Sunday, October 30, 2011

Next Week in Game Shows: Halloween- November 6, 2011

As we turn the corner into a new month of 2011:

-"Let's Make a Deal", "Millionaire", "The Price is Right" & "Wheel of Fortune" celebrate Halloween in full style!

-The start of the 2011 "Jeopardy!" Tournament of Champions!

-The premiere of "Top Chef's" biggest season yet in Texas!

-Will the video gamers win $600K or the million on "Million Dollar Mind Game"?

All this & other surprises next week on GSK.


oaklandfan2kx said...

More Info on NTABDC on Game Show Kingdom so i'm supporting to preserve the Game Show Kingdom

Focusing about the Richmond Blue Devils
1. Team will be Focusing on Richmond, VA called the Richmond Blue Devils
2. Home Games will be played at The Diamond (Richmond, VA) home of the Richmond Flying Squirrels (AA Affiliate of the San Francisco Giants - 2010 World Series Champions)
3. Eligibility who will be on the Richmond Blue Devils Roster as follows

Criteria #1: Girls Who Took Part in the 1st Annual Super-De-Duper All Star Fake Model Extravaganza which happened in the Season 9 Finale Recap of Project Runway

Teyona Anderson, Karin Aystam (PR Season 9), Jennifer Bell*, Sarah Bell (PR Season 7), Lisa Blades (PR Season 6), Katie Brown, Emily Cain, Lisa Clarke*, Sigall Currie, Ashley Cyprien, Bruna Gomes Da-Silva, Bojana Draskovic (PR Season 9), Lauren Eichmann, Vanessa Frandsen, Whitney Franklin*, Carolyn Geh, Kelly Gervais (PR Season 7), Casey Gibbons*, Sveta Glebva (PR Season 9), Dallas Hernandez, Shasta Hudson, Kym Johnson (Dancing With The Stars), Erika Kimberly Jones (was Erika Opsvig - PR Season 9), Ashley Kirby*, Caitlynn Lawson (SYTYCD Season 8), Mariana Lima, Sasha Mallory (SYTYCD Season 8), Leslie Mancia, Melanie Moore (SYTYCD Season 8), Ashley Morris*, Sonia Niekrasz (PR Season 9), Kelly Olson, Rashelle Osborne, Nykhor Paul, Camille Posard, Audrey Range
*, Ashley Rich (SYTYCD Season 8), Karina Smirnoff (Dancing With The Stars), Amare Tk (PR Season 8), Daphne Tony

*Any Student who is also been here at Varina HS or VCU (VA Commonwealth) who is with Bobby McBride

Criteria #2: Models who appeared on Season 9 on Project Runway

Carla Barucci, Chelsea Blackburn, Kenzie Gallo, Meghan Giffin, Hannah Gottesman, Ashley Lacamp, Kerstin Lechner, Thais Magalhaes, Michel Ann Lienhard-O'Malley, Alyssa Pasek, Tatjana Sinkovica

Criteria #3: Models who wore the winning look throughout the past 3 Seasons of Project Runway

Season 6: Celine Chua, Mater Cohen, Vanessa Fitzgerald, Tanisha Harper, Kalyn Hemphill, Katie Sticksel
Season 7: Lorena Angjeli, Kasey Ashcraft, Brandise Danesewich, Monique Darton, Valeria Leonova, Cerri McQuillan, Brittany Oldehoff, Holly Ridings, Kristina Sajko
Season 8: Sarae Cart, Eyen Chorm, Rose Cook, Lenka Dayrit, Cassie Dzienny, Alexandra Palmer, Millana Snow

Criteria #4: Project Runway Host and Judge Heidi Klum will play her role as the Manager, The Designers of Season 9 of Project Runway will be playing as the Coaches it will include Anya Ayoung-Chee, Kimberly Goldson and Laura Kathleen.

League Alignment will be up next.

oaklandfan2kx said...

Now More Plans on NTABDC on the Game Show Kingdom because we're going to starting Covering America's Pasttime with action from the Washington Nationals and the Baltimore Orioles

Now with Bobby McBride getting ready to his own version of Not The America's Best Dance Crew just like i did here is the Alignment with the 24 teams that are from the Regional Edition of Strat-O-Matic Baseball Regional Edition which will come out in the future.

East: Baltimore Orioles*, Boston Phunk Phenomenon, Cleveland Indians*, New York Yankees*, New York (NL) Rhythm City, Philadelphia Phillies*
North: Chicago Footworkingz, Chicago Cubs*, Detroit Tigers*, Milwaukee Brewers*, Minnesota Twins*, St. Louis Cardinals*
South: Atlanta Braves*, Houston IaMmE, Kansas City Royals*, Miami Fly Khicks, Tampa Bay Rays*, Texas Rangers*
West: Los Angeles Poreotix of Anaheim, Los Angeles We Are Heroes, Oakland Athletics*, San Diego Padres*, San Francisco Giants*, Seattle Mariners*

*Team Name could be subject to change when the Season 7 Crew will be revealed on America's Best Dance Crew if a city isn't represented on Season 7 of ABDC readers from the GSK can make their own team name.

In Addition we will add the Richmond Blue Devils which will consist of models from Project Runway, Female Dancers from So You Think You Can Dance, Students from Varina HS and VCU (Bobby's Alma Mater) and others will be assigned to the south, i can make the Alameda Hornets their Triple-A Affiliate to the Blue Devils (which will consist of students from Alameda High School in Alameda, CA) so will start the season on the season opener of Randy Jackson Presents America's Best Dance Crew and the playoffs will start in 2 weeks after the Season Finale of Project Runway, so i can't wait for it

As for the cards (in addition to the 2010 Board Game and Additional players that Bobby orders) i hope he can order a number of past seasons if he wishes before Season 7 of ABDC will start.

On to GSK: And on to Project Accessory we will carry over the Joke Models from Project Runway to Project Accessory and they are NHL Stars, NASCAR Drivers, Game Show Announcers and much more and Readers from the Game Show Kingdom can make their own Joke Models and send it to Bobby by Comment.

Thank You from Jay Jianoran a proud supporter of the Game Show Kingdom!

P.S.: The St. Louis Cardinals have won the World Series so Thursday the Joke Models will be members of the 2011 World Champion St. Louis Cardinals including Albert Pujols!