Wednesday, November 16, 2011

"Work of Art" 11/16

NEXT CHALLENGE: Four teams of two will showcase graffiti artwork on brick walls out on the street w/ the winning team pocketing $15K per teammate.

Orange: Dusty & Young
Yellow: Michelle & Lola
Green: Sarah & Sucklord
Blue: Kymia & Sara

(Note: Each team's color choice's designated by spraying the appropriate color on China Chow's dress.)

Guest Judge: Lee Quinones (street art pioneer)

Utrecht Budget of the Week: $100


OT: "Univeral Conversation"
YT: "The New Neighbors Seem Nice (I Wonder They'll Invite Us Over)"
BT: "Reroot"
GT: "Sucklord & Sarah's Super Big Art Project"

$30K WINNERS- OT (Runners-up: Kymia & Sara; Young's now won $35K so far this season)
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