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12/1/2011 Results

LMaD: This episode starts off w/ Shannon trying to win a trip to the Windjammer Landing
(Curtain #1) if she can find St. Lucia somewhere within this deal; remember, just because that's the featured prize doesn't necessarily mean that's the top prize of the deal. She goes all the way to Curtain #2...behind the sunscreen label and inside the Silver Envelope that was in the bucket & another SE was the trip, but she's ZONKED OUT w/ the drag-racing golf cart.

Video Bonus: A Clip of this Deal

The next guys to play the Dice Duel are Moises (dressed as a present) & a non-hosting Wayne (dressed as a G-man). BTW, the cash amounts actually total more than $15K.

Control Round:

Moises: 3
Wayne: 2

1. Moises: 3/1- $1.5K
2. Wayne: 1/5- $700
3. Moises: 6/5- DOUBLE
4. Wayne: 3/5- $600 ($1,300)
5. Moises: 3/6- $1,200 ($4,200)
6. Wayne: 4/1- $1,100 ($2,400)
7. Moises: 6/1- $400 ($4,600)
9. Wayne: 2/1- $2.5K ($4,900)
10. Moises: SNAKE EYES (2)- $5K ($9,600)

Left behind in Curtain #3: Chevrolet Aveo

Judith's Fast Deal: Jack in the Box (Jonathan)- Michael Greene & Co. white gold diamond ring ($2.5K)
Big Box- Giant jack/ball set

Karen's Decision for Curtain #2 on the LMAD News Network (she's dressed as grapes): NO ($1K)- Kitchen (dressed as grapes)($4,726)

Raymond & Rosalia play the $2 Seven Envelopes Deal for the 2012 Honda Civic LX Sedan (Curtain #1). She picks the first four envelopes, which is ill-advised...& only #3 has $2, so they leave w/ $205. They also missed out on a $6,195 bedroom (Curtain #3).

The next three traders taking part in No Complaining are Spencer, Lashanae & Maria (dressed as, I'm sorry to say Ashley Cabot, the Queen Bee).

Spencer's (First) Round: SE or Small Box (Jonathan)?
PICK: SB- 3-D laptop & $1K gift card ($2,800)
SE- $4,100

Lashanae's (First) Round: BB- Four-night trip to The Bellagio in Vegas ($3,700)

Maria's Round: Trip

Lashanae's Final Round (Curtain #2): YES ($1,200)- Deserted island camel

The three-box version of the SB Gauntlet will be ran by Jessamin (who's wearing a Peace necklace).

Red Box- 4G Smartphone & Gigaset cordless telephone system ($1,190)
Green Box- Venti pink handbag ($2,710)
Blue Box- Antique fruit collection

Not only is this a PERFECT DEAL, she's going for the Big Deal of the Day!

THE BIG DEAL: For $26,348 worth of something, she chooses Door #3...but she misses it completely & will have to watch herself on a $2,449 trio of TVs.

#1- The Bank Vault (which was revealed second & Wayne dropped an unintentional hint about it when he talked to Moises for the last time)
#2- Sea-Doo ($8,999)

TPiRecap (new Pocket Change envelopes now permanent)

WoF: Melt your cares away w/ this $1K Food & Drink Toss-Up board:

A P P _ E

_ I _ _ _

Janie drinks the required cup of APPLE CIDER. On tonight's panel:

Janie Stafford (Horn Lake, MS)- An assistant principal at Chickasaw Elementary School married to Chris who also likes to make cakes and go to visit music concerts & theme parks
Amanda Remondet (Reserve, LA)- A Louisiana technical college student studying Process Technology
Lon Zimmet (L.A.)- A guy who got married to Katie less than a year ago at the high school where they first met in N.J.

As we dig up the $2K T-U, the category's Living Things:


P I N _ S

Janie's wrong w/ PONDEROSA PINTS, so we have our first T-U TRIPLE STUMPER of the season; PONDERPOSA PINES made more sense. Incidentally, this is the second time in a row this has happened on that same T-U puzzle.

That means Amanda will start the UnitedHealthcare Jackpot Round puzzle w/ the category of On the Map & a Contrast of Switzerland Tour from Brendan Vacations worth $10,125 on the wheel. She first loses her turn right away on the Million Dollar Wedge's left side. Secondly, Lon calls a dud in S. Third, Janie calls five T's for the tour & a $2.5K H, then she gets two E's & O's &...

T H E / _ O _ T _ _ E _ T

O _ / _ _ T _ _ _ T _ _ _

...she nails THE CONTINENT OF ANTARCTICA to climb to $13,125 in cash & Switzerland.

