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11/16/2011 Results

LMaD: Wednesday's opening traders are Jennifer (dressed as a lion) & James (dressed as a blue/yellow tissue box). They each have $500 to start.

R1: Jennifer pays James $500 for what's in the Small Box (Jonathan)- MacBook Air ($999)
R2: James trades everything for what's in Curtain #1- 2012 Kawasaki KX-100 dirt bike ($4,149)
Final Round (Curtain #2): James- Five-night trip to Smugglers Notch from ($10,542)

The team of Jose (dressed as a ZONK blocker) & Vanessa (dressed as a Hawaiian) plays the Prize Seven Envelopes Deal for the '12 Ford Fiesta Sedan (Curtain #3).

1. Keyring w/ at least three keys- ENVELOPE #5 ELIMINATED
2. Picture of them together- NO
3. Nail file- NO

They capture #4 for their family & the Sure Thing Jackpot behind Curtain #2 gets going w/ an array of Prada accessories worth $3,215.

#7- ZONK
#3- $500

$400's added to the STJ.

#2- ZONK
#6- $1K

After another Benjamin's added to the pot...they go for it.

#4- LOSS

Autumn's Fast Foreign Money Deal: American equivalent of 3,982 Singaporean Dollars or Big Box?
DECISION: BB- Giant sushi kit (U.S. cash: $3,308)

Jacqueline's Black Check Order (she's dressed as a slumber party girl):

1. Yellow
2. Green
3. Red
4. Blue

Red- ONE ($10)
Green- THREE ($310)

She then buys Curtain #1.

Yellow- FOUR ($4,310)
CURTAIN #1- Sprinkles cupcake kitchen ($2,530)

Speaking of cupcakes, Rebecca's dressed as one during her turn at the Inkblot Deal.

Choices: SB (Tiffany in front of Curtain #2) or Silver Envelope?
DECISION: SB ($2K)- His/her Tiffany & Co. watches ($5,250)
SE- Roach motel


Going to the Beat the Dealer board this morning are Marcella (who's holding a small NO-ZONK crystal ball), Jaida (dressed as a black/white tiger) & Frederick (dressed as Johnny Appleseed).

$500 Round:

Marcella: D- WIN (NINE)
Jaida: C- TWO
Frederick: H- FOUR

R2 Prize: Five-night trip to the Abaco Beach Resort & Marina at Boat Harbour in The Bahamas ($6,300)(Curtain #2)

Frederick: A- SIX
Marcella: E- THREE

Why is Frederick playing for that Mazda2 Touring (Curtain #1)? Because he doesn't have a car...

Wayne: B- FIVE
Frederick: I- CAR; PERFECT ROUND #2! (EIGHT)


...until now!

Katherine's Fast Deal (dressed as a ladybug): SB (Jonathan) or the leather thing behind Curtain #3?
DECISION: SB- Toy miniature golf course set
CURTAIN #3- Living room ($4,905)

THE BIG DEAL: Rebecca has a feeling about Door's good for everything! Behind #3's a three-night "The Dinner Detective" trip to the Embassy Suites Hotel Denver Southeast worth $3,260. #1 contains a HOIST Fitness center, an ST recumbent bike & a BOSE system worth $6,675. And finally, her door reveals...a Bull BBQ island, some Joss & Main patio furniture, gardening services for a year & a 42" SunBriteTV worth a total of $12,745, making her Big Deal of the Day worth $22,680!

To start the Quickie Deal segment, April (dressed as a No. 2 pencil) struggles but does find the coffee bean in her wallet she needed to bring for $500!

TPiR: "Come on Down" first, you people- Lisa A. Simpson-Johnson, Lee A. Choldodenko, Sarah Raft & Haile K. Lindsay. Now, here's the first GUFB- a couple of BCBG cocktail dresses (Amber & Manuela behind splitting sign).

Haile: $1,050/Sarah: $1,250/Lee: $500/Lisa: $1,251

ARP: $1,212

Since there were $38 & $39 overbids on those dresses, Haile will have the chance to give the celebrity boot to Rachel out of this Chevrolet Cruze (Std., Tire, Prot) playing Lucky $even. This is the fourth time that particular car's been offered in this Pricing Game in '11...& because he alternates between 8 & 5 in both halves of the PG w/ the ARP being $17,689, IT'S FINALLY BEEN WON! In all three wins so far this season, the car prices have ended in -89, so Mike needs to go back to the drawing board.

