Thursday, October 20, 2011

"Ton of Cash" 10/19

ADVISER #8: James
CASH POINT #9 (28 miles away from Las Vegas): Bootleg Canyon's zip lines
TIME LIMIT: One hour & two minutes


1. Solve a math problem to retrieve four duffel bags from a locked crate; these were used to transfer the money
2. Untie some complex knots to get some more bags
3. Hoist all the bags from the bottom of the zip lines
4. Find all the bags
5. Take a wheelbarrow down a two-mile mountain path w/ all the money to the CP

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Safe Investment part of the game was out of play at this point.

TIME RESULT- 38 MINUTES LATE ($130K lost alone; $5K per minute was deducted after the first 15 min. of penalty time)
LEFT IN ToC- $207K

PROVE YOUR WORTH CHALLENGE #9 ("Break the Bank"): James, Temica & Amie saw three banks for each of the other three contestants. Using slingshots, they had to break the glass of a bank of one of the people they didn't trust. The player w/ the last remaining bank (s) decided which two would be eliminated this week.

BREAK BANK ORDER (doesn't include any misses):

James- JUSTIN (two left)
James- JUSTIN (one left)
Amie- RUSTY (two left)
Amie- RUSTY (one left)
Temica- RUSTY

By Vanessa's power, the next two people that lost any chance of competing for the big money in Vegas were...



...James & Temica.
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