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11/30/2011 Results

TPiR: W/ the usual "Come on Down" music in effect, George first says the magic words to Tina Tripp, Stewart Sibert from the Coast Guard, Irene Hernandez & Bruce Long & happens to be holding the morning's first one-bid item- an Android 3-D 4G w/ that one-year plan ("Headlines" by Drake).

Bruce: $999/Irene: $850/Stewart: $1,100/Tina: $725

ARP: $1,460

Stewart, a C.G. captain originally from Richmond, VA (!), plays Five Price Tags for the 2012 Chevrolet Cruze (Rachel at Door #2)("Car Slide"). The Four Falses Trick (I'll use "Rolling in the Deep" by Adele for the SPs today)...

1. Burburry pouch ($95)(Rachel)- NO
2. Two-gallon glass drink dispenser ($150)(Manuela)- NO
3. Cuisinart silver can opener ($90)(Rachel)- NO
4. Insulated lunch pack ($12)(Manuela)- $20

...only gets him one choice of these (Manuela):


FOR THE CAR: $18,625 (ARP: $17,470)

Marching/walking on down fifth is Stephanie Williams & the second PUFB's a Universal Furniture family recipe desk (Manuela behind splitting sign)("Just a Kiss" by Lady Antebellum).

Bruce: $825/Irene: $950/STEPHANIE: $795/Tina: $595

ARP: $798

Stephanie, an unemployed Speech Pathology student from Marina Valley, CA, will only go Bonkers if she wins said Pricing Game for a kitchen trio (Rachel at Door #3)("Good Life" by OneRepublic). Starting price:

7 5 7 5

1. HLHL- NO (& she loses a shoe in the process)

Plugging in the orange podium third's Elnora Overstreet from Portland, OR & the third IUFB's a Stella McCartney black/silver shopping handbag (Manuela in front of Contestant's Row)("Don't Hold Your Breath" by Nicole Scherzinger).

Bruce: $1,200/Irene: BUCK/ELNORA: $750/Tina: $620

ARP: $1,435

Bruce, a respiratory therapist from Sacramento needs to know that one of these gifts has the One Wrong Price- the his/her Honda CRF-50 motorcycles marked at $2,998 (Manuela), a DELL desktop marked at $2,163 (Rachel) & a Golden West Billiard Manufacturing table marked at $3,595 (Rachel)("Not Over You" by Gavin Degraw). He wisely avoids the motorcycles & picks the table...but he chose incorrectly- the computer was only $1,288.

Stewart could've won $18,950 in prizes by now, but he's going to the Showcase w/ three quarters in one spin. Other Showcase Showdown #1 results:

Stephanie: 45 + 75 = OVER BY TWO DIMES
Bruce: $.65

Trying their luck next's Luz Diaz & IUFB #4's a 13-piece Nintendo 3DS package (both)("E.T." by Katy Perry).

LUZ: $2,010/Irene: $575/Elnora: $1,100/Tina: $1,150

ARP: $820

Irene, originally from Cuba & now a speech pathologist assistant from Orange County, CA, plays the Balance Game for a queen bedroom group that includes the LG 32" HDTV (Rachel at Door #3)("Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)" by Katy Perry). Last three numbers are 4, 2 & 3...


...& she's won the $7,423 furniture!

Having to go to CR next's Michael Merirto II & let's get another PUFB to bid on, a GARMIN nuvi package (Rachel in the clam)("Domino" by Jessie J).

Luz: TWO BUCKS (DOH)/MICHAEL: $450/Elnora: $750/Tina: BUCK (OOPS)

ARP: $598

Michael, a retail worker from Anaheim, CA, plays PASS the BUCK for the Chrysler 200 (Manuela)(MDS theme; I will use "Love You Like a Love Song" by Selena Gomez for the groceries).

Sunsweet plum Amazins diced dried plums: $2.49
Hidden Valley Ranch: $2.79
PICK: Dressing ($3.79)

Genuine Bayer: $5.42
Reynolds Cut-Rite Wax Paper: $1.59
PICK: Paper


1. #6- FINALLY!

That's the first car PG win in two weeks & the third straight aired PtB playing to end like that (again, Drew feels the bailout option's not necessary; maybe we should start offering a $5K bonus for instant wins in this PG if he continues acting like that)! Everything else:

#1- $3K
#2- $1K
#5- $5K

Video Bonus: Yet another PtB Win

More good luck may be spread to the last new contestant of this edition of "Price", Carolyn Maloco (whose first baby should've been born seven week after this episode was taped) & the final one-bid prizes are pairs of Beats & Monster Mogul Jams headphones (ceiling platform)("Keep Your Head Up" by Andy Grammer). Tina's been here the whole hour.

