Thursday, October 27, 2011


Final Guest Judge: L'Wren Scott

BTW, before going to Fashion Week, each designer had one last chance to shop at Mood w/ a budget of $500.



1. Kelly Gervais
2. Audrey Range
3. Caitlynn Lawson
4. Kelly Olson
5. Bojana Draskovic
6. Rashelle Osborne
7. Teyona Anderson
8. Amare Tk
9. Whitney Franklin
10. Bruna Gomes Da-Silva


1. Sigall Currie
2. Lisa Clarke
3. Karina Smirnoff
4. Vanessa Frandsen
5. Ashley Cyprien
6. Leslie Mancia
7. Ashley Kirby
8. Melanie Moore
9. Daphne Toy
10. Sveta Glebova


1. Sasha Mallory
2. Katie Brown
3. Dallas Hernandez
4. Casey Gibbons
5. Kym Johnson
6. Emily Cain
7. Lauren Eichamann
8. Karin Aystam
9. Sarah Bell
10. Sonia Niekrasz


1. Shasta Hudson
2. Ashley Morris
3. Camille Posard
4. Jennifer Bell
5. Carolyn Geh
6. Ashley Rich
7. Mariana Lima
8. Lisa Blades
9. Nykhor Paul
10. Erika Kimberly Jones/Erika Opsvig

The first designer eliminated tonight is...

...Kimberly. The second to go home is...

...Viktor. And the REAL winning designer of Season 9 is none other than...


...ANYA, MAKING HER TOTAL CASH WINNINGS $120K!!!!!! Sveta also wins the $25K & the fashion spread in Marie Claire!


oaklandfan2kx said...

Great Work you started the first ever All-Star Fake Model Extravaganza but you have to remove the Duplicate Runway Show order for Anya Ayuong-Chee, and i'll be right back to see what celebrities who had interviewed after the runway show, and who got the DNQ from the Runway Show (Sorry Kalyn Hemphill, Kristina Sajko and Millana Snow, you failed to make the cut), after this!

And Coming Soon: The 2nd Annual Fake Model Extravaganza Runway Show which will take place in the Season 10 Finale of Project Runway which will take place in 2012!

oaklandfan2kx said...
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oaklandfan2kx said...

Did Interviewed on Fashion Week (After The Runway Show in Order of Appearance):

1. Jennifer Love Hewitt
2. Stephanie Wolkoff
3. Jay McCarroll (Season 1)
4. Joanna Coles
5. Betsey Johnson
6. Danielle Everine (Season 9)
7. Cindy De La Hoz
8. Cecilia Motwani (Season 9)
9. Corinne Bailey Rae
10. Mila Hermanovski (Season 7)
11. Nick Verreos (Season 2)

Note: Bobby Can Edit this Post after a duplication on Anya's Runway Order.
(Designer who appeared on a Past Project Runway Season in Parenthesis)

Did Not Qualify from the All-Star Cast and went to the Land of Parting Gifts (Bill Rafferty would be proud of that): Elizabeth Adley, Whitney Althoff, Kasey Ashcraft, Jessica Banuelos, Carla Barrucci, Lisa Benson, Chelsea Blackburn, Kaitlyn Brennan, Alexis Broker, Nacole Brown, Nicole Caires, Jordan Casanova, Eyen Chorm, Celine Chua, Tina Marie Clark, Katie Cockrell, Kelly Connolly, Rose Cook, Nicole Curtis, Emily Daignault, Brandise Danesewich, Monique Darton, Dre Davis, Cassie Dzienny, Cami Demich, Kaitlyn Desautels, Alexis Ertle, Kira Feldman, Kalyn Finch, Vanessa Fitzgerald, Mariah Fountain, Lauren Froderman, Kenzie Gallo, Victoria Gandara, Janelle Garcia, Ashley Gerdes, Alexis Georgedes, Kelly Gibbons, Meghan Giffin, Raquel Goodsell, Jaimie Goodwin, Lauren Gottlieb, Hannah Gottesman, Mollee Gray, Aliyah Hafner, Tanisha Harper, Kojii Helnwein, Kalyn Hemphill, Alison Holker, Shaina Jadormio, Chloe James, Kari Johnson, Stephanie Keel-Moore, Kimberly Klapow, Alyssa Kondo, Kelsi Krandel, Ashley LaCamp, Charm LaDonna, Caroline LaPelusa, Kerstin Lechner, Jessica Leiberman, Courtney Lenkov, Alex Limberis, Aly Limberis, Samantha Ling, Iveta Lukosiute, Thais Magalhaes, Miranda Maleski, Tiffany Mallari, Alix Malinoff, Tiffany Mazucca, Kathryn McCormick, Noelle Menard, Seneca Miner, Missy Morelli, Madison Novacek, Colleen Nowell, Michel Ann Lienhard O'Malley, Brittany Oldehoff, Clarice Ordaz, Alyssa Pasek, Gigi Payne, Victoria Parsons, Vanessa Polanco, Erika Pruitt, Mali Putwatana, Ryan Ramirez, Dionna Rangel, Holly Ridings, Kristina Sajko, Ellenore Scott, Allysa Shorte, Tatjana Sinkovica, Courtney Smith, Millana Snow, Jessica Snowden, Katie Sticksel, Amare Tk, Laurie Trudeau, Zhanna Ved, Veronica Yaeger

