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11/29/2011 Results

LMaD: This is this incarnation's 400TH EPISODE! And we're starting off w/ a rather fitting game called the Four Keys Deal, where Casey & Matthew (a beach couple who've been married for four years) could win the Volkswagen Jetta (Curtain #2). They choose Key #2 & here's the Sure Thing Jackpot of the day- the $2,198 red washer/dryer package & $2K. After Casey nearly listens to somebody other lady's scholarly advice in taking that, they go for the car...& WE HAVE OUR FIRST-EVER WIN IN THIS VERSION OF THIS CLASSIC DEAL- PERFECT ROUND! Just for giggles, here were the other key assignments:

#1 (Tiffany; eliminated first)
#3 (Jonathan)
#4 (Wayne; eliminated second)

They were hot on the trail at the start by narrowing it down to the middle keys; thanks for being nice on this playing on Episode #400, Dan & Mike!

Salvador (dressed as a robot) currently has the Small Box (Jonathan), which either has Bermuda Shorts or a trip to said locale.

Sara's Round (dressed as a hand-me-down character): Curtain #1
ANSWER: YES ($700)- His/her Callaway 12-foot golf sets ($3,026)

Latorrie's Round: Big Box
ANSWER: NO ($700)- SONY 52" HDTV/TiVo package ($3,650)

SALVADOR'S FINAL ROUND DECISION: SB- Four-night trip to the Rosedon Hotel ($6,022)
Silver Envelope- Bounced Check

Santie's Fast Deal (dressed as a hippie): SB (Jonathan; has something worth at least $1K) or Curtain #2?
PICK: SB- Michael Greene & Co. white gold ring ($5,200)

Kelly's Freestyle Deal (dressed as a cowgirl; the three backup dancers each get $100 for their time): Curtain #1- Has something to do w/ camping & hiding
ANSWER: YES ($700)- LittleGuy regular trailer ($5,195)

It's time for the One-Roll Dice Deal.

Monique's $200 Round (SB)(Jonathan): NO- Slightly-used beauty supplies
ROLL: 2/4 = $1,200

Sarah's $300 Round (Curtain #3): YES- Giant refrigerator magnet

Jason's $400 Round (BB): NO- Six-night trip to the Bethells Beach Cottages near Auckland, NZ ($7,827)
ROLL: 1/5 = $2,400

After Sara does a robot dance upon Cat Gray's request, Natalie (dressed as The Statue of Liberty) plays Think Big for not four, but five thousand bucks. This morning's items:

Number of Academy Award nominations received by the film "Avatar"
Point value of the J tile in the "Words With Friends" mobile device game ("Scrabble Showdown" staff assistance not allowed)
Number of tablespoons in 3/8 cup

She's going w/ the Scrabble statement, which doesn't sound correct to me...even though she still turns down a home office that includes a laptop w/ a year's worth of Internet service & three cordless telephones, making it a sure prize package worth $2,560 (Curtain #2).

OSCAR nominations: NINE
Scrabble J: 10
Tablespoons: SIX- PERFECT DEAL #2!

Amanda (dressed as a pirate girl) is about to take on the Doubler/Tripler Envelopes Deal w/ a base value of $500.

Round 1- DOUBLE

She then listens to her pirate husband on Curtain #1.

CURTAIN #1- Bedroom ($5,175)


THE BIG DEAL: Salvador could win the silver 2012 Ford Mustang that matches his outfit as part of a $23,495 Big Deal of the Day. After locking in Door #2, #1 has the Kawasaki jet ski...while #3 has the $2,897 BBQ/patio heater package, so he needs to march over to that Mustang! The first time it was won, it included the five years of oil changes, but his bonuses are a Philips portable DVD player, a MOTOROLA in-car phone speaker system & a GPS device!

Total it all up before the really fast deals: $69,191!

Stephen (dressed as a Martial Arts person of some kind) misses out on the $500 wad when he fails to come up w/ a toothbrush for Jonathan. Elsewhere in the Quickie Deals, Dina (dressed as a fried egg) shows Tiffany a deviled egg for a Benjamin, Eric (dressed as a tiger) manages to balance a blue yearbook while walking a short distance in the middle row of the audience from Jonathan at the start to Wayne at the end for his own $100 bill & both a firefighter & Angel both miss out on $200 when the firefighter didn't quite catch Dina's deviled egg from the right end of the audience to the other.

