bleeped!

TODAY'S GAME: Calonges vs. Wrights (whose one-day cash winnings total $20K)

Round 1: See this clip to find out what the question is- this one was previously asked during last season's tapings, but was thrown out because of back-to-back bad answers during the face-off. We do see at least one answer revealed for this query this time:

#7: Orgasm (3)(Kim)
DUDS: The end of the world (Chris), The Big Bang (Beth; her mom's a pastor) & God (Joe- ZONK)


Chuck (whose dad's shown in the audience today): Engagement- TIED FOR BOTTOM (3)
J. Que: Storm- X
Greg: Heart attack- #1 (30)
Chris: Having a baby- XX
Kim: Concert event- XXX

Beth Steal (for 36): That dreaded Twinkie-shaped body part- #6 (4; on this episode, it's labeled as "Mr. Happy")

#2: Earthquake (23)
#3: Milestone birthday (11)
#4: WWII (9)
#5: Death (5)

Round 2: Name something a person might put on before making whoopee. Starting as follows:

#1: "A dong-sarong" (54)(Joe)


Billy: Something sexy/nightie- #2 (19)
Caitlin: Cologne/perfume- #3 (15)
Rachel: Music- TOTAL CLEAN SWEEP! (6)(130)

Double: Name a dance that's sexy. For example:

#2: Salsa (14)(Chuck)
DUD: Merengue (Billy)


J. Que: Tango- #1 (28)
Greg: Waltz- X
Chris: Macarena- XX
Kim: Booty Pop (Eve Torres has done that often recently)- XXX

Beth Steal (for another 84): Strip dancing- #5 (7)(214)

#3: Lambada (10)
#4: Rumba (8)
#6: Pole dance (5)

Triple: Name something a newscaster might want to adjust before s/he goes on the air. First let out of one's mouth:

#1: Tie/clothing (56)(J. Que)


Greg: Microphone- #3 (13)
Chris: Toupee- #2 (26)
Kim: Makeup- X
Chuck: Glasses- XX
J. Que: Stories/papers- XXX

Beth Steal for the Championship: Their junk- NO WAY (#4: Voice)(3)

SUDDEN DEATH #3: Name a place women have dimples.
Greg: Cheek- WIN! (65)


1. Name someone in your family who thinks they know more than anyone else.
2. What's the first thing you reach for in the morning?
3. Besides cats & dogs, name a creature sold in pet stores.
4. Tell me the age when a girl kisses a boy for the first time.
5. Name something angry people do.

J. Que:

1. Dad- 11
2. Toothbrush- 5
3. Fish- 16
4. 16- 6
5. Scream- 48


1. Mom- 22
2. Cell phone- 5
3. Iguanas- 7
4. 13- 21
5. Argue- 19
TOTAL- 160

That's $20,800 after two appearances.


2. Coffee/beverage
3. Birds
4. 12


Jared & Neil Haltrecht (who once biked over 23 miles)(BT: Sisters Elizabeth & Jessica)
Jake & Cory Webber (who create award-winning special effects costumes)(BT: Grandpa Mickey & grandma Jeannie)
Sienna & Sophia Musquiz (who enjoy amusement park rides)(BT: Aunt Candice & cousin Riley)
Ryshawn & Shaynee Crawley (who love to sing together)(BT: Sister Itura & cousin Dominique)
Cameron & Anne Molnar (who never pass up a good meal)(BT: Brother Joshua & stepsister Janet)

Brain Tease:

For 10: Highest trampoline jumper?
ANSWER: #3 (Jeff was #4)

For 25: While Jeff was messing w/ the extremely tangled cords, which object's plug did he plug in twice- Buttscratcher 4000, Comb Over & Over, Ear Wax-o-Matic or the Ticklebot?
ANSWER: Buttscratcher 4K
WRONG- Crawleys (Ear Wax-o-Matic)
TIME OVER- Musquizs

For 50: There are four slime fountains of family members- which of the three slime fountain-spewing patterns is correct when all of them are turned on at once?
WRONG- Musquizs (#1) & Webbers (#2)

Going Into Last Puzzle:

T1. Haltrechts & Molnars- 85 each
3. Crawleys- 60
4. Webbers- 35
DEAD LAST: Musquizs- 10

FOR 100: Ninja in the trash can
WRONG- Webbers (#2) & Crawleys (#3)
ELIMINATED- Musquizs (#3)(flip camera)

Brain Fart: Fake magazines are what the Final Four families have to recall this evening.


Molnars: TP Guide
Haltrechts: Worst Homes and Gardens
Crawleys: The Bald Street Journal (s)
Webbers: Burps Illustrated


Molnars: Peephole
Haltrechts: BF- Unfashionable Styles
Crawleys: BF- Rolling Scones
Webbers: Better Mousekeeping

Unheard: Insanity Fair, USA Yesterday, Out of Style, Good Mousekeeping, Rolling Scone, Unpopular Mechanics & Reader's Indigestion

KO Round Pairs: #1 & #9, #2 & #13, #3 & #10, #4 & #14, #5 & #12, #6 & #11, #7 & #15 and #8 & #16

Molnars: #1 & #9
Crawleys: #2 & #13
Molnars: #8 & #16
Crawleys: #6 & #10
Molnars: WIN W/ #6 & #11!

R2 Prize: Universal Studios Hollywood

BRAIN TRIP: The Molnars' charity's the Children's Defense Fund. If they can break the bank in this part of the show, they'll win the amazon package, Roland synthesizers & the nickelodeon SUITES getaway.

amazon Grid:


TIME LEFT: 1:24.61

Synthesizers Grid:


TIME LEFT: 1:16.08



WIN W/ 19.21 LEFT!