SOLE DUD: $300 S (Lon)

There's a big Rhyme Time puzzle available in this Mystery Round. Lon's opening letters are 10 T's for the MDW, three S's for $2,700, seven E's but then a dud of A. Janie secondly spins Lose a Turn. Third, Amanda calls three H's for $1,350, purchases the same amount of I's, lights two R's for an extra six Benjamins & buys the O to clean out the vowels, followed by a $900 K, a $600 M & a solve attempt at this...

T H R E E / L I T T L E

K I T T E _ S / T H E _

_ O S T / T H E I R

M I T T E _ S

...she correctly recites "THREE LITTLE KITTENS, THEY LOST THEIR MITTENS" for her first $2,950.

SOLE LaT: Janie

Still in first place, Janie begins the Prize Puzzle Round featuring a Phrase w/ a $900 R but the women then both land on LaT back-to-back; that's Janie's second of the night. Third in line, Lon calls triple T's for $10.5K & purchases four E's & two O's, then come a $300 F, a $1,650 trio of N's & quad I's before we currently see these words...

I ' _ E / _ E E N

_ _ I T I N _ / F O R

T _ I _ / _ O _ E N T

...he says "I'VE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS MOMENT" to go from zero to the lead w/ $11,700 & the Costa Rican Tour, making his Round 3 total $17,700 in cash & trip.

LaTs: 2 (women)

TONIGHT'S SPIN ID: PH6663469 (Patricia H.)

The ID of the $3K T-U's Person:

_ A I D / _ F

_ _ N O _

Janie proves to be the MAID OF HONOR to come within $1,575 of regaining first.

Once the layout of the next Thing shows up on Vanna's big board, she calls two N's for six hundred bucks & a $450 N, buys a quartet of E's, inserts an $800 S & purchases an A. Right after those letters are an $1,800 set of T's, a $300 W but then a negative of O. Amanda afterwards calls for a $5K L...

T _ R T L E N E _ _


...& is up to a reasonable third-place haul of $7,950 after putting on this TURTLENECK SWEATER & gets to lead off in the next round.

SOLE DUD: O (Janie)

Next topic will be Event. Right out of the gate, Amanda has a $500 S before we hear that Last Chance Bell...

_ _ _ _ _

_ _ _ _ _ S _

...& $1,900's the consonant value on this Thursday. On her next turn, she asks Vanna for an N...

L _ N _ R

_ _ L _ _ S _

...& she sees a $2,400 LUNAR ECLIPSE to end her night w/ $10,350 even though she's in last place! Janie leaves w/ $16,125 in cash & vacation & thanks to his late MR surge, Lon has won w/ $17,700 in cash & trip.

$44,175 in cash & travel was won in that upfront game.

SOLE DUD (after bell): T (Amanda)


Maxwell House Big Money Round #49: Lon lands the E of GAME & even though this is a big Phrase, he doesn't get much to start:

_ _ _ E / _ T

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ L

CDFO gives him...

_ _ _ E / _ T

O F F _ C _ _ L

...he's able to MAKE IT OFFICIAL for the $30K & goes out the door w/ $47,700 in cash & Costa Rica; that makes the Rebuilding Together total $165K!

According to tonight's final chat, Vanna usually makes banana bread in the morning.

J!: Jan Zasowski's challengers in this match are:

Gillian DiPietro (Brooklyn)- A law student who has a crush on Regis Philbin so much that she named her Biology class guinea pig after him
Logan Schultz (Lexington, KY)- Bank examiner

Let's get a glance at the first six categories:


Jan starts his Daily Double Hunting in the center of Furniture...he finds it fairly early under the $1K Brit Speak clue w/ that exact amount; Gillian's off to a $600 stat. For two grand or nothing, his clue is:

A Lido's a public one of these; on a cruise ship, you'll find one on the Lido deck.

"What is a beach?"...he didn't hear the second part of the answer well enough- that was referring to a swimming pool. But he's the leader after the first half of the round anyway w/ $2,200; he's leading Logan by $600 & Gillian by $800.

SOLE UNATTEMPTED TS: $800 (Furniture)

Post-Jeopardy! Round Scores:

Jan: $6,400 (Lock Game Territory Alert)
Logan: $1,800
Gillian: $400

Double Jeopardy! Board:


Logan may have caught a break at the $3,400 mark when he picked the $800 National Track & Field Hall of Fame clue, because that's where one of the two DDs is; Gillian's up to $5,600 & Jan's barely still in LGT w/ $11,600. Once again, a True DD's being attempted, so this is for $6,800 & second:

Mike Conley had a personal best of over 27' in the Long Jump & over 58' in this event.

"What is the Triple Jump?"...DOUBLE to $6,800! Gillian gets her own DD attached to the last Miner Classic w/ $8,400; she's only $400 behind Logan for second, but Jan's back in LGT for the moment w/ $18,400. For $3K additional:

1917's "King Coal" by this author was to the mining industry what an earlier work had been to the meat-packing industry.

