Sunday, October 09, 2011

"The Amazing Race" 10/9

First Clue (7:38 AM): Go on a colonial bike ride until reaching Fort Vredeburg, where the second clue can be retrieved.

Clue #2: Take a taxi to Salakmalang Village & find a restaurant called Lesehan for the third clue.

DETOUR #2: Rice Field or Grass-Fed?

RF: Deliver a midday meal & plant 300 rice seedlings while the villagers are eating their food.

G-F: Fill two bags w/ freshly-cut grass & pick up two sheep before taking it all to a sheep shed. At that point, six buckets of water have to be collected & poured into a water trough.

Clue #4: This time, a taxi has to be taken to the Borobudur Temple in order to get the next clue.

ROADBLOCK #3: While one member of each team walks clockwise around the temple, they have to give the exact number of Buddhas (80) & perform their four hand gestures to move on to the next clue.

PIT STOP #3: The temple's grounds, where the third team will be eliminated.

Laurence & Zac have incurred a 15-MINUTE PENALTY for using four buckets at a time to fill that water trough instead of two.

WINNERS- Andy & Tommy (Atlantis- The Palm Hotel in Dubai)

2. Laurence & Zac

3. Jeremy & Sandy

4. Justin & Jennifer

5. Ernie & Cindy

6. Amani & Marcus

7. Bill & Cathi

ELIMINATED- Kaylani & Lisa
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