(Note: The reason why we saw the longest sliming we've ever seen on this show is because this was the last episode taped this season, I think.)

WoF: After the six-day Halloween Week starting next week will be a four-day Fun & Fit Week prior to the start of the sears Secret Santa Sweepstakes. Tonight's first Toss-Up puzzle category will be Song Title:

O _ / T H E / R _ _ D

_ _ A _ _

Scott solves Willie Nelson's "ON THE ROAD AGAIN". Will there be lots of good music heard by tonight's players? I hope so:

Scott Tatman (Fresno, CA)- Project administrator for an administrative & engineering firm
Charis Knight (Memphis)- Senior reporting analyst at a relocation company/licensed dance fitness instructor
Sara Liles (Baton Rouge)- A LFaT since she was four years old who had her grandma dig up a picture of her one Christmas asking for one of the show's board games

The $2K TU needs a Thing:

L _ C _ Y

P E _ _ _

This was also the title of one of the games on the short-lived GS "Make Me a Millionaire" from The California Lottery (which replaced the long-running "The Big Spin") & Charis IDs LUCKY PENNY.

Up for grabs from the desert trip department's a stay at the Sorrel River Ranch resort & spa courtesy of worth $5,415; the topic of this Meineke Jackpot Round's Same Name. Charis goes first by instantly Bankrupting on the Million Dollar Wedge's right part. Second, Sara calls a T for the Wild Card, but then misses out on a potential chance to use it when she duds out on the $2.5K wedge w/ an N call. Third, Scott hits the other Bankrupt of the MDW. Fourth, Charis calls three S's for $900, buys two A's, calls for a Free Play E but then Loses a Turn. Next up for Sara are a $2.5K L & R (the latter coming on the WC use), two I's, a $900 P, but then the normal Bankrupt next to $2.5K to lose $5,650. Once Scott regains control, he calls a $550 V, buys an O to round out the vowels & inserts a $500 V for a 1/2 KIA before saying D for dud. Charis then calls the two C's for an additional $1,200 & we have...

L A S / V E G A S / &

C O _ I C


...& she solves LAS VEGAS & COMIC STRIP for new cash winnings of $3,850.

DUDS: $900 D (Scott), $2.5K N (Sara)
SOLE LaT: Charis
BANKRUPTS: 3 (Everybody)

Sara starts the Mystery Round w/ Food & Drink as the topic, first by calling triple the T's for $2,700, buying two I's, calling a $500 H for a 1/2 KIA from the other available spot & purchasing quad E's & A's, followed by two N's for six more bills but then the same regular Bankrupt to cost her that plate & $3,300. Second, Scott gets up there an M while on the Mystery Wedge w/ that MDW nearby. He takes the obvious gamble...& it pays off! After that come a $1,650 trio of L's, a D for the Camping World gift tag, the rest of this puzzle's vowels (an O & two U's)...& the following...

O A T M E A L / _ I T H

_ L U E _ E _ _ I E _

A N D / _ A L N U T _

...he eats some OATMEAL WITH BLUEBERRIES AND WALNUTS for a total this round of $12,150 in cash & camping gear, making his overall bank $13,150.


He also stays in command at the Prize Puzzle Round's beginning (remember, as of this taping week, it's permanently in R3); category's Phrase. His opening letter choices are two N's for $1,200, four E's & an O, then coming his way are two D's for another grand, trip A's, a $400 W, but then the only negative vowel up there this round (I). Charis decides to ring in...

_ E A D _ / _ O _ / A

N E W / A D _ E N _ _ _ E

...& she's READY FOR A NEW ADVENTURE- it's a $9,700 Celebrity Cruise to the Mediterranean, so w/ $13,550 in cash & cruise, she has a $400 first-place margin.

SOLE DUD: I (Scott)

TONIGHT'S SPIN ID: CF0396514 (Colin F. from Virginia!)

Before that $5K wedge becomes available, here's a Fictional Character TU:

S _ _ _ / _ H _ _ E

Sara nails SNOW WHITE to strike paydirt for the first time this match.

It's Rhyme Time on the Last Chance Round tonight w/ consonants worth...$1,600 a pop. After two F's are lit by Vanna...

F R _ _ / _ _ R _ T

T _ / F _ R _ T

...Scott didn't go FROM WORST TO FIRST- he went from second to the match win w/ a total of $21,150 in cash & gift certificate! Charis is out of here w/ $13,550 in cash & voyage & Sara has the $3K TU payoff.

$37,700 in cash & stuff was won upfront this time.

DUDS (both by Sara): C & N (for the CN Tower & the Cartoon Network)


Maxwell House Big Money Round #21: Scott's spin calls a halt on the N in WIN & he has to solve this big Thing, starting w/:

_ _ L L - _ _ _ _ E _

_ L _ _ _ R

BCPA will add...

_ _ L L - B _ _ _ E _

_ L A _ _ R

...he's wrong thinking it's some kind of PLAYER (although he got the first word right); it was FULL-BODIED FLAVOR & he's the second straight $30K loser. He departs w/ $21,150 in cash & camping equipment.


Game 1
Game 2
Start of Game 3

(Also on "Jeopardy!" today: Jay Peterson won w/ the exact same score as Joe Koster, $25,201, while Lloyd Caesar left w/ $24,359.)

Episode ratings:

8: "Family BrainSurge" & "Let's Make a Deal"
7: "Family Feud", "Jeopardy!" & "Wheel of Fortune"
6: "Millionaire" & "The Price is Right"
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