So 102 Girls Did Not Make The Cut, So as a result for a consolation prize they would receive a free viewing party at my house in Alameda to watch Game 7 of the 2011 World Series because the Cards won Game 6 which will happen tomorrow with 40 of the All-Star Models including Season 9 winning model Sveta Glebova as well as a supply of Jolly Time Popcorn and Pepsi Max also a role on Glee as Dancers from FOX Television!*

Disclaimer: This is a Joke Consolation Prize for the 102 Women who failed to make it.

oaklandfan2kx said...

And To Bobby McBride: Congratulations for Supporting The Game Show Kingdom on my ideas of Season 9 of Project Runway, so Bobby you will not cover Behind The Seams with Tim Gunn next week, but instead the Game Show Kingdom will now expand to America's Pasttime for the first time ever a non-game show will now be covered!


That Means Beginning in November after the World Series we will launch Not The America's Best Dance Crew on the Game Show Kingdom because why?, I (Jay Jianoran - oaklandfan2kx) had a successful run so far in Alameda when i use the Alameda Hornets (featuring the models from Season 9 of Project Runway and a bunch of students that i signed from Alameda HS at lunch time), now Bobby you will do the honors because you will receive your own version of Not The America's Best Dance Crew and for getting this you will receive the following!

- Strat-O-Matic Baseball Current Edition (All 2010 MLB Teams)
- 2010 Additional Players (Strat-O-Matic)
- Strat-O-Matic 2010 Hall Of Fame Cards (Strat-O-Matic; Reason you've used the Joke Models from Episode 3 of Season 9 of Project Runway; Which are Hall of Famers from the San Francisco Giants)
- 10 Baseball Nameless Players (Strat-O-Matic)

And as for you Bobby you will be playing in a team in Richmond, VA and there's more that will look forward for the years to come.

Congratulations, More Details in Next Week in Game Shows as we prepare for Training Camp!, And Yes I'm a proud supporter of GSK in order to keep the Game Show Kingdom Alive and Let's Go Giants good luck in 2012 and i hope the Cardinals will win the World Series and to Quote Joe Buck from 2006 "St. Louis has a World Series Winner!" i hope we can do that again on Friday for Game 7!

oaklandfan2kx said...

And you forgot to move the Whole Runway Show Order for Anya from between Kimberly and Joshua to from between Joshua and Victor and you have add the Post Runway Show Reactions after Anya's Runway Show is over in order of appearance.

1. Jennifer Love Hewitt (Played as Melinda Gordon on Ghost Whisperer, but played as Robin on Kids Incorporated)
2. Stephanie Wolkoff (Special Events Planner)
3. Jay McCarroll (Season 1 Winner)
4. Joanna Coles (Marie Claire Magazine)
5. Betsey Johnson
6. Danielle Everine (Season 9)
7. Cindy De La Hoz
8. Cecilia Motwani (Season 9)
9. Corinne Bailey Rae
10. Mila Hermanovski (Season 7)
11. Nick Verreos (Season 2)

Plus Bobby can Add More Info about them, thanks!