Sunday, November 13, 2011

"The Amazing Race" 11/13

Andy & Tommy are currently two wins shy of the all-time record of seven held by both Nick & Starr and Cheyne & Meghan (both of whom won the $1M). But if these guys are going to break the record w/ eight (maybe even nine), I would like for them to do so on the night they win the million dollars.

Also, this is the first time in "Race" history there's back-to-back stages w/ Double U-Turns.

First Clue: Fly 5K miles to Copenhagen (which is making its "Race" debut this evening), after which a marked Ford Focus HB has to be driven to Vor Frelsers Kirke. The second clue can be found on top of it after climbing about 400 stairs.

Clue #2: The third clue's found at the Frederiksborg Slot.

ROADBLOCK #9: Learn & perform a complex three-part dance while in the appropriate attire to receive the fourth clue from a countess.

Clue #4: The next clue can be found in a red mailbox somewhere on the grounds of Frilandmuset.

DETOUR #6: All Hopped Up or All Churned Out?

AHI: Both members of each team have to consecutively lead a rabbit through a steeplechase course set up by themselves in order to keep going.

ACO: Using two churns, those teams opting for this have to turn fresh cream into six sticks of acceptable butter.

U-TURN X2 #2: This one's at the Karlstrup Windmill; all teams have to get here by foot. Ernie & Cindy use it on Bill & Cathi, while Bill & Cathi enforce it on Laurence & Zac.

PIT STOP #8: Drive seven miles back to Copenhagen at a Havet ship.

WINNERS- Ernie & Cindy (five-night trip to Shangri-La's Fijian Resort & Spa)

2. Bill & Cathi

3. Andy & Tommy

4. Amani & Marcus

Another duo will leave empty-handed tonight. Their names are...

Jeremy & Sandy

Laurence & Zac

...Laurence & Zac.
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