Going red second's Michelle McKim & the second PUFB's some Opulent Items stackable outdoor furniture (Manuela at Door #3).

MICHELLE: $970/Sarah: $850/Lee: $875/Lisa: $1,200

ARP: Two grand

Lisa from Toronto plays Make Your Move for a premium 10-piece grilling tool set (Rachel), the FUEGO F1 (Rachel) & the Great Lakes Spas GL4 (Amber at Door #2). Reveal the numbers:


Is she also a winner w/ the following?...



Going green as the sixth called player will be Gertrude Collins & the third IUFB's eight pieces of luggage (Rachel behind rising sign).

Michelle: $650/Sarah: $1,100/Lee: $1,101/GERTRUDE: $800

ARP: $754

Michelle, part of a Ready Crew (which is an anagram of Drew Carey), plays Hi-Lo for a trip to the Clifton Inn in Charlottesville, VA (Manuela at Door #3) worth four sevens. On the counter this time are a one-gallon jug of Minute Maid Original Orange Juice, the three-pack of Irish Spring, CoverGirl Continuous Color lipstick, febreze extra STRENGTH, a 42-count bag of Bell's Best Coffee Candy & a box of Claim Jumper Restaurant Apple Crumb Cobbler.

1. febreze- WIPEOUT ($2.99)
2. Juice- $6.99
3. Cobbler- $6.09

Soap- $2.59
Lipstick- $4.49
Candy- $1.99

Michelle ($754): 45 + 30 = Three Quarters
Lisa ($8,089): 15 + 95 = OVER BY A DIME

Next on the player docket's James Swanson & the fourth PUFB's the stainless-steel popcorn cart (Amber behind GPT).

JAMES: $900/Sarah: $1K/Lee: $1,050/Gertrude: $1,051

ARP: $2,544

Gertrude plays Flip-Flop for a Howard Miller Total Home living room that includes the SONY 40" wi-fi HDTV (Rachel at Door #2). Board:


She Flips to $8,969...when she should've Flopped.

Green contestant #3's Jennifer M. Ziegler & the next one-bid offers a SONY silver digital camera (held by George at his podium).

James: $550/Sarah: $800/Lee: $801/JENNIFER: $650

Jennifer just won a $500 bonus & plays More or Less for at least a Dahon Mu P8 folding bicycle marked at $300 (Rachel), the Mosconi Chandler II marked at $2,700 (Rachel & Manuela) & the MacBook Pro w/ MacSpeech Dictate software marked at $2,900 (Manuela). But if she can do it all from "The Price is Right", she'll also win the Mazda2 Sport (Std., Prot, Compass, Mats)(Amber).

Bike: MORE ($699)
Pool table: MORE ($1,300)
MAZDA: $16,604

Last up's Alisa Burns & the final IUFB of this edition of "Price" is the Dimplex Hampton electric fireplace (Amber at Door #5).

James: $1,900/Sarah: $1,700/Lee: $1,901/ALISA: $1,800

ARP: $2,199


Lee plays the Range Game for that $6,799 ski-doo Renegade Sport (Manuela at Door #3). Out of a range of $6,600-$7,200...$6,863-$7,013 is a little too much.

(Note: Just before he started the range finder, we saw Dave from behind.)

SCSD #2 (winner becomes Top Winner in the Showcase):
Jennifer ($1,849): 45 + 90 = OVER
Lee ($2,199): 55 + 60 = OVER BY $.15
Gertrude ($2,544): WINS BY DEFAULT W/ $.80

DOME TRIPCASE (Manuela at Door #2): Trips to the Hotel Monteleone in New Orleans (featuring a $1K Ticketmaster gift card to go see something at The Superdome), the Atlante Hotel in Rome (features the dome of St. Peter's Basillica) & India (featuring Taj Mahal's dome)




Door #4- Trips to the Sunset Ranch Hollywood in California & the Tanque Verde Ranch (Rachel)
Door #1- Harley-Davidson Superglide Custom (Amber)



Showcase Prices:

Michelle: $24,648
Gertrude: $23,955

Gertude's prize total: $26,499.


Tomorrow, Riverdance will perform during the Showcases.