TPiR: This is one of the first episodes Drew taped after injuring his clavicle. While he's nursing his injury on stage, George calls on Kimberly Carew, Jacob R. Krause (not sure if he's related to Aaron), Crystal A. Kaaaufmann & Kristine Jolley & we show off the first IUFB of the day, a 40" SONY wi-fi HDTV (Amber in the clam- "Don't Hold Your Breath" by Nicole Scherzinger). Starting today, when I do my own "Price" recaps, not all of the titles for the designated prize cues will be correct.

Kimberly: $680/Jacob: $727/Crystal: $1K/Kristine: $1,001

BYU football fan Kristine wins the $1,400 TV & plays PAY THE RENT (Rachel at the house, Manuela w/ the groceries); this is the second time I know of Drew warns the player that the correct combination's not necessarily from least to most expensive. The groceries to victory are some Maxwell House International cafe original cappuccino mix, a duraflame log, a can of Pedigree country stew dog food, a box of Kix, 25 Hefty Everyday Soak-Proof paper plates & a box of Betty Crocker Au Gratin potato mix ("Tonight, Tonight" by Hot Chelle Rae).

My House:

Mailbox: Cereal
Level 2: Plates + Potatoes
Level 3: Cappuccino + Dog Food
Vault: Log


Mailbox: Plates
Level 2: Potatoes & Cereal
Level 3: Dog Food & Cappuccino
Vault: Log

Plates- $1.99

Level 2: Potatoes ($2.29) + Cereal ($3.49) = $5.78

Level 3: Dog Food ($1.39) + Cappuccino ($3.99) = $5.38 (Log: $5.29)

I would've painfully lost by nine cents for the big money.

CORRECT HOUSE (besides the log):

Mailbox- Cappuccino ($3.99)
L2: Potatoes ($2.29) + Plates ($1.99) = $4.28
L3: Dog Food ($1.39) + Cereal ($3.49) = $4.88

(Note: For the mailbox, I would've issued a target price that the grocery placed there would have to meet or beat in order to even win the $1K- in this case, I would've set it at $2; if that had been the case, a wipeout would've occurred.)

Fifth's Gaston Flores & the second PUFB on the train's (George) a Napoleon gas grill (Amber; "Just Can't Get Enough" by The Black Eyed Peas).

Kimberly: $1,600/Jacob: $700/Crystal: $1,100/GASTON: $850

ARP: $1,200

Crystal plays the Money Game for the Mazda6 (Std., Prot, Compass)(Rachel at Door #3)("Mr. Know It All" by Kelly Clarkson). Board:


MIDDLE NUMBER: 7 ($ _ _ , 7 _ _)

1. 20- $
2. 21- FRONT ($ 2 1 , 7 _ _)
3. 54- $ ($74)
4. 19- WASTED PICK ($93)
FINAL PICK: 78- WINS $171 (ARP: $21,762)

In all of this Pricing Game's losses so far this season, all of the choices for the first two digits have been wasted.

SOLE DQ: Next-to-last pick

Sixth's Martha Hinman & the third PUFB's a couple of Burberry female trenchcoats (Manuela & Rachel in front of Contestant's Row)("Nothing" by The Script).

Kimberly: $700/Jacob: $1K/MARTHA: $800/Gaston: $1.5K

ARP: $1,490

Gaston's $10 overage allows Jacob to play Squeeze Play for a four-night trip to the Hotel Le St. James in Montreal (Amber at Door #3)("Good Life" by OneRepublic). Board:


He removes the eight, which is a good guess...

$ 7 1 2 6

...but NOT good enough.

Video Bonus: First Showcase Showdown

Next to play will be Marianito Gabutero & Amber & Manuela bring out the next PUFB, the iPod package ("Domino" by Jessie J).

Kimberly: $1K/MARIANITO: $800/Martha: $1,400/Gaston: $815

ARP: $816

Gaston was off by a dollar on the good side this go-round, so he plays Eazy Az 1-2-3 for an Electrolux washer/dryer (Amber), a MacPro desktop system (Manuela) & an Ocean Kayak set (Rachel)("Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)" by Katy Perry).

