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10/23/2011 Results

MDMG: The host, Vernon Kay, is also slated to host a revival of the British version of "Card Sharks", "Play Your Cards Right". The first episode has these middle school teachers competing:

Debra "Deb" Woolford (Sixth Grade Earth Science)
John Grady (substitute)
Frank LaTorre (P.E.; he's a comic book geek by night)
Bobby Gilliam (Seventh & Eighth Grade Math; he won't shave any of his big beard unless they leave w/ some money)
Andi Harris (Sixth Grade English & History)
Phil Lander (A substitute who graduated from the school he's teaching at)

Each team has one minute to agree on the correct answer to a question. The first two questions are worth $6K each; the third doubles the money to $24K. Questions #4 & #5 are each worth another $24K, which would increase the team winnings to $72K at that point. The subsequent dollar amounts are $120K, $210K, $360K, $600K & $1 Million. However, if a team plays on & misses four Q's along the way, they'll lose everything.

Now, for the helplines. The first one grants the team another 30 seconds of thinking time. The second tosses out the current Q for a new one & the last one will change the team's answer.

For each query, I'll put the captain's name next to the dollar amount.

$6K (Deb): Champagne has it, but ginger ale doesn't. A foreigner has one, but an immigrant has none. What is it?
Current Guess: Foreign names

After each correct response, teams can vote to keep the money they've accumulated thus far or risk it.

FIRST VOTE (unanimous)- GO ON

$12K (Bobby): Often found at airports or at the beach, they've been around for thousands of years even thought their name still implies they're new & thanks to modern technology, thousands of them can fit in the palm of their hand. What are they?
Current Guess: Coins
SWAP Q (A: Novels)

$12K Q #2 (John): This commercial was designed to get people to sign up for a training program that will help them address a common problem, which was what?
Current Guess: A fear of public speaking
FINAL GUESS: A fear of public speaking- RIGHT

SECOND VOTE (unanimous)- GO ON

$24K (Frank): There's a certain group known to stop people in the streets of Virginia & hand them printed materials. The materials are given away freely, but have raised tens of millions of dollars for that state's literary fund; what are they?
Current Guess: Pamphlets saying "If you read this, thank a teacher" for a literacy program
FINAL GUESS: Pamphlets saying "If you read this, thank a teacher" for a literacy program- WRONG (A: Traffic tickets, which John said)

$24K Q #2 (Andi): Since 1974, people have used what's inside the black box to relax, to compete & to have fun. In 1980, a support group was started for people who became addicted to it & it probably won't surprise you that a wrist injury was named after it.
Current Guess: Joystick
FINAL GUESS (Phil): Rubik's Cube (all helps now gone)- RIGHT

THIRD VOTE (unanimous)- GO ON

$48K (Phil): The Retrevo Buzzmeter measures something called "TPM". Barack Obama's 2010 State of the Union Address hit a high of 9K TPM, yet George W. Bush's SotU in '02 couldn't even register one TPM- what does TPM stand for?
FINAL GUESS: Texts per minute (A: tweets per minute)

$48K Q #2 (Deb): In October 1931, President Herbert Hoover asked the American people to turn off their lights for one minute as a fitting tribute. What happened a few days earlier that inspired this tribute?
FINAL GUESS: (Thomas) Edison's death- RIGHT

VOTE #4 (unanimous)- GO ON

$72K (Bobby): At the stroke of midnight in '08, shrieking masses were about to witness a spectacle they had waited hours to see. Most of them probably didn't realize that they could've seen at least two versions of it that day for free; what is it?
FINAL GUESS: The ball dropping to signify that it's January 1st (A: Twilights)

$72K Q #2 (John): Researchers studied The Mona Lisa painting using 3-D technology. What they found is what Professor Nuland of Yale University found by looking at her fingers & of course, her smile. What exactly was found?
FINAL GUESS: Her pregnancy- YES

In order for any team to bail out, they must unanimously vote that way.


(Notes: Joe Cipriano does the voiceovers & Rob George's the director.)