GAME #1: Reischels vs. Ruffs (whose two-day cash winnings total $1,320)

R1: Name a place people make whoopee that might be just a little two cramped for you. On the first face-off:

#1: Car/truck (62)(Jenni)


Jessie (an elementary art teacher & mother of three children whose latest son was born two weeks before this episode was taped): Bathroom/airplane- #2 (20)
Sherry (a grandmother of 12 who's also an elementary school assistant): In a closet- #3 (4)
Mike (a business worker): Kitchen table- X
Bob (a volunteer worker who just retired as a grandfather): Out on the porch- XX
Jenni: Dressing room- XXX

Corey Steal (for 86): On a couch- NO

BOTTOM ANSWERS (2 each): Bed, bus & elevator

R2: Tell me someone who came to your door when you pretended NOT to be home. First answer (s):

#1: Jehovah Witnesses/religious groups (50)(Stacy)


Derico: Girl Scouts/salesperson- #2 (15)
Stephanie: Mother-in-law/family members- TIED FOR BOTTOM (5)
Deborah: Nosey neighbors/friends- #4 (8)
Corey: Trick or Treaters- X
Stacy: Co-worker- XX
Derico: Police- XXX

Jenni Steal (for another 78): Debt/bill collectors- #3 (11)(164)(Other BA: An ex)(5)

Double: Name an activity that might make you queasy. Here goes an answer or two:

#1: Roller coasters/amusement park rides (33)(Derico)


Stephanie: Flying- #2 (13)
Deborah: Boat ride- X
Corey: Working out too much- XX
Stacy: Having a baby- XXX

Jenni Steal (for another 92): Consuming too much alcohol- NO

#3: Eating/bad food (9)
#4: Seeing/cleaning puke (6)
#5: Poop/changing diapers (4)

Triple: Name something highwire performers use in their act. Starter (s):

#3: Tightrope/wire (11)(Stephanie)
DUD: Shoes (Mike)


Deborah: Balancing pole- #1 (62)
Corey: Tricycle- #4 (7; all cycles count)
Stacy: Safety harness- X
Derico: Net- WIN AT 368! (12)

Today's Ca$h Surprise Contest Value: $100


1. What's the first question you ask someone about their new baby/babies?
2. In 10 minutes, how many hot dogs could you eat?
3. Name something you could do to your head that damages it.
4. Name something people do to freshen their breath.
5. Name something a duck has that you don't.


1. What's their name?- 15
2. Three- 8
3. Burn it- 2
4. Breath mint- 37
5. Wings- 2


1. Boy or girl?- 34
2. Five- 11
3. Perm- 31
4. Gum- 22
5. Feathers- 28
TOTAL- 190

After three trips to FM, they've accumulated $2,270.


1. Two
5. Bill/beak

GAME #2: McManmons (St. Louis) vs. Gallegoses (whose two-day cash winnings total $1,555)

R1: Name a job that requires you to get on your knees. Here's one or two of those occupations:

#1: Housekeeper/maid (18)(John)
#3: Plumber (15)(Vanessa)


Kristin: Priest/clergy- #4 (10)
Chuck (who has 10 grandchildren & plays golf from time to time): Bricklayer- X
Eileen (a stay-at-home mom w/ four children): Carpenter- XX
Todd (a veterinarian): Carpet/flooring layer- OTHER TOP ANSWER (18)
John (a stay-at-home dad for four years w/ three children): Painter- XXX

Vanessa Steal (for 61): Gardener- #4 (11)(#6: Ho/escort)(7)

R2: Name something single men probably buy a lot more of than married. At the beginning:

#4: Liquor (5)(Patricia)
#5: Flowers (5)(Kristin)


Brother Abe: Condoms- #1 (46)
Ben: Clothes- TIED FOR BOTTOM (4)
Father Abe: Music- X
Vanessa: Fast food/TV dinners- #2 (23)
Patricia: Sporting event tickets- XX
Brother Abe: Gym memberships- XXX

John Steal (for 83 & the lead): Pornography- OTHER BA (4)(#3: Cologne)(7)

Double: Name something a disgruntled employee might do to their boss' car. Let's see if any of the following's on your minds:

#1: Key/scratch it (51)(Brother Abe)


Ben: Bust out the windows- X
Father Abe: Put a potato in the tailpipe- XX
Vanessa: Slash/flatten tires- #2 (15)
Patricia: Put it on fire- XXX

John Steal (for another 132 & to retain the lead): Paint it- NO (Gallegoses: 193)

TIED FOR #3 (5 each): Egg it & add sugar to tank
BAs (4 each): Hit/kick it & tinkle on it

Triple: Name something that people think brings bad luck. Buzzer answer (s):

#3: Breaking mirror (15)(Eileen)
DUD: Stepping on crack (Ben)


Todd: Open umbrella inside house- #4 (5)
John: Black cat- #1 (47)
Kristin: Friday the 13th- X
Chuck: Walking under a ladder- WIN AT 341 (19)

FM #2 Q's:

1. When money's tight, name something you do yourself rather than hire someone.
2. Name a type of business that stays open late.
3. Name something in the morning that makes you rise & shine.
4. Name the age when people get face lifts.
5. Name something people do to help them sleep.


