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10/24/2011 Results- FIRST RESULTS OF SEASON 6!

LMaD: Andrea (who's allegedly an '80s fan) plays Panic Button for at least:

Curtain #1: TUFFSTUFF home gym ($2,579)
Curtain #2: bedroom ($3,315)
Curtain #3: Little Guy teardrop trailer ($7,380)

Round 1:

1. #2- DUD
2. #6- DUD
3. #1- GYM

The cash bonus' $4K this morning...but she makes the BAILOUT official.


The couple playing are Terryl (dressed as TMC) & Andrea (dressed as Foxy Red; they've been together for three years & first got together on a November); their deal's the Gift Registry Deal.

Video Bonus: Pre-Deal Rap

Categories: Travel, Outdoors & Recreation
PICKS: Travel & Outdoors

RECREATION (Small Box)- AjMadison deluxe grill set ($2,214)
OUTDOORS (Curtain #1)- Gummy bear trap
TRAVEL (Silver Envelope)- Trip to Cape Cod ($6,739)

THE BIG RISK (Curtain #3): YES- KIA Soul


Time for Don't Blame Me.

Kelly's Round (dressed as a pink bunny): Golden Envelope & Curtain #1

Nicole (dressed as an organic object): Curtain #1- AjMadison refrigerator & dishwasher ($3,058)
Steven (who's wearing spacey pajamas & is holding a teddy bear): GE- $700

Nicole's Round: Silver Envelope & Curtain #2

Steven: SE- $900 (Current cash total: $1,600)
Kelly: Curtain #2- home office ($3,187)

Steven's Round: Bronze Envelope & Curtain #3

Kelly: BE- $500 (Current winnings: $3,687)
Nicole: Curtain #3- Laura's Jewelry triple circle necklace ($3,260)(Current winnings: $6,318)

TBR (Big Box): Kelly & Steven- Soda

The "LMAD News Network" is now on the air.

Lea's Round (Curtain #3): To go somewhere else
DECISION: NO ($1.5K)- Trip to Aruba

Barbara (dressed as a cavewoman) plays Find the Aces for either an HDTV/TiVo trio ($4,649) or the Ford Fiesta SE Hatch ($16,550; she wants to win it for her son Justin).

Round 1: #2- ACE OF HEARTS
Round 2: #1- ACE OF CLUBS
Round 3: #2 (because of Justin)- ACE OF DIAMONDS


Michael (dressed as a Disco man) gets a Time Capsule Deal. On those iPads are three cereals- CAP'N CRUNCH, FROOT LOOPS & Lucky Charms. If he can pick one that was nationally introduced before 1970, he'll pocket 3K bucks. He chooses the FROOT LOOPS before selling out for Curtain #2...unfortunately, it's that motorcycle canoe.

Lucky Charms- 1964

THE BIG DEAL: Andrea's giving away nearly $11K in merchandise (she theoretically could've won $17,274 in cash & prizes in the day's first deal) for a chance at one last automobile worth $25,720...but before we even do that, she gets engaged to her boyfriend Jermaine! After that's over with, they pick Door #2 for her lucky's NOT so lucky, but they're going on a $4K Santa Barbara honeymoon.

#1- Dodge Challenger
#3- Patio/BBQ set & landscaping surfaces for a year ($7,681)

TPiR: The '11 Veteran's Day episode's being taped today! But let's focus on this episode that was filmed exactly two weeks ago, starting w/ George calling out Janice Stallion, Sam Fasanella from Buffalo (BTW, Beth Phoenix retained the WWE Divas Championship over Eve Torres last night), Jazmin Garcia & Jacob Fine & the first PUFB being a SONY Handycam HD camcorder (ceiling platform).

Jacob: $499/Jazmin: $200 (STAGE GARF)/Sam: $595/Janice: $600 (originally $599)

Janice's won the $650 piece of electronic equipment & this mom carer from Bakersfield, CA will play the same Pricing Game that played a part in the three-car sweep back on October 13th, Five Price Tags (Amber), for that '12 Fiesta SE Hatch (Std., #201A)(Rachel):


Janice will also use the Four False Strategy...

