Sunday, October 23, 2011

"The Amazing Race" 10/23

Two teams have the chance to make "Race" history tonight- either Andy & Tommy could become the fourth team to win four straight stages or Liz & Marie could become the second duo to win a leg despite having to complete a Speed Bump.

This week's budget is $186.

First Clue (10:07 AM): Take a local taxi to a designated area before riding a four-ton Asian elephant up a river to the second clue.

SB #2: Liz & Marie are ordered to wash & clean up after some elephants.

ROADBLOCK #5: One member per team has to search a remote pool for their third clue.

Clue #3: At a local shop, a spirit house needs to be disassembled before all of the pieces have to be taken to a temple for the fourth clue.

ROADBLOCK #6: Reassemble the spirit house they just took down.

Clue #5: All teams have to take a tour bus 550 miles to Bangkok, where the next clue can be found at the Noi Canal.

PIT STOP #5: The M.R. Kukrit Heritage Home.

Has somebody joined an exclusive "Race" club tonight?...

...NO- we have new winners in Amani & Marcus Pollard, who have each won a five-night Travelocity trip to the Aston Bali Beach Resort & Spa on a private beach.

2. Bill & Cathi

3. Ernie & Cindy

4. Jennifer & Justin

5. Andy & Tommy

6. Laurence & Zac

The next team to be eliminated are...

Jeremy & Sandy
Liz & Marie

...Liz & Marie.
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