1. Hair- 8
2. Gas station- 11
3. The Sun- 23
4. 55- 6
5. Take an Ambien pill- 45


1. Clean- 14 (Top answer: Yard work)
2. Fast food- 24
3. Alarm clock- 20
4. 50- 33
5. Listen to music- 6
TOTAL- 190 ($950)

WoF: The first Toss-Up on Night 8 of the sears Secret Santa Sweepstakes will be Place:

_ I R P L A N E

H A N G A _

Mike gets AIRPLANE HANGER, so we talk to this guy first:

Mike French (San Diego)- A real estate worker who's expecting twins
Sarita Cowins (Miami, FL)- An engaged food service manager who's expecting a third child
Jill Trotter (Ahwatukee in Phoenix)- Saleswoman

K _ _ _ _ S / _ I _ Y

_ _ I _ _ _

Mike knows about the team that probably just lost Matt Cassel for the rest of the season due to an injured throwing hand, the KANSAS CITY CHIEFS, to get to $3K.

Eggland's Best Jackpot Round topic's Family & he first calls a dud in T right away (there's a Gourmet Gift gift tag out there). Second, Sarita calls two R's for the sears gift card & a $350 S, buys an E, calls out three L's to add $2,400 & a $350 N & buys two A's prior to getting the $800 D & the $450 B...

_ _ L E _ / A N D

B _ L L _ / R A _

_ _ R _ S

...& solving MILEY AND BILLY RAY CYRUS for $8,850 in cash & shopping spree & keeps control.

SOLE DUD: $600 T (Mike)

On a Mystery/Before & After Round, she first calls up a $500 T for the green 1/2 KIA & a $300 H, buys two E's & an I but then calls a dud in S. Second, Jill doesn't do better calling for an R. Third, Mike puts up double N's for $1,100 but then buys the sole available dud vowel (A). Once regaining control, Sarita lights a $500 L & buys the other vowels (an O & a U) before dudding out w/ a B call. Next for Jill are a $900 K & trip G's to add $1,800, then...

K I N G / O _ / T H E

_ U N G L E

G _ _

...she's correct by saying KING OF THE JUNGLE GYM for $2,700.

DUDS: A (Mike), $500 B (Sarita), $550 R (Jill), $500 S (Sarita)

She also leads off the Prize Puzzle Round that features a Phrase, beginning w/ the Million Dollar Wedge's left Bankrupt. Mike secondly calls a $400 N, buys an E but then loses his turn w/ the R. Third, Sarita gets the same result as Jill, who then follows up w/ twin T's for $600 & the same number of O's before landing on LaT. Mike's next letter choices are a $350 S, two A's, an I, a $450 L & the last vowels of two U's, followed by the two C's for an extra nine bills...

_ _ / L U C _ / I S

A _ O U T / T O

C _ A N _ E

...& he's saying "MY LUCK IS ABOUT TO CHANGE", because he's added to his TU money $1,100 & the $5K trip & has first place by a vowel w/ $9,100 in cash & Las Vegas.

SOLE DUD: $400 R (Mike)
SOLE LaT: Jill
BANKRUPTS: 2 (women)

TONIGHT'S TRIP SPIN ID: JD8229822 (Jessica D. from Texas)

Wheel Deals! Offer of the Week: $20 for AVIS car rentals instead of $40; use the Sony Card & the price drops to $18

The theme of Wednesday's $3K TU's a TV Title:

B _ _

B _ O T _ _ R

Mike nails "BIG BROTHER" to top five figures w/ $12,100 in cash & trip.

Next subject will be Occupation. He leads off Bankrupting next to the $5K wedge. Second for Sarita are a $350 T & two $300 R's, then we change gears to Last Chance Mode...

