Wednesday, October 19, 2011

"Survivor: South Pacific" 10/19

DUEL #4: It's an eight-puck version of Shuffleboard w/ both ladies having four apiece.

Christine's going for her fourth straight Duel victory...


...& she's successful!

CHALLENGE #6: Both tribes need to build a wheelbarrow & load two sets of coconuts in the middle of an obstacle course. After dumping their coconuts into their trough, they have to take their wheelbarrow apart & turn it into a slingshot to knock down all of their targets w/ coconuts. The winners also get to go to the Sliding Rocks.

Edna gets benched...

...& Upolu wins!

TRIBAL COUNCIL #6: By a 4-3 vote over...Edna, Mikayla's going to Redemption Island.
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