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Thanksgiving 2011 Results

FF: Because of, I do believe, a debatable ruling on yesterday's Sudden Death question, we're having these two teams play against each other again on the last "Feud" of 2011:

TAKE 2: Baileys (whose one-day cash winnings total $20K) vs. Fornarios (whose three-day cash winnings total $860)

R1: Name something you service that you should lease at least once a year. Starting w/:

#1: Car (54)(Gina)

TURKEY ANSWER: Christmas (Keisha; no offense to anyone personally)

For only the second time all season, a question's being passed.


: TV- X
Dee Dee: Air conditioning in your home- TIED FOR #2 (15)
Thomas: Computer- XX
Carlos: Vagina/"Va-jay-jay"/"dong"- #4 (5)
Keisha: Eyes- XXX

Gina Steal (for 74): Washer/dryer- STRATEGY BACKFIRES ON THEM

T2: Furnace/heater (15)
#5: Teeth (3)
#6: Lawn mower (2)

R2: Name something an old dog & an old man both do a lot of. Base guess (es):

#1: Sleeping/snoring (48)(Tajuanna)


Dee Dee: Going to the doctor- X
Thomas: Drool/sloober- BOTTOM ANSWER (2)
Carlos: Break bones- XX
Keisha: Eat- XXX

Gina Steal (for 50): Go to bathroom- #2 (15)

T2: Scratching (15)
#4: Tooting/farting (11)
T5: Whining (2)

Double: A woman loves it when a man sends her flowers. What would a man like sent to him? For example:


#6: Card/letter (6)(Carolyn)
DUD: Cologne (Dee Dee)


Michelle: Stripper/other women- #1 (23)
Denise: Naked pictures/pornography- X
Gina: Car (s)- XX
Jana: Tools- XXX

Keisha Steal (for another 58 & to remain ahead): Tickets to a sporting event- #4 (10)(132)

T2: Beer/booze & food/candy (15 each)
#5: Money (9)

Triple: Name something you wouldn't want to do right after your mouth's shot w/ novocain. After you see this/these answer (s), you might want to make a note of all of this the next time you have to go to the dentist for this:

#2: Give a speech/talk (18)(Michelle)
#3: Drink (13)(Thomas)


Denise: Eat- #1 (54)
Gina: Make out w/ someone/kiss- SWEEP FOR THE WIN AT 341! (12)


1. Tell me how many diapers the average baby goes through in a day.
2. Name a fruit often found in a fruit salad.
3. Which animal do you think has the biggest brain?
4. Name someone people tip while they're on vacation.
5. Tell me the night of the week that guys get together for poker night.


1. Three- 3
2. Strawberry- DUD
3. Elephant- 20
4. Waiter- 29
5. Friday- 52
TOTAL- 104


1. Five- 7
2. Orange- 15
3. Human- 24
4. Busboy- LOSS
5. Saturday- 16
TOTAL- 166

That was their last FM appearance before being defeated by the Carlbergs, so they leave w/ $1,690 for their two wins.


1. Eight
2. Pineapple
4. Bellhop

WoF: After the intro, I hear Pat use my Jimmy nickname for the second time! On the Map's the subject for this NYC-themed Toss-Up worth a thousand bucks:

T H _ / _ _ _ _ X

Monica gets THE BRONX. The Thanksgiving players are:

Monica Glenn (Irvine, CA)- An instructional assistant at Springbrook Elementary School & Salsa dancer married to William
Andrew Horton (Chicago)- A synthesizer player who's addicted to LEGOS & Godzilla movies, married to Sharon & has a cat named Squeemoo
Jamelie Kangles (Chattanooga, TN)- A Third, Fourth & Fifth-Grade Math coach who watches college football, goes to the lake & is engaged to Steven

There's a realistic shot that this $2K Food & Drink TU has something to do w/ today:

_ _ Z Z _ / B _

_ H _ / _ L _ _ E

I've got a funny feeling that most NYers have had PIZZA BY THE SLICE on Thanksgiving (maybe some Chicagoans, too); Andrew scores the money & control.

The NYC getaway of the night's to The Algonquin Hotel w/ tickets to "Anything Goes" worth $5,670 (& the gift tag for the evening comes from Ritz Camera & Image) & the ID of the FAMOUS footwear Jackpot Round puzzle's TV Title. This evening's male puzzle solver calls three H's for $1.5K & the green 1/2 KIA right out of the gate, buys two E's & A's, calls two S's for another $1K & makes the purchase of two O's & I's to clean out the vowel feast for at least this round, then he inserts four T's for the trip & three W's for $1,350 more & we have...


_ A I _ _ / S H O W

W I T H / _ O _

S T E W A _ T

...he might be seeing a taping of "THE DAILY SHOW WITH JON STEWART" in The Big Apple soon, because he's won the vacation to there & $2,850 in extra spending cash, for a new total of $10,520 in cash & trip.


At the start of the Mystery/Before & After Round w/ four words on this layout, Jamelie gets started w/ three S's for $1,800 but then a dud of T follows right after. Second, Monica calls two N's for $1K & the other 1/2 KIA, buys trios of E's & A's & lights two R's for the gift tag, followed by an I buy but then the Lose a Turn. Andrew then Bankrupts next to the Wild Card to give up his plate. Jamelie next buys the two O's, calls an $800 H & buys the other vowel of U prior to this board...

_ A _ I S O N

S _ U A R E

_ A R _ E N


...& she solves MADISON SQUARE GARDEN HOSE to get on the board w/ $2,100.

