Tuesday, October 18, 2011

"Top Shot" 10/18

Individual Challenge #3 ("Roundabout"): On each turn, a shooter's strapped to a 16-foot long arm w/ a harness while being armed w/ the SP89 (introduced in Germany in 1989). After being rotated all the way once, they have to fire at a circular array of 20 targets from 35 ft. away within one rotation. The top two automatically qualify for the finale.

Gary- ONE

Dustin- 12 IN 19 ROUNDS

Chris- 12 IN 18 ROUNDS


Alex- TWO

Final Nomination Range:

Gary- MIKE

Chris- MIKE (2)

Dustin- ALEX

Alex- GARY

Mike- ALEX (2)

ELIMINATION CHALLENGE #10 ("Reverse Zipline"): The featured weapon's the STEYR SPP (introduced in Austria in 1993). Both shooters will be shooting at 20 balloons while their moving chair's flying backwards at a speed of 15 mph from 20 ft. off the ground.

Out of the possible 20, Alex got 13. Mike's balloon count turns out to be...



...ALL OF THEM!!!! As a result, Alex leaves w/ NOTHING despite coming this far.
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