(#1): Kayak- $749
(#2): Computer- $3,618
(#3): Washer/dryer- $2,998

The next green podium replacement player's Rachel Johnson & the next one-bid item is the Cuadra cappuccino/espresso machine (Rachel R.-D. behind splitting sign)("Headlines" by Drake).

Kimberly: $820/Marianito: $675/Martha: $821/RACHEL: $750

ARP: $1,980

Martha then wins a pair of VESPA VX-150ies (Manuela)("Criminal" by Britney Spears) worth $10,578 playing
Double Prices! Left on the board was $12,980.

The next winner may be named Kayla James & the last Tuesday PUFB's a variety of Kennth Jay Lane jewelry (Manuela behind rising sign)("How To Love" by Lil' Wayne). Kimberly's been here the whole show.

Kimberly: BUCK/Marianito: $1.5K/KAYLA: $1,300/Rachel: $1,150

ARP: $1,527


Marianito from Winnipeg plays Switcheroo for the '12 Scion xB (Std., Cover, Mats)(Amber at Door #3)("The One That Got Away" by Katy Perry for car; a classic SP cue's used). Board:

SCION: $ 1 8 , 4 _ 3
Coach pouch: $ _ 2
Cuisinart slow-cooker: $ _ 0
Pair of Marc Jacobs sunglasses: $ _ 8
Hand-cranked pasta maker: $ _ 0

NUMBERS AVAILABLE: 1, 4, 6, 7 & 9


SCION: $18,443
Pouch: $12
Slow-cooker: $60
Sunglasses: $78
Pasta maker: $90



SCION: $18,493
Pouch: $12
Slow-cooker: $70
Sunglasses: $68
Pasta maker: $40


SCION: $18,413
Pouch: $42
Slow-cooker: $20
Sunglasses: $98
Pasta maker: $70

SOLE DQ: Back-to-back 4s on first try

Gaston gets two half-dollars for $1K & a trip to the Showcase...but only gets $.40 in his Bonus Spin. Other SCSD #2 results:

Marianito: Two $.75s
Martha: 60 + Nickel = $.65

SHOWCASE #1 ("You & I" by Lady GaGa):

Door #4- One-week Caribbean Cruise (Amber)
Door #3- Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Sport (Std., #24S, Tow, Speakers, Radio, Conn.)(Manuela on ramp)


GASTON'S SHOWCASE ("You Make Me Feel..." by Cobra Starship w/ Sabi)(Rachel at Door #1): Seven pieces of patio furniture & six-night trips to the Hyatt Regency Kuantan Resort in Malaysia & Majorca, Spain


Showcase Prices:

Jacob: $37,423
Gaston: $24,366

Jacob's the undisputed champion of this episode w/ $64,913 in cash, Jeep & everything else, making him the third-highest winner of the season to date! Gaston leaves w/ $1,816 in cash & iPods.


WoF: How cold is this $1K Toss-Up Thing? We're about to know:

H _ _ H

_ L T I _ _ D E

After about a one-second delay, Ben solves at HIGH ALTITUDE. Now, to the interviews:

Ben Teitelbaum (Pasadena, CA)- A Journalism graduate student at Columbia University who originally tried to play pro basketball
Lorimar Riemedio (Vallejo, CA)- A Business Administration student who will graduate this January & has also been singing karaoke so much that she frequently gets something called the "Mike Elbow"
Vanessa Kimbrough (Chattanooga, TN)- An opera singer married to Terry for two decades

The prompt of the $2K T-U is Event:

_ _ C T O R Y

_ _ R A D _

No need for a VICTORY PARADE now, as Ben gets the tripler.

On the wheel from the Alpine Adventures trip department now, sponsored by the new 3-D movie "Hugo", is a $7.5K getaway to The French Alps (w/ the Sierra Trading Post gift tag for tonight & Thursday) & the UnitedHealthcare Jackpot Round category of the night's Fictional Characters. He first gets up there a $2.5K D, three N's for another $1.5K & the green 1/2 KIA, then after buying three A's & an E, he calls three R's for another $1,350 & two T's for nine more bills. Following his latest buys of an O & two I's...