SOLE DUD: $600 T (Jamelie)
SOLE LaT: Monica

The Prize Puzzle Round's based on some Things. Monica's initial letters are a $300 D, a couple of A's & a dud of T. Andrew secondly Free Plays an E & I before the LaT bites him. Third, Jamelie calls for a set of N's for $1.5K & the green 1/2 KIA, buys the final vowel of O & lights a $3.5K L before dudding out w/ C. Next for Monica are three S's for the WC, a $450 R but then the Bankrupt on the right side of the Million Dollar Wedge to forfeit both. Back to Andrew, he has the two K's lit for $1,200...


_ A S K / A N D

_ I N S

...& he'll need to get out a SNORKEL MASK AND FINS (if he does have that), because he's also won himself a holiday to the Divi Little Bay Beach Resort in Dutch St. Maarten worth $5,875, for a new score in cash & trips of $17,595.

DUDS: $300 C (Jamelie), $800 T (Monica)
SOLE LaT: Andrew

TONIGHT'S SPIN ID: LL01447 (Linda L.)

This Living Thing's worth an additional $3K:

_ O C K _ R

S P A _ _ E L

Andrew says COCKER SPANIEL to rise even more to $20,595.

Next to be solved's an Occupation. After an instant $5K L, he buys an E, A & I, puts up two R's for another 10 biggies & buys three O's just before the Last Chance Mode bell sounds...

_ O _ S _ R _ _ _ I O _

_ O R E _ A _

...& $1,550 will be handed out for each of the remaining consonants. He then calls three N's...

_ O N S _ R _ _ _ I O N

_ O R E _ A N

...but blanks out, likely denying him an $18,650 pot. An F's called a few turns later...

_ O N S T R _ _ T I O N

F O R E _ A N Monica & he solves CONSTRUCTION FOREMAN to leave w/ a total of $2,550. Jamelie still has her MR bank of $2,100 & Andrew wins handily w/ $20,595 in cash & travel!

The maingame total for the night's $25,245.

TONIGHT'S BANKRUPT TRASH (excluding extra stuff): $450

Maxwell House Big Money Round #44: Andrew's BMR envelope comes from that double-star (remember, both $100K losses this season to date have come from that space) & his prompt's Thing. Out of 11 letters, we get these to start:

_ _ _ _ R _ T E

_ _ _

He calls JKGA...

_ A _ _ R _ T E

_ _ G

...but he's still way off the mark w/ GARMENT BAG; his FAVORITE MUG would've been worth $50K. W/ that, he leaves w/ $20,595 in cash & trips.

J!: Francis Lansangan could stuff himself w/ more cash if he can beat these Thanksgiving challengers:

Ann Thurlow (Mendham, NJ)- Aspiring artist/retired saleswoman
Sean McGuire (Plainville, MA)- Automotive service adviser

First Feast of Topics:


Francis SWEEPS New Words & Phrases early on for a current score of $3,400! He's still in the lead & in Lock Game Territory at the break, but drops to $2,200; Sean has $600 (although he was in the red earlier) & Ann's $1,800 in the hole. To Ann, choosing a $400 clue for a certain spot's A Fine Category to choose one, because she's found the Daily Double; however, she's still eight Benjamins on the negative side; Francis leads Sean $3,800-$2K. She only risks $200 on this clue:

In 17th Century Virginia, it cost you 50 pounds of tobacco to miss weekly attendance here.

"What is church?"...correct. By round's end, she's in the positive w/ $600 & will start Double Jeopardy!; Francis' lead over Sean's $2K, $5,400-$3,400.

SOLE TS: Attempted $1K clue on Colleges' Home Football Stadiums

DJ! Categories:

HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER (each correct response's the speaker of said mom)

Francis gets back into LGT almost immediately after getting the last four Movie Directors to reach the $11K mark, but Ann spots her second DD of the night on the $1,600 Classical Rock answer w/ $3,400; Francis' barely still in LGT by $200 w/ $12,600 to Sean's $6,200. She makes a $3K bet this time on an Audio DD, which is rare nowadays. Here's the clue:

When he composed his Symphony No. 40 in G Minor in 1788, he didn't have these sounds in mind.

"Who is Mozart?"...she got him to nearly double to $6,400 & be in second place by $200. And she completes the DD Sweep after selecting the center square underneath How I Met Your Mother; she sits on $7,600 & is a grand ahead of Sean for second, w/ the champion leading them by $7K & $8K respectively ($14,600). She puts up $7,200, so for a $200 lead:

Pen, my boy, I fell in love w/ your mother's poetry before I met her in person at her Wimpole Street house in May 1845.

"Who is Robert Browning?"...she's the new leader w/ $14,800. We run out of time before we can get to the following:

Chef Iron: Last three clues
Geographic Meanings: Last four clues

SOLE TS: Attempted $800 clue regarding Nude Words & Phrases

Post-DJ! Totals:

Francis: $13,400
Sean: $7K
Ann: $17,600


Francis: $13,400
Sean: $7K
Ann: $10,400


This two-word term has its origins in a hostage-taking that followed the botched 1973 Norrmalstorg Bank Robbery.

Sean McGuire came up w/ "What is Stockholm Syndrome?"...yup to finish w/ $13,999. Francis Lansangan...jumps to $26,799, but Ann Thurlow wins the title by $6. Francis leaves w/ $80,401 & maybe we'll see him again for the 2013 Tournament of Champions.

Millionaire (Day 4 of Double Your Money Week #2):

Conclusion of Yvonne Payton-Davis' Game

Game 2
Start of Game 3

Episode ratings:

7: "Family Feud", "Jeopardy!" & "Wheel of Fortune"
5: "Millionaire"
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