1. Fondue set ($150)(Gwendolyn)- NO
2. "TPiR Decades" Nintendo Wii game ($30)(Rachel)- NO
3. Chef'sChoice Diamond Hone 464 manual knife sharpener ($53)(Gwen)- NO
4. Four-cup capacity plastic measuring cup ($7)(Rachel)- $15

...but today, she only gets one chance at the car.

SOLE CAR GUESS: $16,890!!!

I'd like to know where the heck she got that car guess from!

Video Bonus: FPT SHOCKER

After Mike has had a little time to recover from that miraculous win, Tijuana Moore comes on down & the second PUFB's some Cal Pak Atlantis red/silver luggage (Gwen behind splitting sign).

Jacob: $700/Jazmin: $800/Sam: $850/TIJUANA: $750

ARP: $875

Sam, who took his mom Linda to Las Vegas before coming to The Bob Barker Studio, will say "I am playing Squeeze Play for a trip to the Marriott San Francisco Marquis" (Amber at Door #3). Board:


He has the nine yanked...

$ 6 0 4 2

...but Mike didn't get one of the intended wins that he was looking for.

We're searching for Irma Frausto from near the front row of the audience & the third one-bid prize's the pairs of AKG by Harman headphones & iPod Touches (Amber & Gwen).

Jacob: $1,100/Jazmin: BUCK/IRMA: $625/Tijuana: $1K

ARP: $1,197

Jacob, a Psychology student from Santa Clarita, CA, plays Most Expen$ive for the Rainforest 6 steam shower (Rachel), the DELL desktop computer/SHARP 42" HDTV package (Gwen) & a Yamaha Vino 125 motorscooter (Amber). Win or lose, he'll spin The Big Wheel second; he takes the shower.

Computer/TV- $1,627
Motorscooter- $2,899
Shower- $3,799

SHOWCASE SHOWDOWN #1 (the order would've been the same even if we did have a perfect first half):
Sam ($875): $.65
Jacob ($9,522; second spin of $.70 was a DUD): Nickel + 85 = $.90
Janice ($17,555): $.90

Jacob: Half-Dollar
Janice: Nickel

Next to come on out's Gary Mierenfeld & IUFB #4's the small Danby beverage center (Amber at Door #5).

GARY: $499/Jazmin: $1K/Irma: $600/Tijuana: $601

ARP: $1,050

Jazmin (who brought along two interns) completes the First Four Sweep & plays Take Two for a glasstop desk (Rachel), some Gucci footwear (Gwen & Rachel), the Electrolux washer/dryer (Amber & Gwen) & an RL 1500 eliptical trainer (Amber). The target today's $4,110.

1. Shoes ($2,415) + washer/dryer ($3,198) = $5,613
OTHER TRY: Shoes + exerciser ($2K) = $4,415
Desk- $1,695

Going blue second will be Britni Peters & the fifth GUFB's the Breville small appliances (Rachel in the clam).

Gary: $526/BRITNI: $400/Irma: $525/Tijuana: $850

Tijuana wins a $500 bonus & plays Any Number for either 60 pieces of Cape Spade flatware (Amber) or the Jeep Wrangler (Std., AT, Prot)(Gwen at Door #2).

1. 3- WRANGLER ($ 2 3 , _ _ _)
2. 5- Pricey Ziffel ($ _ . _ 5)
3. 6- WRANGLER ($ 2 3 , _ 6 _)
4. 0- Flatware ($ _ _ 0)
5. 8- Pricey Ziffel ($ 8 . _ 5)
6. 1- WRANGLER ($ 2 3 , _ 6 1)
7. 4- PAINFUL LOSS (Wins another $8.45)

WRANGLER: $23,961
Flatware: $720

Lastly is Martha Diele Edmonds (who just turned 47) & the final one-bid of the day's about a Michael C. Fina diamond necklace worn by Gwen.

