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10/21/2011 Results

FF: BTW, Steve was also on "Conan" last night, but nothing too special happened. As for today's episode, this is where the Scotts became the new champions over the Wrights & won their $20K. For the record, Kelley's a mother of five grown children & this clan owns a window-cleaning business. But let's just see how they won the big money.


1. According to 100 men on a scale of 1-10, how much do you like a pretty girl w/ a nasty mouth?
2. Name a place where you'd have a tough time staying awake.
3. Name a sport you can't learn without falling down a lot.
4. Name something women wash more often than men do.
5. Name a holiday where you pretend NOT to be home.


1. 5- 9
2. Church- 21
3. Ice skating- 28
4. Hair- 36
5. Trick or Treat/Halloween- 56
TOTAL- 150


1. 1- 31
2. Opera- 2 (#1 answer: Movie theater)
3. Football- 19; WIN AT 202!
4. Armpits
5. Christmas

TPiRecap (possible Car Game Shutout?)

WoF: Friday's show first brings to the table a $1K Movie Title Toss-Up:

S O _ _ / _ I K E

_ T / H O _

From 1959, Matt remembers "SOME LIKE IT HOT". Hopefully, I'll be saying the same to at least one of these players tonight:

Matt Vuorela (Omaha, NE)- Campaign fundraising manager for non-profit organizations
Michael Baehr (San Diego Way)- Works for a large animal shelter that helps find homes for them
Angelique Piccolo (Miami, FL)- Office manager for an advertising company in Boca Raton

On the $2K TU, we need the Proper Name of an actor/actress:

J _ L I A _ N E

M O _ _ _

Matt gets the tripler on JULIANNE MOORE.

Let's take a break from the entertainment world & make the Meineke Jackpot Round puzzle category Occupation; the last featured desert destination's the ElDorado Hotel & Spa in Santa Fe, NM worth $5,290. Matt starts out by Bankrupting next to the $2.5K right off the bat. Second, Michael calls two T's for $900, buys a pair of E's & a quartet of I's but then Bankrupts the same way Matt did to lose the remaining four bills. Third, Angelique adds to the mix an N for the TravelSmith gift tag, a $300 R & two A's before having the exact same fate as the guys to give back $1,050 in cash & gift certificate. Back to Matt, he calls for three L's for $1.5K, buys the other two vowels of this round (O & U) & puts in play a $1K couple of C's, then we have...

_ U _ L I C

R E L A T I O N _

_ _ E C I A L I _ T

...he's correct w/ PUBLIC RELATIONS SPECIALIST to go to five G's.

BANKRUPTS: 3 (Everyone)

It's Mystery/Before & After Round time, starting w/ Michael calling three T's for the Million Dollar Wedge, two H's for the Wild Card, two N's for the vacation & a $500 G, followed by his buying of two E's & subsequent choices of a $500 C & two I's, but he then hits the other natural Bankrupt to lose $5,540 in cash & Santa Fe besides those other valuable pieces of cardboard. Second, Angelique gets up there a $500 D for a 1/2 KIA, two A's to clean out the vowels, an $800 W, two S's for an $1,800 deposit, the same number of R's for seven more Benjamins, but then a dud of M. Right after that, Matt goes for yet another grand...

_ R E A _


W I T H / T H E


...& he gets it after saying BREAK "DANCING WITH THE STARS", six in total so far.

SOLE DUD: $600 M (Angelique)

There's still hope for his opponents, because we're headed for the Prize Puzzle Round, w/ this puzzle falling under the realm of Song Lyrics. Angelique gets underway by saying a $550 R, a $900 T, four E's & an A, double H's for another $700, two O's, a couple N's for an extra C-note & a pair of U's, followed by the same amount of S's to add 1,800 more bucks & the board...

_ O U / A R E / T H E

S U N S H _ N E

O _ / _ _ / _ _ _ E

...& her solve of "YOU ARE THE SUNSHINE OF MY LIFE" by Stevie Wonder for $3,950 & a trip to the Almond Casuarina Beach courtesy of worth $6,900, making her total for the round $10,850.


TONIGHT'S SPIN ID: VB02457 (Valda B. from Florida)

Last TU topic's Landmark:

T H _ / G R E _ T

P _ _ _ _ _ _

Matt goofs by adding an S at the end, so Angelique steals THE GREAT PYRAMID to move to $13,850 in cash & trip.

Next subject's Phrase. She leads off w/ a $400 N & two T's to quadruple that figure before the Speed-Up Bell goes off for Last Chance Mode...