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ / _ _ _ _

_ _ _ _ R _ T _ / _ _ _ R _

...& the consonants left over are worth $1,300 apiece; still anybody's match (BTW, Mark inadvertently labels the puzzle as a TV Title instead of Occupation by this point). One M call later...

S _ _ P P _ N _ / M _ _ _

S _ _ _ R _ T _ / _ _ _ R _

...Sarita nabs a SHOPPING MALL SECURITY GUARD for $4,850 & the championship w/ $13,700 in cash & gift certificate! Mike leaves w/ $9,700 in cash & vacation & Jill has $2,700.

That makes Wednesday's maingame winnings $26,100.



JILL SPIN ID: PE8017950 (Pam E.)
MIKE SPIN ID: PM5250476 (Patti M.)

Maxwell House Big Money Round #39: This Sarita's final spin lands on the C & her BMR category of the episode's Things. RSTLNE help:

_ E R _ S / _ _

T _ E / _ _ _

HCBI results in being lit...

_ E R _ S / _ _

T H E / _ _ B of the PERKS OF THE JOB is seeing somebody win $30K, but she doesn't do so here & leaves w/ winnings of $13,700.


FB: Reporting to Mr. Sutphen's stage tonight are:

Jake & Deb Radaker (who burst into song)(BT: Sisters Bethany & Amanda)
Tiffany & John Shou (who once put together a Presidential campaign)(BT: Mom Toni & aunt Susan)
Jay & Marley Bowen (who have several exotic pets)(BT: Cousin Chelsea & aunt Toya)
Garret & Andrew Palmer (who enjoy indoor skydiving)(BT: Mom Susanne & sister Lauren)
Kenna & Jeff Landon (who enjoy flying together)(BT: Mom Carrie & brother Easton)

Brain Tease:

For 10: Bobby's food plate faces
WRONG- NOBODY (we already knew that because we saw their guesses just before we saw the right answer for some reason)

For 25: At the Mayfield Air Show, besides Jeff's, how many other plates were in it?
WRONG- Palmers, Radakers & Shous (one short)

For 50: Family surfing out of the wave order
WRONG- Bowens (put a three at the start instead of a two), Radakers (2561) & Palmers (had the three & the four switched)

FOR 100: During the time Jeff was practicing for band class in a nine-window apartment, the designated person was yellow from which window (Jeff was in the center)- #4, #2, #6 or #8?
WRONG- Bowens (#2), Landons (#6) & Shous (#6)
ELIMINATED- Palmers (#8)(FujiFilm instax camera)

Brain Fart: This show's spoofing "The Amazing Race" tonight w/ a title of "the GREAT RACE AROUND THE WORLD"!


1. What mode of transportation did they take to Australia?
Radakers: Helicopter
Landons: Submarine

2. What did grandma did that made Jeff get out of that submarine?
Shous: Fart

3. What did grandma stop at just before the end of the race?
Bowens: Flea market


1. What kind of animal did they rock to sleep?
Landons: Lion

2. What country did they go to after France?
Shous: BF (Toni)- Zimbabwe

3. What was the only thing grandma brought to drink while in the submarine?
Bowens: Prune juice


1. What kind of sandwich was eaten?
Landons: Three-foot-long meat sandwich (A: Vegemite)

KO Round Pairs: #1 & #7, #2 & #13, #3 & #11, #4 & #14, #5 & #8, #6 & #15, #9 & #16 and #10 & #12

Shous: #1 & #7
Bowens: #9 & #16
Shous: #3 & #11
Bowens: #5 & #8
Shous: #10 & #12
Bowens: #4 & #13
Shous: WIN W/ #4 & #14!

Runner-up Prize: uDraw

BRAIN TRIP: The Shous just won a little bit of money for the ASPCA; now, they're in pursuit of the Mongoose Bicycles package, the Kettler table tennis table & a trip to Riviera Maya.

Bicycle Grid:


TIME LEFT: 1:22.19

Table Tennis Grid:





WIN W/ 31.1 LEFT!


Conclusion of Mark Langberg's Game

Game 2

(Also tonight: Because of Final Jeopardy! being a Triple Stumper again tonight, Ellen Lewis giving back only $600 paid off to the tune of $10K for her. Emily Gifford left w/ $34,800.)

Episode ratings:

8: "Family BrainSurge", "Let's Make a Deal" & "Millionaire"
7: "Family Feud" & "The Price is Right"
6: "Jeopardy!" & "Wheel of Fortune"
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