Gary: $2,999/Britni: $1,750/Irma: BUCK/MARTHA: $1.5K

ARP: $1,895

Britni, a wife from L.A., will spin the wheel last regardless of what happens in this edition of the Grand Game; target's three dollars. The groceries are a small cup of YoCrunch Oreo Cookies n' Cream yogurt, Baker's coconut, a 60-count pack of Orbit White gum, a 16-ounce RockStar Energy Drink, the big bag of Wavy Lays & a two-pack of Mr. Clean Original Magic Erasers.

1. Yogurt- $.99 ($10)
2. Gum- $3.69

Cooconut- $1.79
Drink- $1.99
Chips- $4.29
Erasers- $2.29

She gets to keep the gum as well, apparently.

SCSD #2:
Jazmin ($1,050): $.95
Tijuana ($1,358): 80 + 95 = OVER
Britni ($1,905): 70 + 60 = OVER


Left of Door #2- jura coffee center (Rachel)
In Door #2- Leather seating group w/ a SAMSUNG 51" HDTV (Rachel)
Door #4- Six-night trip to The Fairmont Southhampton Bermuda (Amber; includes a $3K bonus)




"Call mom" (at announcing podium)- Android w/ one-year calling plan
"Take more risks!" (Door #6)- Trip to The Westin Bayshore Vancouver
"Go green!" (Door #3)- Toyota Prius (Std., App., Mats)(Amber)



BID: $25,000
ARP: $34,137

BID: $18,200
ARP: $22,890

Jazmin wins $23,940 in cash & stuff.


FF: Steve also played a round or two of this game on "The Talk" late last week.

GAME #1: Wooleys (designated champions) vs. Viscovichs

Round 1: Name something a person might use to crush their nuts. Starting with:

#2: Nutcracker/nut crusher (39)(Damon)
DUD: Knee (Jeff)


Daniel (presumed son): Hand/fist- #3 (7)
Catherine: Teeth- #6 (2)
Bobby: Pliers- TIED FOR #4 (3)
Wanda: Hammer- #1 (41)
Damon: Rock/stone- TOTAL CLEAN SWEEP FOR 95! (3)

R2: According to 100 men, name something a woman does during sex that tells you she's bored. First said:

#2: Make no noises (28)(Daniel)
#3: Yawns (14)(Anthony)


Catherine: Asking questions/complaining- TIED FOR #5 (4)
Bobby: Answering the phone- #8 (2)
Wanda: Watch TV- #4 (11)
Damon: Snoring/falls asleep- #1 (29)
Daniel: Call another guy's name- X
Catherine: Starts getting dressed- XX
Bobby: Smoking a cigarette/cigar- XXX

Jeff Steal (for 88): Going to the bathroom- NO (Wooleys: 183)

ALSO TIED FOR #5: Looks away/at ceiling (4)
#7: Sighs (3)

Double: If there were a money-back guarantee, name something that you would have returned a long time ago. For example:

#2: Wife/spouse/ex (18)(Christopher)
#5: Children (5)(Catherine)


Natasha: TV- X
Josephine: House- XX
Jeff: Car- #1 (21)
Anthony: Pet- XXX

Damon Steal (for another 88): Parents- NO

#3: Body/mind (6)
#5: Computer (4)

Triple: Name something you hope the cat never drags in. During this face-off:

#1: Dead mouse/rat (76)(Natasha)


Josephine: Dead bird- #2 (8)
Jeff: Dirty shoe- X
Anthony: Garbage- XX
Christopher: Another cat- TIED FOR BOTTOM (6)
Natasha: Dirt- XXX

Damon Steal for the Win: Snake- LOSS (Other Bottom Answer: Fleas)(6)


1. Tell me something you'd be most nervous borrowing from a friend.
2. Tell me the appliance you'd replace most often.
3. Name an animal that spends most of their life eating.
4. Name something women would wear even if it's uncomfortable.
5. Tell me the time when women usually get home from work.