_ _ N _ / _ _ _ _

_ _ T T _ _

...w/ the leftover consonants valued at $1,350 apiece. After Michael calls a D...

_ _ N D / _ _ _ R

_ _ T T _ R

...he's probably going to get gooseegged because he blows this puzzle w/ LAND OVER LETTER, likely costing him $1,350. After a little while, the M's are called in by Matt...

M _ N D / _ _ _ R

M _ T T _ R

...but he's incorrect also w/ MIND YOUR MATTER & solves this puzzle a split-second too late; w/ $5,400 to play for this round, he still wouldn't have had enough for the win anyway. Michael then calls that V to leave only vowels remaining...

M _ N D / _ V _ R

M _ T T _ R

...& he gets off the zero mark by finally showing some MIND OVER MATTER for $2,700. In any event, Matt leaves w/ $6K & Angelique stays the winner w/ $13,850 in cash & Barbados.

$22,550 in cash & traveling have been given away this evening.

DUDS (after final bell): B (Matt), C (Angelique), K (Michael), L (Angelique), P (Matt), S (Angelique)
DQs: 4 (Michael's L duplication, Angelique's T duplication & missolves by both men)

TONIGHT'S BANKRUPT TRASH (excluding extra items): $6,990 in cash & prizes

Maxwell House Big Money Round #22: Even though Angelique isn't too good of a player, stranger things have happened. She spins the single star & her BMR theme's Food & Drink. She pretty much should have the top word covered w/ this:

_ R _ N _ E

_ _ _ _ R _ _ S

GMHO does for her...

O R _ N G E

G _ M _ R O _ S

...well...she eats some ORANGE GUMDROPS to bank $30K, for a final total of $43,850 in cash & trip & we have our first winning BR week this season; the Feeding America bank's up to 140 grand!

J!: Jay Peterson's an English professor from Howell, NJ & his competitors tonight are:

Balaji Narain (originally from Cumming, GA)- Attorney
Heather Anstaett (West Palm Beach, FL)- Auditor

Friday's First Topics:

STATE OF THE NOVEL (each correct response's the state where each of the novels are set in)

Heather gets the opener in State of the Novel & immediately finds the Daily Double right after that. For $1K, her clue's this:

"Needful Things" & "Salem's Lot"

"What is Maine?"...she's multiplied her base $200 by six. She's up to $1,800 at the commercial break; Jay has $1,600 & Balaji leads them w/ $5K.

LACH TRASH (all attempted): $2,600

Scores After First Round:

Jay: $3,800
Heather: $2,600
Balaji: $5,400

Next Category Rundown:


Jay's almost in Lock Game Territory by the time he's tracked down a DD under the middle Old Jobs clue w/ 13 large; Balaji's up to $6,600 & Heather's currently on $4,200. For another $3K:

A lavender was a woman who did this.

"What is wash clothes?"...they did just that to send him to 16! Balaji takes out the final DD of the week from the $800 space underneath The Song Dynasty at $10,200; Jay's still firmly in first place w/ $17,600 & Heather's trailing the champion by $11K. Balaji goes for $2K:

These fierce invaders from the North took out the Jin Dynasty before overthrowing The Song in 1279.

"Who are The Mongols?"...correct for $12,200.

SOLE TS (unattempted): $2K (Old Jobs)

Post-DJ! Totals:

Jay: $19,600
Heather: $9,400
Balaji: $17,800


Jay: $17,800
Heather: $8,800
Balaji: $16,600

FINAL JEOPARDY! SUBJECT: Children's Literature.

In the original 1883 work, this title character kills a talking cricket, has his feet burned off & nearly starves.

Response: "Who is Pinocchio?" (I never would have thought that)
Wager: $9,399
Final score: $18,799

Balaji Narain...wins the title w/ $35,400! Jay Peterson, who thought of Hansel, leaves w/ $26,201.

(Also on "Let's Make a Deal" today: Today's Big Deal of the Day worth $20,703 was rather unique. Although Sarah got the biggest piece of it, a $9,064 Savannah, GA vacation package w/ luggage behind Door #2, if she had chosen the winning Door #1, she would've also had the slightly cheaper living room inside plus the VESPA in Door #3.)


Conclusion of Barry McNabb's Game

Final Game of the Week

Episode ratings:

8: "Jeopardy!"
7: "Family Feud" & "Millionaire"
6: "Let's Make a Deal", "The Price is Right" & "Wheel of Fortune"
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