FGN: The $10K Monopoly Crazy Cash Card awaits one of tonight's families on the first taped episode of Season 2:

Red Team (who hike): Maddy (who just started doing gymnastics), Angie (mom/singer), Pete (dad/AM radio buff) & Tyler (brother)
Yellow Team: Hannah (who likes to play lacrosse), Olivia (big sister), Stephanie (mom/painter) & Joseph (dad/collector)

Cranium Brain Break #9 ("Blockheads"): Each of the remaining members of both families have to place a block on top of their team captain's head before the captains try to walk to the finish line w/ all three of their blocks still on their head; if even one falls off, a teammate has to pick it up & place it back on before their captain can continue walking.

First CCC Choices:

Hannah: Dog
Maddy: Money Bag

Operation Sam Dunk Monopoly Party Prize: Three-night trip to the Radisson Fisherman's Wharf

Round 1:

RT: Burp Bubbles (Tyler) + Toxic Gas (Pete) = 400
YT: The Giggles (Stephanie) = 300


Maddy's Second CCC: Piggy Bank

Connect 4 Basketball MPP: Two-hour trapeze lesson
WINNERS- RT (horizontally at the end of Line 5)

Maddy's Third CCC: Soda

Bounce N' Boogie Boggle MPP: Coleman gear
Bonus Word for the 32" HDTV: SUNDAE




Maddy's Fourth CCC: Pretzel

Green Scream MPP: Fandango

YT (Supermarket): Shopping cart, green apple, bread, broccoli, eggplant & shopping bag
RT (Summer): Umbrella, sandcastle, seagull, flip-flops & sunglasses

Hannah's Second CCC: Skateboard

Simon Flash MPP: VocoPro

2. RBGY- RT (2)
4. BYGR- YT (2)
5. YGRB- RT (3)
6. BRYG- YT (3)
7. YBGR- RT (4)
8. RBYG- YT (4)
Final Round: GYRB- RT WINS

Maddy's Final CCC: Battleship

TRIP AT STAKE: British Colonial Hilton Nassau



Money Bag- $585
Piggy Bank- $330 ($915)
Soda- $380 ($1,295)
Pretzel- $810 ($2,105)
Battleship- $1K ($3,105)


Dog- $1,200
Skateboard- $725 ($1,925)

$10K: Plane

LIFE: Remember, there's a Rock & Roll trip to London on the line this week w/ these two twin teams:

RT: Brennan (archer), Brooke (a twin sister who wants to be a pro swimmer) & Brenda (a mom who enjoys scrapbooking their family albums)
BT: James (who wants to open a museum of happy places), Tom (the taller twin who wants to be an architect) & Elizabeth (a mom who has another set of twin boys at home)

Round 1 Base Categories: Billionaire & Treasure Hunter

RT: Treasure Hunter

1. When treasure hunters search for "doubloons", what are they looking for- jewels or gold coins?
Guess: Coins

2. For centuries, treasure hunters have searched for the Holy Grail, which is believed to be what- a cup or sword?
Guess: Cup (300)

3. Explorer Sir Walter Raleigh made trips to South America in search of what legendary city of riches that was also the name of a former Cadillac car model- El Camino or El Dorado?
Guess: El Dorado (600)

Final Question: What was found among the treasures in King Tut's tomb- a board game or golden crocodile?
Guess: Golden crocodile

New Category: Photographer

BT: Photographer

1. What term refers to a celebrity quickly posing for a photo as he shakes someone's hand- grip-n'-grin or flash-n'-dash?
Guess: Flash-n'-dash

2. Where is photography generally considered to have been invented- U.S. or France?
Guess: France (200)

3. What's the title of Lady GaGa's song about people who take pictures of celebrities- "The Fame Monster" or "Paparazzi"?
Guess: "Paparazzi" (500)

FQ: When he's NOT his superhero alter-ego, who works as a freelance photographer- Clark Kent or Peter Parker?
Guess: Peter Parker (900)

First R2 Topics: Adopt a Panda & Adopt a Tiger

BT: Panda

1. Which word best describes a panda's personality- shy or aggressive?
Guess: Shy (1,100)

2. What do pandas have that other types of bears don't- thumbs or tails?
Guess: Thumbs (1.5K)

Extra Gas Question: If it's in the mood for a snack, a panda would prefer to much on what- fish or bamboo shoots?
Guess: Bamboo shoots (2,100)