1. Car- 29
2. Microwave- 5
3. Elephant- 7
4. Thong- 7
5. 7 PM- DUD


1. Hairbrush- 2
2. Washing machine- 5
3. Bear- 5
4. Bras- 33
5. 6 PM- 28
TOTAL- 121 ($605)


1. Money
2. Toaster
3. Cow
5. 5:30 PM

(Note: The Debmar-Mercury logo now has the end of the current LIONSGATE jingle.)

GAME #2: Schrievers vs. Rankinses (whose one-day cash winnings total $905; the full intro's heard)

R1: Name something a man has that makes him think he's God's gift to women. Starting like this:

#1: Good looks (31)(Randy)
#5: Nice body/good physique (12)(Thomas)


Robin: A lot of money- #3 (14)
Crissie: A fancy car- X
Rick: A big ol' house- XX
Phyllis (a nurse & presumed grandma): Good personality/charm- #6 (5)
Randy: Good-looking girlfriend- XXX

Thomas Steal (for 62): Good job- NO

#2: Big "chimichanga" (19)
#4: Ego (13)
#7: Full head of hair (3)

R2: Name something a clumsy surgeon might accidentally leave behind in a patient. For example:

#2: Scalpel/knife (16)(Brandy)
DUD: Scissors (Robin)


Thomas Sr.: Sponge- #1 (36)
Yvonne: Surgical gloves- #5 (5)
Latonya: Needle- #6 (4)
Thomas: Gauze/cotton- #4 (10)
Brandy: Towel- X
Thomas Sr.: Jewelry- SWEEP FOR 85! (14)

Double: According to 100 men, name an article of clothing you'd love to wear if you had to dress up like a woman. First response (s) this query:

#4: Bra (6)(Crissie)
#5: Miniskirt (6)(Thomas Sr.)


Yvonne: Pumps/shoes- #2 (19)
Latonya: Stockings- X
Thomas: Panties/thong- #3 (12)
Brandy: Lingerie- XX
Thomas Sr.: Tight-fitting jeans- XXX

Randy Steal (for another 86 & the lead): Dress- #1 (30)(148)

Triple: Name something you bend over to do. Here come some possibly hilarious base answers:

#2: Pick something up (33)(Rick)
DUD: Pray (Yvonne)


Phyllis: Tie your shoelaces- #1 (52)
Randy: Exercise- X
Robin: Have sex- #4 (4)
Crissie: Pull weeds- XX
Rick: Clean house- WIN AT 430! (5)

(My guesses included getting your butt kicked & getting a shot of some sort.)

FM #2 Q's:

1. Name something people do before breakfast in the morning.
2. On the 1-10 scale, how much enjoyment do you get out of life?
3. Name a U.S. state that has a lot of farms.
4. Name something that hardens as it cools.
5. Name an animal that you think you can outrun.


1. Brush teeth- 20
2. 10- 27
3. Nebraska- 6
4. Ice- 33
5. Cat- 14
TOTAL- 100


1. Pray- 4
2. 9- 15
3. Oklahoma- 3
4. Plastic- 2
5. Elephant- 2
TOTAL- 126 ($630)


1. Shower/bathe
3. Iowa
5. Turtle

WoF: It's the '11 Halloween episodes; these comprised the first taping day of the season!

The first Toss-Up category's Rhyme Time (the puzzle category graphics for these & the bonus puzzles are the usual purple):

T _ R I L L S / _ N D

_ _ I L _ S

Andre totally blows it w/ TWIRLS AND _______.

T _ R I L L S / A N D

_ _ I L _ S

Rachelle will enjoy $1K worth of THRILLS AND CHILLS. Tonight's ghoulish players:

Rachelle Garcia (Fresno, CA)- A Clovis Unified speech therapist/downtown hospital worker married to high school sweetheart Jared
Andre Harris (Dallas, GA)- A student transportation company manager married to Phyllis for 21 years
Mary Stratton (S.F.; originally from Gowanda, NY)- A luxury hotel hospitality saleswoman expecting her first child

The $2K TU's about something In the Kitchen:

_ I C _ _ _ A _ E

_ V _ N

Andre takes the money out of a nearby MICROWAVE OVEN.