_ I N _

A R T _ _ R / A N D

_ I R / _ A N _ E _ O T

...he solves KING ARTHUR AND SIR LANCELOT for new cash winnings of $8,250.


To lead off a Mystery/Same Letter Round, Lorimar calls N for an instant negative. Secondly, Vanessa calls a $600 R but Loses a Turn. Third, Ben calls a dud of T for trip. As we almost get immediately back to Lorimar, she calls up two S's for the 1/2 KIA from the same location & a C-note, buys two E's but then goes Bankrupt on the Million Dollar Wedge's right side to lose her plate & the remaining $750. Vanessa then hits the regular Bankrupt next to the Wild Card to give back her six Benjamins, allowing Ben to Free Play four A's & call the SL of four P's for $2,400, then he buys an I before calling D for dud. Lorimar then tries to get off the zero mark...

P _ R P _ E

P A I S _ E _

P A _ A _ A S

...& does so after putting on some PURPLE PAISLEY PAJAMAS.

DUDS: $600 D (Ben), $550 N (Lorimar), T (Ben)
BANKRUPTS: 2 (women)

Vanessa's next turn at the start of a People puzzle in this Prize Puzzle Round starts w/ a $1K T pairing, an H for the gift tag, three E's & five A's, followed by two N's for $1,200 extra & the only dud vowel on the board (O). Ben follows that w/ a $300 S but then a baddie of Y. Over to Lorimar, who next says a $350 G & a $500 M & buys the other two pairs of vowels before retrieving the WC w/ an L & the same 1/2 KIA w/ two R's for another grand...

A M A _ I N G

_ I R E / _ A N _ E R S

A T / T H E / L U A U

...& she wins another $1,350 & a trip to where she can see some AMAZING FIRE DANCERS AT THE LUAU, The Kahala Hotel & Resort in Honolulu, worth $7,225, giving her a slight lead w/ $9,575 in cash & vacation.

DUDS: O (Vanessa), $300 Y (Ben)

TONIGHT'S SPIN ID: JR2217124 (Jodie R.)

Ben can regain the lead on this $3K In the Kitchen T-U:

W _ _ _ L E

_ _ _ _

Vanessa cooks up her first three large courtesy of a WAFFLE IRON.

After we say it's Rhyme Time on the next puzzle, she lights up a $1K pair of N's but then loses a turn w/ the T. After Ben's $900 R, we hear the final bell...

_ N _ _ / _ _ / _ / _ _ _

_ N / _ / R _ _

...during Last Chance Mode tonight, the rest of the vowels are worth $1,900 a pop. After three G's go up...

S N _ G / _ S / _ / _ _ G

_ N / _ / R _ G

...Vanessa steals this round for an additional $6,700 & the match w/ SNUG AS A BUG IN A RUG, $9,700 total. Lorimar leaves w/ $9,575 in cash & Hawaii & Ben has $8,250 in his pocket.

As a result, $27,525 in cash & trip has been won so far tonight.

Before Speed-Up: $900 T (Vanessa)
Afterwards: D (Lorimar), L (Vanessa), M (Ben), P (Ben)

TONIGHT'S BANKRUPT TRASH (excluding cardboard): $1,350

Maxwell House Big Money Round #47: W/ the reassurance that there are no Bankrupts on the Bonus Wheel, Vanessa spins the P & her bonus puzzle topic's Place. Starter (s):

_ _ L _ L _ _ E

_ _ R _

PKGA are interesting choices...

_ _ L _ L _ _ E


...but they're only on the bottom word, so she's the third straight $30K loser. After seeing it was WILDLIFE PARK, she leaves w/ only $9,700.

Millionaire (Pay It Forward Week II, Day 2):

Game 1

Start of Game 2

(Also: Current "Jeopardy!" champ Kendra Anspaugh left w/ $63,300 after Kiran Kedlaya defeated her w/ $30,801.)

Episode ratings:

9: "Let's Make a Deal"
8: "Jeopardy!"
7: "The Price is Right"
6: "Millionaire"
5: "Wheel of Fortune"
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