Sunday, October 16, 2011

Next Week in Game Shows: October 17-23

On GSK's fifth season finale week next time:

-The final three episodes (at least for now) of "The Substitute".

-The Hub's new Sunday GS block debuts.

-Who will be the de-facto finalists on "Project Runway" competing at Fashion Week?

-Finalists are also determined on "Top Shot" & "Top Chef: Just Desserts".

All this & maybe a few other surprises next week on GSK.


oaklandfan2kx said...

And Speaking of Project Runway as we get ready for the 2 part finale that is Bobby will do the Recap, what we should do?

We've Had 3 Joke Models (SF Giants Hall of Famers, Game Show Hosts, and Comedians), now let's do something completely different, the runway order will now be just plain models from Season 9 Project Runway with a twist, as you know here are the current designers who are pairing with the models

1. Anya Ayoung-Chee (Sveta Glebova)
2. Joshua McKinley (Sonia Nieklasz)
3. Kimberly Goldson (Bojana Draskovic)
4. Viktor Luna (Erika Opsvig)

Now, When Models Names aren't shown on Tonight's Episode of Project Runway - Please Use the same models name from the Model Elimination Chart, but will do a twist that we will do, for the 2 part finale,

Q: If models names aren't shown on tonight's airing of Project Runway (Bobby already done joke models 3 times per season), what are we going to do now?

A: The Runway Order will be a mock model runway order, that we will tryout beginning with Part 1 of the Season 9 Finale of Project Runway with an added twist that we will use background music from Dance Dance Revolution X2 and a Dance Style (High Kick, Jazz, Pompom, Tap) , so here's what will look like because they will design a 3-piece collection

EXAMPLE RUNWAY ORDER (Mock Model Mode Alert)

1. Joshua McKinley (Sonia Niekrasz, Chelsea Blackburn, Carla Barucci) [Time After Time - Novaspace] (High Kick)
2. Anya Ayoung-Chee (Sveta Glebova, Kersten Lechner, Karin Agstam) [NAOKI f. Aleisha G - Gotta Dance] (Pom Pon)
3. Viktor Luna (Erika Opsvig, Michel Ann Lienhard-O'Malley, Hannah Gottesman) [Gouryella - Tenshi] (High Kick)
4. Kimberly Goldson (Bojana Draskovic, Thais Magalhaes, Kenzie Gallo) [Cascada - Everytime We Touch] (Pom Pon)

So as you know Model's Name in White (Model paired with the designer), Model's Name in Blue (Bobby can pick the remaining models from Season 9 Project Runway Model via Wikipedia)

oaklandfan2kx said...

And for Part 2 of the Finale another twist will occur because we got rid of the gags, gag models that is, instead another custom model runway order will be used not only we use the Models from Season 9 but also the remaining models from past seasons, plus this!

Model (Look # - Designer)
Nykhor Paul (#9 - Viktor Luna)
Sigail Currie (#1 - Anya Ayuong-Chee)
Daphine "Dap" Tony (#9 - Anya Ayuong-Chee)
Kelly Gervais (#1 - Kimberly Goldson) - Also Used as a Model on Season 7 of Project Runway
Bruna Gomes Da-Silva (#10 - Kimberly Goldson
Carolyn Geh (#5 - Viktor Luna)
Mariana Lima (#7 - Viktor Luna)
Rashelle Osborne (#6 - Kimberly Goldson)
Teyona Anderson (#7 - Kimberly Goldson)

In Addition to fill the field have a new feature: Fictional Models! (Similar to Fictional Drivers in NASCAR PC Games by Papyrus, Fictional Minor Leaguers from MLB: The Show and MLB 2K11, etc.) it will consist of Female Students from Varina HS and Virginia Commonwealth University (Both are Bobby's Alma Mater), Season 9 Top 20 Girls on SYTYCD and others i made up which will consist of dancers from High Schools across the USA, so here's some that we will see to fill the field

Emily Cain (Friendswood HS - Friendswood, TX)
Kelsi Krandel (Los Gatos HS - Los Gatos, CA)
TIffany Mazucca (Saugus HS - Saugus, CA)
Camile Posard (Carlsbad HS - Carlsbad, CA)
Courtney Smith (Carlsbad HS - Carlsbad, CA)
Nicole Curtis (St. Thomas More HS - Lafayette, LA)
Elizabeth Adley (St. Thomas More HS - Lafayette, LA)
Chloe James (Yorba Linda HS - Yorba Linda, CA)
Vanessa Polanco (Canyon HS - Canyon Country, CA)

And The Color Code for Part 2 of the Finale of Project Runway which will air on October 27th

White = Season 9 Model in Contention or Model who wear that look in Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week
Blue = Season 9 Model whose Eliminated or Project Runway Model from the Past 8 Seasons (unless if she went to Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week)
Red = Fictional Model

And More Surprises will be added so i can add more each day leading up to the Season 8 Finale of Project Runway, I Can't Wait for It!