The first Halloween-themed trip of the week's to the Hilton Quebec w/ a ghost tour from Ghost Tours of Quebec worth $5,735 & one of the gift tags on these episodes will come from PartyCity. Also, the 1/2 Car prize for at least these episodes is a Fiesta S. The category of this Eggland's Best Jackpot Round will be Phrase (pumpkin) & Andre's starting off by calling a quick dud in T. Secondly, Mary calls a second dud of R while on the gift tag. Third, Rachelle calls three S's for $900, buys three A's, calls a $450 H & purchases two E's & four I's before picking up the Million Dollar Wedge w/ a G, Free Playing an O & buying the U as the last vowel. After she does that, we have...

I / H A _ E / A

S _ E A _ I _ G

S U S _ I _ I O _

...I HAVE A SNEAKING SUSPICION that she was playing conservatively in solving this puzzle to tie for the early lead.

DUDS: R (Mary), $300 T (Andre)

Time for a spooktacular Before & After Round (witch). Mary leads off by calling two T's for $1,800, three R's to add half that amount but then loses the $2,700 to the Bankrupt next to $3.5K. Second, Rachelle calls for four N's for $1,200, buys four E's & two O's but then hits the other regular Bankrupt to lose that MDW & the $700 remainder. Third, Andre has three FP A's & I's come his way before he Loses a Turn. Mary resumes control by calling up a $500 C, an H for the Wild Card & a $500 G for a 1/2 Car, then she buys the U to round out the vowels prior to her lighting up two S's for $1,100 extra & we see now...

_ E _ T - S E _ _ I N G

A U T H O R / A N N E

R I C E -

A - R O N I

...she solves BEST-SELLING AUTHOR ANNE RICE-A-RONI for $1,850.

BANKRUPTS: 2 (women)

Rachelle, who's still tied for the lead, will go first in the Mystery/Prize Puzzle Round w/ a subject of Things (pumpkin). In terms of letter choices, Rachelle starts w/ three S's for $1,650, two E's & an FP A, but that's followed by the Bankrupt next to the top dollar wedge; that's her second tonight. While second in line, Andre puts up a $600 P, but he then buys the only dud vowel on the board (O) after purchasing an I. Third for Mary are a $300 L, the leftover two U's & two R's for another grand while on the same 1/2 Car location from earlier...but she then goes on to call a $550 Y & a $1K X while on the Mystery Wedge in between FP & LaT. Then she finally tries to solve this layout...


S P A / S E R _ I _ E S

...& she does w/ some LUXURY SPA SERVICES! Let's do a little recap...the bad news is that her landed MW had the $10K behind it, but there's lots of good news- she's won another $2,600, the Fiesta from Star Ford worth a buck shy of $15K & a trip to The Springs Resort & Spa in Costa Rica valued at $6.5K, for a new grand total of $25,949 in cash & prizes!


TONIGHT'S SPIN ID: SG7555596 (Sandy G. from Wisconsin)

(Note: The ARP of the FF was shown on the bottom-left corner of the screen unlike w/ the '12 KIA Soul.)

The Monday TUs conclude under the world of Fun & Games:

_ _ _ _ A S _

F O O _ _ _ _ L

I'm not sure if she plays FANTASY FOOTBALL at home, but Mary knows about it enough to increase her winnings to $28,949.

The Last Chance Round asks for a TV Quote & consonants are priced at...$1.5K each. After four A's are bought by Andre for free...

W H O / W A S / T H A T

M A S _ _ _ / M A N ?

...when it comes to "The Lone Ranger", he correctly asks "WHO WAS THAT MASKED MAN?" for three large this round & a final total of five. Rachelle leaves w/ two & Mary's won this thing w/ $28,949 in cash & merchandise (including the very first car in her life)!

All told, $35,949 in maingame winnings were racked up.