"Who is Sinclair Lewis?"...Sinclair's correct, but it's the last name, NOT the first; thus, the author was Upton Sinclair. We don't have enough time for the $400 "Major" clue.

DJ! LACH TRASH (all unattempted): $5,600

Going Into Final Jeopardy!:

Jan: $18,800 (LG)
Logan: $8,800
Gillian: $7K


Jan: $19,800
Logan: $6,200
Gillian: $10K

FJ! SUBJECT: Hit Songs.

Inspired by a Meher Baba saying, this 1980s Grammy winner was the first a capella recording to top the Billboard 100.

Response: NOTHING
Wager: $6,997
Final score: $3

Wager: $5,302
Final score: $3,498

Response: "What is 'Don't Worry, Be Happy'?"
Wager: $1K
Retains title w/: $19,800

His two-night take: $46,601.

pumped!: As usual, we start in Jefferson Valley, NY.

Ralph & Toni (who got married an hour ago): '06 Rolls-Royce Phantom


1. For the past decade, William Shatner has been a celebrity spokesperson for the web site Travelocity.
Guess: FALSE (Priceline)($25)(1/4)

2. An automatic transmission's commonly a less-expensive option in a car than a manual transmission.
Guess: FALSE ($50)(1/2)

3. As of this year, Dan Marino holds the NFL record for most passing yards in a single season.
Guess: TRUE ($75)(3/4)

4. Illinois' located west of the Mississippi River.
Guess: FALSE (it's east)($100)(FULL)


1. Which of these planets is named after a goddess- Neptune, Jupiter, Pluto or Venus?
Guess: Neptune (A: Venus)(3/4)

2. Which NBA legend was the first overall pick in the '84 NBA Draft- Hakeem Olajuwon, Sam Bowie, Michael Jordan or Karl Malone?
Guess: Hakeem ($150)(FULL)

3. The original document of the U.S. Declaration of Independence was written on what material- cotton, paper, silk or parchment?
Guess: Parchment ($200)(gas card awarded)

4. Which NASCAR Cup Champion had only two victories in 101 starts- Darrell Waltrip, Dale Earnhardt, Carl Yarborough or Rusty Wallace?
Guess: Rusty (A: Dale)(3/4)

bonus round: This "Bumper to Bumper" round's about discontinued cars that were problematic.

Gremlin: Chevrolet (AMC)
Edsel: Cadillac (Ford)
Aztek: Pontiac ($250)
Corvair: Ford (Chevy)
Cimarron: AMC (Cadillac)

high octane:

1. Which literary character would you come across if you walked through Hundred Acre Wood?
Guess: Winnie the Pooh ($350)(FULL)

2. Which state receives the lowest annual total rainfall of any in the U.S.?
Guess: Texas (A: Nevada)(3/4)

3. What MLB pitcher has the single-season strikeout record?
Guess: Roger Clemens (A: Nolan Ryan)(1/2)

Final Question: In NASCAR, what does the term "black-flagged" refer to?
Guess: Violating a rule- NOT ACCEPTABLE (A: Speeding on pit road)(1/4)

top-off challenge: Who was the first third-generation driver to win a NASCAR Cup race?
Guess: Dale Earnhardt (A: Kyle Petty)($225)

William Oswiany, the owner of a silver '05 Focus ZX4, only makes $75 in the regular round (he only missed the second T/F question) before going empty the rest of the way out.

Angela Smith & Alison Lanza, who drive a red '04 Hyundai Santa Fe, have $200, the $50 card & 3/4 of a tank of gas after two rounds.

br: Let's get out that Squeegee to try to identify a car-themed film.

$200: Nicolas Cage- "GONE IN 60 SECONDS" ($400)


1. Who was the President of the Confederacy during the U.S. Civil War?
Guess: Robert E. Lee (A: Jefferson Davis)(1/2)

2. What rapper & one-hit wonder was known as Rob Van Winkle in his career as a jet ski racer?
Guess: Vanilla Ice ($500)(3/4)

3. Nicknamed "The Big One", what Alabama track's known for big wrecks & lends its name to a Will Ferrell movie?
Guess: Talladega ($600)(FULL)

FQ: Taking the checkered flag at Sonoma in '07, what Colombian racer became the first foreign-born driver to win in the NASCAR Cup series in 23 years?
Guess: Julio Neira (A: Juan Pablo Montoya)

t-o c: In what month does the U.S. celebrate Veterans Day- September, October or November?
Final Answer: November ($1,250)

"Millionaire" Day 4 Game of "Play It Forward Week II"

Episode ratings:

8: "Millionaire"
7: "Jeopardy!", "pumped!" & "Wheel of Fortune"
6: "Let's Make a Deal" & "The Price is Right"
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