4. T or F: Pandas hibernate, like all other bears.
Guess: True

FQ: What's a common type of panda- giant or Cantonese?
Guess: Giant (3,100)

Final Topic: Adopt a Monkey

RT: Monkey

1. Which monkey's larger- baboon or marmoset?
Guess: Baboon (800)

2. The owl monkey's the only kind of monkey that does which of these- builds nests of twigs or is active at night?
Guess: Nests of twigs

EGQ: What monkey's voice can be heard three miles away through a thick forest- howler or echo?
Guess: Howler (1,400)

FQ: What do Japanese snow monkeys sometimes do for fun- have snowball fights or use leaves for snowshoes?
Guess: Snowball fights (2,200)

Bonus Prize Round PICK: Even
BP NUMBER- 4 (San Diego Zoo camping safari)

Final Round: Before they put the diapers on the dolls, the twins have to powder them. After doing both, they have to toss them to their mom's stroller & put them in their bed. Each set of dolls is worth 500 points tonight.

BT- TWO (4,100)
RT- ONE (2,700)


James: Would you rather photograph red carpet celebrities or action-filled sports events?
Guess: Red carpet celebrities- YES

Tom: Would you rather travel to China to see pandas or the North Pole to see polar bears?
Guess: Polar bears- NO

Elizabeth: Which is better- babysitting a wild child for big bucks or a good kid for half the cash?
Guess: Good kid- YES

Bonus Numbers: 10 (James) & 4 (Tom)
GP NUMBER: 4- CLEAN SWEEP #2! (Regency Hotel from Worldhotels)

Next week will be a Halloween-themed show!

SS: I don't think they're doing a Halloween-themed episode next week, but I do know that tonight's duos are:

Keith & McKenna- Queensland, Australia
Reina & Tanya (sister)- Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy

KO Prize: Roller Derby Super Sport skates
Categories: Please Silence Your Cell Phones & I Deserve It

R & T (Please Silence Your Cell Phones- things at a movie theater):

3. USHWEMRGS (also the name of a famous musician)- USHER

K & M (things some people do to treat themselves):


slam! Prize: CASIO digital piano w/ computer interface

R1 (:26): SLAT

Keith: SEAT
Reina: BEAT
McKenna: BOAT
Tanya: COAT
Keith: COST
Reina: MOST

R2 (:18): RIDE

McKenna: HIDE
Tanya: TIDE
Keith: TILE
McKenna: TALE- WIN! (Last word: SAKE)

Flash Prize: INSIGNIA plasma HDTV
Letter Line: RONTE




BT: D + F + P + V + Z + B = 26

1. LADB- Hair today, gone tomorrow
McKenna: BALD (40)

2. EENDEL (up/down the D)- A doctor's sharpshooter
Tanya: NEEDLE (7)

3. RGENE (across from the last E in NEEDLE)- Like Kermit or Shrek
Reina: GREEN (13)

4. BCRNOO (across from the N in NEEDLE)- Knows how to make a quick buck

5. GARDU (down from the G)- He has job security
BT: GUARD (47)

6. ORABD (left from the D in GUARD)- Message, shuffle or surf
RT: BOARD (21)

7. YEABM (up/down from the B in BOARD)- Somewhere between yes & no
RT: MAYBE (45)

8. OSBBM (up/down from the B in BRONCO)- They do a booming business during the World War
BT: BOMBS (58)

9. USOCT (across from the O in BOMBS)- He'll be prepared
RT: SCOUT (52)

10. CNAROT (up/down from the second O in BRONCO)- All your eggs in one basket
STUMPER (Keith rang in first)(A: CARTON)

11. NEERV (down from the N in GREEN)- Don't say this to Justin Bieber
BT: NEVER (74)

12. ARGET (across from the R in NEVER)- Good upgrade
RT: GREAT (64)

13. RITAL (up/down from the A in GREAT)- The jury's still out
RT: TRIAL (TIED at 74 each)

14. CASEHIR (up/down from the S in SCOUT)- Makes quick change

SUDDEN DEATH: HLNCU- Sandwiched into the middle of your day
RT: WIN W/ LUNCH (104)
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