Thursday, October 27, 2011

"Ton of Cash"- FINALE

FINAL CASH POINT: A mile down Freemont St. to a limo that would take three of the four contestants to the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino
NEW ToC TOTAL- $210K (35 bundles of money)

Whoever had the fewest bundles of money stacked underneath their picture lost; only bundles of money on the street could be moved from one player to another.

Three had nine bundles, but the one who had eight & was eliminated right now was...




FINAL PROVE YOUR WORTH CHALLENGE: Each of the three finalists had their own $210K scattered all over the Hard Rock. The first to bring back at least $150K of their money via a bellman's cart & hit that buzzer got to keep the cash they had found up to that point; if anyone finished their run w/ a buck less than that, they were eliminated. Somewhere out there was a $50K gold brick; if that was found, that player only had to find 17 more of their bundles to reach the $150K mark.


Amie- Red
Justin- Blue
Rusty- Gold

GOLD BRICK CLUE AT THE FRONT DESK: It was under the "safest" place just outside of the Hard Rock; to be exact, it was in a little silver truck.

The winner...

...of $164K (including that $50K GB) was...


...AMIE! Rusty was the runner-up.
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