Thursday, October 20, 2011


W/ the World Series starting this week, the joke model names I'm issuing tonight are members of the 1989 Oakland Athletics WS-winning team (& I know oaklandfan2kx is going to get a kick out of that; I would like to thank that reader for giving me the inspiration).


Viktor Luna:

1. Billy Beane
2. Jose Canseco
3. Rickey Henderson

Anya Ayoung-Chee:

1. Mark McGwire
2. Dick Scott
3. Walt Weiss

Kimberly Goldson:

1. Dave Henderson
2. Dennis Eckersley
3. Terry Steinbach

Joshua McKinley:

1. Felix Jose
2. Todd Burns
3. Jim Corsi

The last designer to miss out on the second part of the big finale next week is...



oaklandfan2kx said...

Bobby Congratulations in which the Joke Model Names are the 1989 Oakland Athletics who won the 1989 World Series by beating the San Francisco Giants 4 games to Zilch (or Zero, Nada, Bupkis, you name it.)

Link for More Info:

And with the help of Jay Jianoran sending in watching the the home of the Oakland Athletics back then in 1989, KPIX Channel 5 (and KICU Channel 36), Congratulations!

Now for Next Week the Joke Models are off the air instead a new feature to Project Runway Recaps by Bobby McBride will now have a new feature the Runway Show will now be just a regular project runway models being mixed in with the models from fashion week and fantasy models we call it Model Remix Mode!

The Models You'll Be Seeing are a heads up in the Runway Show for the Fashion Week episode which will be happening next week because no one is eliminated, ever.

Model (Look # - Designer)
Nykhor Paul (#9 - Viktor Luna)
Sigail Currie (#1 - Anya Ayuong-Chee)
Daphine "Dap" Tony (#9 - Anya Ayuong-Chee)
Kelly Gervais (#1 - Kimberly Goldson) - Also Used as a Model on Season 7 of Project Runway
Bruna Gomes Da-Silva (#10 - Kimberly Goldson
Carolyn Geh (#5 - Viktor Luna)
Mariana Lima (#7 - Viktor Luna)
Rashelle Osborne (#6 - Kimberly Goldson)
Teyona Anderson (#7 - Kimberly Goldson)
Leslie Mancia (#6 - Anya Ayuong Chee)

Also the eliminated models from Season 8 of Project Runway play their role as fictional models along with girls of Varina HS and Virginia Commonwealth University (Students who are from Bobby's Alma Maters), Season 9 Girls from So You Think You Can Dance and much more plus Dancing with the Stars professional ladies, your right!

So Far, Karina Smirnoff is the first female pro to get the call out safety, but would Cheryl, Lacey or Kym join Karina?, the answer will find out next week.

Stay tuned for the Joke Model to the Real Model conversion chart complete with Manager and Coaches of the 1989 Oakland Athletics WS-Winning Team could be converted into designers of Project Runway plus our Heidi Klum coming soon to this comment.

oaklandfan2kx said...

Oh I Messed Up It Should be Season 9 Models of Project Runway not Season 8, some former Project Runway Models would pop up later in the 2nd Part of the Season 9 Finale of Project Runway in this recap right here on the Game Show Kingdom, let's check the Odds of a few eliminated models from Season 9, Just 3 of them

Kenzie Gallo - 10/1
Carla Barucci - 7/1
Sveta Glebova - 8/1

Don't Forget Model Remix Order will debut October 27th in the finale of Season 9 of Project Runway which will be recapped on the Game Show Kingdom and will continue for Project Runway All-Stars and/or Season 10, The Joke Models will return on Project Runway All-Stars and/or Season 10 which will happen in 2012, i can't wait for it.

oaklandfan2kx said...

And Now From Joke Models -> Real Models (Remixed relating to the Theme which is the 1989 Oakland Athletics, in addition i'll have the Designers and Heidi to make their role as Members of the 1989 Oakland Athletics WS-winning team.)

Real Model/Designer -> Joke Model/Designer

Viktor Luna -> Dave Duncan
Kenzie Gallo -> Billy Beane
Michel Ann O'Malley -> Jose Canseco
Erika Opsvig* -> Rickey Henderson
Anya Ayoung-Chee -> Rene Lachemann
Sveta Glebova -> Mark McGwire
Meghan Giffin -> Dick Scott
Kerstin Lechner -> Walt Weiss
Kimberly Goldson -> Dave McKay
Karin Agstam -> Dave Henderson
Bojana Draskovic -> Dennis Eckersley
Chelsea Blackburn -> Terry Steinbach
Joshua McKinley -> Art Kusnyer
Sonia Nieklasz -> Felix Jose
Carla Barrucci -> Todd Burns
Hannah Gottesman -> Jim Corsi
Heidi Klum -> Tony La Russa

*On The Following Project Runway Recap (Part 2 of the Season 9 Finale) you can make Erika Opsvig as the Sidd Finch of The Game Show Kingdom as her real name Kimberly Jones or Erika Opsvig-Jones, etc.)

Note: All Models are Subject to Change as of the date of typing

And Now The Honorable Mentions of all Honorable Mentions with More Models from Season 9 and past seasons being converted to more Joke Models

Thais Magalhaes -> Lance Blankenship
Tatjana Sinkovica -> Carney Lansford
Alyssa Pasek -> Doug Jennings
Ashley LaCamp -> Stan Javier
Millana Snow -> Rick Honeycutt
Alexis Broker -> Glenn Hubbard
Kristina Sajko -> Mike Gallego
Brandise Danesewich -> Storm Davis
Kalyn Hemphill -> Bob Welch
Tina Marie Clark -> Luis Polonia
Cassie Dzienny -> Ron Hassey
Kasey Ashcraft -> Greg Cadaret
Holly Ridings -> Dave Otto
Tanisha Harper -> Larry Arndt
Lisa Blades -> Chris Bando
Katie Sticksel -> Ken Phelps