Wednesday, October 19, 2011

"Work of Art" 10/19

CHALLENGE #2: Two teams have to make pieces about motion.

Guest Judge: Jeanne Greenberg Rohatyn

(Note: Johnny Iuzzini's in the gallery this week.)


Sara: "Siren Swinger"
Kymia: "Eat Dirt"
Sarah: "Kiddie Ride"
Sucklord: "Flick the Rat"
Michelle: "Dirty Playground"
Bayete: "Weeeee!"
Dusty: "Playing With Myself"


Jazz-Minh: "Flip"
Tewz: "Around"
Lola: "Mend (We Had a Terrible Name, So I Tried To Forget It)"
Young: "Quake"
Kathryn: "Splat"
Leon: "Hit"

TEAM WINNERS- "Play With Me"
IMMUNITY WINNER- Bayete (Runner-up: Michelle)
ELIMINATED- Kathryn (Dishonorable mentions: Lola & Tewz)
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