Luz: $701/CAROLYN: $595/Elnora: $650/Tina: $700


Luz didn't "lose" these $858 headphones (& is a mom w/ four kids), but we want to know if she'll "win" at Safe Crackers (Rachel) for a six-night trip to the Sandals Grande Ocho Rios w/ this SONY digital camera, making this prize package worth $7,450 (Manuela)("Just Can't Get Enough" by The Black Eyed Peas).

Numbers in Headphones: 0, 5 & 6

SCSD #2:
Luz ($858): 40 + 15 = $.55
Irene ($8,243): $.95
Michael ($20,593): 20 + 80 = WINS $1K & TOP WINNER'S SHOWCASE PODIUM!

This Michael's Bonus Spin is worth...$.95.

SHOWCASE #1 ("Moves Like Jagger" by Maroon 5 featuring Christina Aguilera):

Door #4- Six-night trip (includes the Hoover Dam tour & a four-hour Ferrari ride down the strip)
Door #3- That dreaded wine vault (Rachel)
Left of Door #3- Six-night trip to the Sandy Beach Resort in Tonga (Rachel)



MICHAEL M.'S MIND, BODY & SOUL SHOWCASE ("Stereo Hearts" by Gym Class Heroes ft. Adam Levine):

In front of Door #1- Pair of iPad2s (Rachel)
Inside Door #1- Portable red SpaBerry two-person spa (Rachel)
Door #2- '12 KIA Soul (Manuela)



BID: $24,021
ARP: $33,593

BID: $31,000
ARP: $23,276

Stewart misses out on leaving w/ $52,543 in prizes, but he still takes back to his base $35,073 of that as today's champ. The non-directing Michael leaves w/ $21,593 in cash & prizes.


LMaD: As we begin the countdown to Episode #500, Erika (dressed as a banana in pajamas) & Michelle (a 12-year L.A. county sheriff dressed as a cowgirl) play Spell Out the Car's Name for the $16,720 Scion xD (Curtain #1).


Michelle: Gold- $100
Erika: Silver- $50

Round 1:

Michelle: #5- T (T-----)
Erika: #4- A (T----A)

Round 2:

Michelle (after turning down $300): #6- ZONK
Erika: QUITS W/ $500 ($550)

#1- ZONK (which Erika would've chosen next)
#2- Y
#3- O
#7- O
#8- T

Bradley's Close-Up Picture Deal (a Mobile, AL Navy member dressed as a hunter; Jonathan's from Alabama as well, BTW)(Curtain #2): YES ($1,200)- KEMCO People scooter ($3,399)

Karen's Jonathan Sketch Deal (she's dressed as a Hawaiian graduate)(Curtain #3): NO ($1.5K)- 1/2 red hatchback on the turntable


Aryiel's the next bachelor on The Dealing Game.


1. If I'm lucky enough to win your prize, would I use it indoors, outdoors or both?
2. If I overheard you talking about your prize w/ someone else, what one word would I hear to describe your prize?

She chooses to date Jonathan...Wayne's Curtain #3 (who was acting as a man named Guillermo from Spain) had a duct tape sailboat, meaning she actually wins a pair of designer shoes every month for a year worth $6,103- PERFECT DEAL #2!

Wayne mistakenly leaves his Curtain #3 nametag on his suit, but he gives Lisa & Steven (who should be having a new baby any time soon; Steven's dressed as a crybaby) a chance to win some prizes if they can identify whether each of these CBS shows debuted in the 2000s or not.

Red Box ("How I Met Your Mother"): YES (2005)- Cable service for a year ($628)
Blue Box ("King of Queens"): NO (1998)- TagHeuer watch ($950)
Yellow Box ("CSI: Miami"): YES (2002)- DELL laptop ($2,132)

THE BIG RISK (Silver Envelope): NO- Trip to Chicago

Having a chance at the $5K Cash Pinatas are Madeline, Jeffrey (dressed as part of Highway 405) & Erryl (who's wearing lottery tickets).

#1 (Erryl)(Small Box w/ Tiffany): NO- Citrus eye drops (Wins $5K)
#2 (Madeline)(Curtain #1): YES- Game room ($6,650)
#3 (Jeffrey)(Curtain #3): NEITHER (leaves w/ $1.5K)- FIAT 500 HB MT

Erryl's pinata was the only one w/ the money inside, of course & she took the longest time to break open hers.

Debbi, dressed as Curtain #1 w/ a vacation inside, sides w/ a bracelet that has an unknown value plus three times its value in cash.

Bracelet- $100 ($400 total)
Big Box- Kitchen trio ($3,147)
Curtain #2- Trip to Belize

Because of Debbi, Madeline advances to go for the Big Deal of the Day...

