Thursday, October 06, 2011

"Survivor: South Pacific" 10/5

DUEL #2: Toss one sandbag onto each of 10 crates.

Christine had the black sandbags, while Papa Bear worked w/ the whites...


Papa Bear

...Christine was two for two!

CHALLENGE #4: Three tribe members attempted to hold a pole across their shoulders while 10-pound weighted bags were added by their opponents in each round. The last castaway left standing won immunity for their tribe & a rooster w/ two hens (besides the Hidden Immunity Idol clue).


Savaii: Keith, Dawn & Jim
Upolu: Brandon, Stacy & Albert


1. Keith

2. Albert (while trying to hang onto the pole w/ a show record-tying 220 lbs.; three people currently share that record)

3. Jim (by this time, A NEW RECORD of 240 lbs. was set by him & Brandon!)

4. Brandon


TRIBAL COUNCIL #4: Stacey was unanimously voted out over Edna.
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