Thursday, October 06, 2011

"Top Chef: Just Desserts" 10/5

SUDDEN DEATH QUICKFIRE: Doughnuts in two hours. The winner got a $10K bonus.

Guest Judge: Mark Israel (owner/chef of the iconic NYC doughnut plant)


Katzie: Cocoa Beignet w/ date ganache
Carlos: Orange & lemon zest Bombolinis w/ passion fruit cream
Orlando: Spiced banana Beignet
Megan: Cake doughnut w/ honey cardamom glaze
Chris: Citrus Churro w/ raspberry jam
Sally: Espresso glazed doughnut w/ caramelized cashews
Matthew: Ginger Beignet w/ caramel & whipped javara cream

WINNER- Carlos (Runner-up: Sally)
FIRST CHEF ELIMINATED THIS WEEK- Megan (Dishonorable mentions: Orlando & Matthew)

ELIMINATION CHALLENGE #7: The two three-member teams had to make chocolate desserts in addition to making a chocolate showpiece.

Other GJ: Wylie Dufresne


Chris: Chocolate brioche w/ chocolate cream & vanilla ice cream
Matthew: Chocolate tart w/ chiboust, caramel, compressed cherries & chocolate sorbet
Katzie: Boca Negra w/ mousse, jasmine, passion fruit curd & whipped cream glace


Orlando: Puff pastry w/ milk chocolate mousse, mango coulis & roasted cocoa nib sorbet
Sally: Manjari caramel mousse w/ spiced caramel cream & passion fruit gelee
Carlos: Caramelized cremeux w/ milk chocolate & peanut butter mousses & caramelized banana

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