THE BIG DEAL: ...but she doesn't win it w/ Door #2; she ultimately takes home an $8,847 living room set. But if she had agreed w/ me on #1, she would've also won the following for a grand total of $31,382 in merchandise:

#3: Bang & Olufsen stereo system ($3,560)
#1: Ford Ranger ($18,975)

WoF: A cold locale's about to be revealed on the puzzleboard, because the $1K Toss-Up category's On the Map:

T _ E / _ T _ L _ A N

_ _ _ S

Kelly can't come up w/ the last word.

T _ E / _ T A L _ A N

_ _ P S

Wonoh solves THE ITALIAN ALPS. Now entering the studio are tonight's players:

Wonoh Massaquoi (L.A.; originally from Texas)- An educational specialist for the L.A. County Office of Education who also does some freelance writing
Phil Vasapolli (Vegas; originally from Guam)- A customer service agent for a telecommunications company
Kelly Bovard (Ft. Lauderdale, FL)- An educational trainer for a teachers' software program

We're still going to be specific on this $2K T-U, as we now need the Proper Name of an actor/actress:

J O H _ _ Y

_ _ _ _

Kelly misses a T-U for the second time in a row, this time w/ an incorrect response of JOHNNY CASH, which means Wonoh steals JOHNNY DEPP for the extra cash & control.

The UnitedHealthcare Jackpot Round topic this night's Living Things & this is available for the first two main rounds of tonight's match, a trip to The Westin Riverfront Resort & Spa at Beaver Creek Mountain worth $5,835. Wonoh will first call two T's for $1K & the blue 1/2 KIA, buy the A at the start, Free Play an O & call a $500 F for the other 1/2 KIA (BTW, she jumped the gun on picking it up before she called that consonant), then coming her way are a $500 T while on Jackpot (which stands at $7K now), two I's, a $400 R, a couple of E's & three P's in the important last word for another 900 buckeroos...

A / L I T T E R / O F

P _ P P I E _

...& she catches A LITTER OF PUPPIES for $17,550 in cash & Soul in just this round, bringing her total winnings to $20,550!


(Note: Until last night's Mystery Round during these tapings, the 1/2 Car icons were mistakenly shown on the contestant podiums instead of the current 1/2 KIA ones.)

Phil begins a Mystery/Before & After Round w/ four T's for the trip, two H's for $1,600, four E's, & an A before a G's called for while on the Mystery Wedge in between FP & Lose a Turn. Even though he's well behind Wonoh, he takes the grand for it (but the $10K was on the back) before calling two S's for $1,200 more, buying five I's & capturing the Wild Card w/ a C. Following the remaining vowel of O, he takes a $2,700 trio of R's, a $900 P, a $300 M & we currently see...

T H E / P R I C E / I S


T O / R E M A I _

S I _ E _ T

...there will never be such as a thing as "THE PRICE IS RIGHT" TO REMAIN SILENT, but for real, he's won a total of $12,535 in cash & skiing.


Kelly's round could be the one w/ that Prize Puzzle in it; the category of this particular puzzle's Food & Drink. On her letter menu first are a $1K pair of S's, a couple T's for the Bed and gift tag, an E, three A's & twin L's for another 18 bills, but she then runs into the LaT. Second, Wonoh Bankrupts out next to the top dollar wedge, then Phil calls trip R's for $900, makes the purchase of two I's but then LaTs out as well. Afterwards, Kelly Bankrupts the same way Wonoh did to lose $3,300 in cash & gift certificate & Wonoh tries this board out for size...

_ R E S _

T R _ _ I _ A L

_ R _ I T / S A L A _

...she'll likely eat a FRESH TROPICAL FRUIT SALAD while she's on her holiday to the British Colonial Hilton Nassau valued at $7,950, propelling her to $28.5K in cash & stuff!

LaTs: 2 (Kelly & Phil)
BANKRUPTS: 2 (women)

TONIGHT'S SPIN ID: VS04899 (Vernon S.)

Wheel Deals! Wednesday Offer of the Week: Receive $20 in Beyond the Rack shopping credits for just $5; the SonyCard will drop it to $3

The T-Us conclude w/ the identity of Things:

_ _ _ _ C E

E A R M U _ _ S

Kelly guesses FLEECE EARMUFFS...the third time's the charm for her, so $3K comes her way.

An unusual subject follows- Fictional Place. Her first calls are two T's & an H for $500 a pop, then she buys a pair of E's prior to buying a dud in A. Wonoh secondly puts up a $300 F & the other valid vowels of the puzzle in three O's, after which come a $350 N but then the same Bankrupt from twice before to take away her $400 from this round only. Phil then hits LaT for the second time this evening & Kelly resumes her turn w/ a $600 D before we go to Last Chance Mode...

T H E / T O _ N

O F / _ E D _ O _ _

...& after she calls a $1,300 B...