DUDS: C (Andre), L (Andre), P (Rachelle), R (Rachelle)

TONIGHT'S BANKRUPT TRASH (excluding MDW): $4,800

Maxwell House Big Money Round #23: BTW, as of last Thursday & through the remainder of this month, you can win a $100 gift card & a Halloween assortment from The Popcorn Factory by tweeting each night's bonus puzzle solution to #WOFTreats. And instead of a '12 Volkswagen Beetle in Bonusland this week, we've got a Mitsubishi Eclipse coupe. In any event, Mary spins the first A of AMERICA'S & her prompt's a Thing. The last letter of it is:

_ _ _ _

_ _ _ _ _ E

MCPAD do for her...

_ _ _ D

A D _ _ C E

...I have some GOOD ADVICE for this lady...

...she needs to put another $30K towards her gas money, which makes her total haul for the night $58,949 in cash & stuff; also, the Feeding America bank's up to $142.5K!

J!: There are just a lucky seven shows left to the Tournament of Champions & Balaji Narain wants to be a part of it. But the challengers we're about to meet say otherwise:

Laura Bulkin (Taos, NM)- Pianist/music teacher
Francisco Maldonado-Ramirez (S.F.)- Legislative aide

First Categories Up for Selection (after we get some shots of the show's new Hall of Fame, which includes the ribbon-cutting ceremony):

KAN U SPEL BIZNESS? (each correct response has to be spelled)
A TOUR OF EATALY (Clue Crew clues from North to South Italy)

Laura leads early on w/ $2,200; she's followed by Francisco w/ $1,400 & Balaii w/ $600. Shortly into the second half of this round, Francisco hits the Daily Double under the $800 Novels By Chapter Title clue w/ $2K; he's $200 off Laura's lead. Alas, Francisco makes it a $4K True DD attempt in regards to this answer:

"Mr. Badger"

"What is 'The Fantastic Mr. Fox'?"...that Roald Dahl work is NOT correct. The actual title was "The Wind in the Willows" by Kenneth Grahame. There isn't enough time for the last two Eataly clues, so Laura ends the round w/ $3,400; Balaji's $2K on the good side after being slightly in the hole for a little bit & Francisco goes first in Double Jeopardy! to the tune of $1,400.

SOLE ATTEMPTED TS OF THE ROUND: $1K (Novels By Chapter Title)

DJ! Lineup:


Balaji gets a Video DD told by Chris Matthews from the center clue of Come To Our Aide; he has $4,400 & is $3K behind second-place Francisco, but Laura's nearly in Lock Game Territory w/ $12,200. He wagers $2,600.

Here's a tip for you: For six years, I was the top aide to this Democrat from Massachusetts when he was Speaker of the House.

"Who is Tip O'Neill?"...he got him to go to the $7K mark. As for the other guy, Francisco gets his other one of the evening w/ $9,400 behind the last answer on Olympic Gold Medalists By Sport; he's $2K ahead of the champion for second & is $2,800 out of first. He only wagers half the face value of the following:

1896: Ellery Clark, 20' 10"
2000: Ivan Pedroso, 28' 3/4"

"What is the Long Jump?"...yup, inching him up to $10,400.

DJ! LACH TRASH (all unattempted): $3,600

Two-Round Scores:

Balaji: $10,200
Francisco: $10,400
Laura: $15,400


Balaji: $8,800
Francisco: $13,400
Laura: $15,400


Of the Top 10 cities in population within city limits, this one of 1.4 million's the only state capital.

Balaji's question was "What is Phoenix?"...yes indeed to rise to $20,399! Francisco...LOSES EVERYTHING w/ Atlanta (save for his $1K consolation prize), while Laura...chose Wayoshi's neck of the woods in Boston to leave w/ $2K. That means Balaji's pulled it out to retain his championship & has a two-day total of $55,799.


Game 1

Game 2
$1K Question Game

Episode ratings:

8: "Let's Make a Deal" & "Wheel of Fortune"
7: "Jeopardy!" & "The Price is Right"
6: "Family Feud" & "Millionaire"
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