T H E / T O _ N

O F / B E D _ O _ _

...courtesy of THE TOWN OF BEDROCK, she nearly doubles up to a final third-place sum of $5,900. Phil departs w/ the $12,535 cash/trip haul from the MR & Wonoh's an easy champ w/ $28.5K in cash & prizes!

$46,935 in overall maingame goodies were won on this Wednesday show.

SOLE DUD (before final bell): A (Kelly)
SOLE LaT: Phil
SOLE BANKRUPT: Wonoh (2nd & final one tonight)

TONIGHT'S BANKRUPT TRASH: $3,700 in cash & gift tag

Maxwell House Big Money Round #48: Wonoh's last wheel spin stops on the single-star & these Places stand between her & even more goodness:

_ _ _ _ N T

S _ _ _ S

PDGI add another column of letters...

_ _ _ I N T

S _ _ P S

...but she's ran into a FORCED LOSS setup here, because we needed QUAINT SHOPS & she loses the $40K. She finishes w/ $28.5K in cash & stuff.

J!: The first challengers for new champ Kiran Kedlaya, who's a Math professor originally from Boston:

Tim Gray (originally from Alexandria, VA)- Law student
Jan Zasowski (Chicago)- Stock trader

Here come the first six categories:

THIS LANDFILL IS MY LANDFILL (each correct response's a state)
GREAT COMEBACKS (video clues read by Dan Patrick)

Jan goes Daily Double Hunting after the first two "Public" clues in the center of This Landfill Is My hasn't been found yet, but Tim's leading Kiran $4,800-$3,200; Jan's got four Benjamins in the meantime. Right after the first commercials & the interviews, Kiran picks it off from the last Corruption Junction & goes for broke on this answer:

Scandals during this President's tenure included the whiskey ring, the Indian ring & the credit mobilier crisis.

"Who is Andrew Jackson?"...NO. We were looking for Ulysses S. Grant. He does make it back to second place, however, w/ $3,800; every guy's separated by $2K, which means Tim has $5,800 & Jan will begin Double Jeopardy! w/ $1,800.


DJ! Layout:


Right away, Jan goes DDH for the second time in the game in the middle of Help Me, Fonda...the forecast for him upon his $1,200 Weather clue selection is a DD at the $7,800 mark; he's trailing Tim by just $400, while Kiran's not too far off the pace w/ $5,400. And we have our second True DD of the night, so to take Tim to $15,600 & the lead, here's his clue:

Meteorologist Vilhelm Bjerknes popularized this five-letter term for the place where warm & cold air masses meet.

"What is front?"...IS RIGHT for the doubler & first! And he also steals the other one from the $1,200 Egyptian Mythology spot. This time, he's gambling $4,200.

This tome was a collection of spells, charms & magical formulas for the deceased to use in the afterlife.

"What is 'The Book of the Dead'?"...$19,800! Time runs out before the $400 Classical Music answer can be read.

DJ! LACH TRASH (all unattempted): $5,600

Post-DJ! Scores:

Kiran: $13,400
Jan: $22,200
Tim: $11,400


Kiran: $16,600
Jan: $12,600
Tim: $11,400


On November 17, 1871, Union vets dismayed by soldiers' lack of proficiency in one skill formed this organization.

Tim Gray LOSES EVERYTHING after blanking out. Kiran thought "What is the Boy Scouts?"...NO & he drops 10 grand, so he leaves w/ $32,801 while Jan Zasowski was right w/ "What is the National Rifle Association?" to win $26,801.

Millionaire ("Pay It Forward Week II" Day 3):

Conclusion of Vanessa & Greg's Game

Game 2

Episode ratings:

7: "Jeopardy!", "The Price is Right" & "Wheel of Fortune"
6: "Let's Make a Deal" & "Millionaire"

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oaklandfan2kx said...

From the Desk of Game Show Kingdom Musicologist, Jay Jianoran.

For The Record on The Price is Right despite 2 Real Cues that we're identified by Bobby McBride here's along at the Artist of the Cues (Both Non-Vocals as seen on Today's Show) and info

Car Slide (Edd Kalehoff) - The Cue debuted in the 1994 nighttime revival of The Price is Right (as The New Price is Right) hosted by Doug Davidson which aired on Syndication after the 1994 Nighttime Syndicated revival got cancelled that cue along with 1994 cues relocated to the Daytime show and is currently in use today.

MDS Theme (Michael Karp) - This is the Car Cue Variant as shown on Today's TPIR, but the Main Variant which is used to Open Primetime Specials (including the Million Dollar Spectaculars on TPIR)

Now That's Your Info, but missing were cues for IUFB #4 and IUFB #5 so for the record IUFB #5 is a variant of the 1994 Trip Cue by Edd Kalehoff Heard Here.