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12/15/2011 Results

LMaD: I'll get to this "Deal" recap in a moment, but I want to first give you the skinny about the original Super Deal from the next-to-last season of the original syndicated run. Once anyone won the Big Deal of the Day/Night, they had the chance to risk it to choose from one of three mini doors on the SD board. Originally, one door had $1K, another had $2K & the remaining one concealed $20K; shortly after the first-ever SD win by Charlotte Wallace worth $30K (which was the maximum possible amount back then), the $1K was replaced by a random amount from $3K-$9K. If a contestant chose one of those doors & didn't win the $20K, they lost the BD they just won & left w/ their chosen cash amount; if they found the $20K, though, they would win both their BD & that grand prize.

Now, to the featured item of the day in Tiffany's hands, a box of The Original SoupMan Italian-Style Wedding Soup, which actually represents a year's supply of that famous soup that we saw on "Seinfeld" worth $1,800; there's something attached to it.

Michelle L. Johnson's Round (a ladybug dressed as a First Grade teacher):
Small Box (Jonathan)- Private yacht cruise w/ Nikon 16 MP digital camera & limo service ($3.5K)
Majeed's Round (dressed as a brown bear): Big Box ($1,200)- Giant baby pacifiers ($100)
Kyria L. LeFlore's Final Round (who looks pregnant to me): Soup- Hyundai Accent GS (Std., Mats)(Curtain #1)($17,250 total)
CURTAIN #2- Whack-a-ZONK gorilla machine

Mark R. Montgomery & Sarah M. Bartholomew (a two-year couple dressed as a mostly yellow jigsaw puzzle saying "THE BIG DEAL OR BUST"; she's wearing pink hair) get the next shot to Smash For Ca$h. For at least this playing, #2, #4, #8 & #10 are football player pigs, while #5's a mostly golden pig.

Round 1:
Mark: #4- BUCK


#6- $2 ($3; $1K)
4. #9- BUCK ($4)
5. #7- $3 ($7; DOUBLE)- BAILOUT

They don't have time to open any more pigs...

(Note: By this time in the tapings as of Monday's episode, Wayne will remind the viewers who the big winner of the day so far up until the Big Deal Round at least once & announce the complete value of the BD.)

After we learn that today's BD's worth $27,066, the host gets a good laugh out of Kathleen Anderson (a Kindergarten teacher dressed as a flower stick) & lets her look at the Red/Green Boxes Deal.

: REJECTED- Manolo shoes & a golden ring w/ white & chocolate diamonds ($3,795)
GB (w/ an alleged Jazz jingle titled the "Pouch & Plenty" performed by Wayne): ACCEPTED- Kangaroo kickboxing camp

(Note: There's a new board game about this show that should be available most everywhere.)

Alejandro Miranda (a Biology student dressed as a puffy cloud) is about to try to Strike a Match at least once. There's over $20K in cash & merchandise on that board, at least for this morning.

1. #10: $2K
2. #15: $2K
3. #1: $500
4. #13: $500 ($2.5K)
5. #12: $1.5K
#22: $1.5K ($4K)
7. #23: SB

$1K- #4 & #24
SB- #8
Silver Envelope- #7 & #14
CURTAIN #1- #5 & #20
CURTAIN #3- #3 & #17

Going for a possible trip are Leo (dressed as a box of golden fries) w/ Brent (who's his interpreter). Inside the SB (Jonathan) is a trip that will fly them 3,449 miles from LAX to either St. Thomas, Belize or Honolulu. If Leo guesses correctly & goes for it, he'll win that vacation.

Guess: Belize
Sure Thing Jackpot: Barbeques Galore ceramic grill w/ lobster tails for a year courtesy of Get Maine & $1K ($4,279)(
Curtain #2)- GOES ON
SB- Five-night trip to Wyndham Sugar Bay in St. Thomas ($8,496)

Michael D. McLiechey (dressed as a squirrel) goes into the Ca$h & Prizes Deal.

PRIZE (w/ Tiffany)- Michele male watch ($2,250)(Ca$h At Least $100: $400)  
R2: CASH AT LEAST $300- $450 (PRIZE: Pair of HDTVs)(Curtain #3)($3,050)

THE BIG RISK (Curtain #1): YES ($2,700)- ZONK spa day

THE BIG DEAL: For his 4K bucks, Alejandro will buy
Door #1...he's flying high w/ EVERYTHING IN THIS BD! Behind #2's an IKEA dining room worth $2,510, #3 holds a four-night spa trip to The Lodge Spa at Callaway Gardens in Pine Mountain, GA worth $7,066 & the car behind #1's a Mitsubishi Lancer ES worth $17,490!

Additionally, Theresa brings Jonathan a plastic spoon inside a tablecloth for $500, making today's aired grand total

(Final note: According to the credits, I think either
Curtain #1 or Curtain #3 had a smart car during SaM because I saw the company Smart Center Beverly Hills listed.)

TPiR: This is the next-to-last episode you'll see w/ the audience seats being red. The First Four for Thursday's Contestant's Row are Elena Nihoa, Yavinder Garcha, Sandra Taylor & David Morrow & the Holiday Gift Idea of the Day's a couple of Blackberry Bold 9700s w/ the one-year plan (Amber & Manuela)("Tonight is the Night" by Outasight).

Elena: $1,200/Sandra: $808/Yavinder: $1,050/David: $1,201

ARP: $2,120

David plays That's Too Much (second time it's been aired this week) for the Nissan JUKE SV (Raachel at Door #3)(MDS theme by Michael Karp).

1. $19,578
2. $20,155
3. $21,840
4. $22,990
5. $24,498- MIDDLE OUT (ARP: $21,130)

Going green second's Kathleen Marotta & the second PUFB's an inflatable Twister game set (All at Door #2)("Rolling in the Deep" by Adele).

Elena: $600/Sandra: $650/Yavinder: $500/KATHLEEN: $750

ARP: $2K

Kathleen plays Pushover for that $9,495 Summerset kitchen island (Rachel at Door #3)("Not Over You" by Gavin Degraw)...


...but she pushes three blocks too many.

Occupying the green third will be Elliot Farahnik & the last IUFB this half's a Paradigm home theater system (Amber in the clam)("Mr. Saxobeat" by Alexandra Stan).

Elena: $970/Sandra: $1K/Yavinder: $500/ELLIOT: $500

ARP: $899

Eliot makes it a Green Podium First-Half Sweep & plays Danger Price (which is $550 this time) for a JVC 37" LCD HDTV w/ the regular iPod (Manuela), a ladies' Phat Cycle (Manuela), the Frigidaire 20-foot glass door refrigerator (Rachel) & a Dev Valencia Rhodium necklace (Rachel)("Lighters" by Bad Meets Evil w/ Bruno Mars).

1. Necklace- $3,310
2. Fridge- $1,699
FINAL PICK: Electronics- $2,048

Kathleen ($2K): $.95
David ($2,120): $.95
Eliot ($8,506): 55 + 90 = OVER

Kathleen: Half-Dollar
David: $.15- ELIMINATED

Trying to keep the GP's sweep bid alive is Patricia Mellor & Larry Edmur makes his first appearance on the day to first tell her the magic words & then describe some designer clothing (Manuela at Door #5)("Fever" by Kylie Minogue).

Elena: $800/Sandra: $1,125/Yavinder: $1K/PATRICIA: $1,300

ARP: $2,330

Patricia keeps the winning streak intact, so she'll play Cliff-Hangers (Rachel) w/ Larry as the host for a chance to win a six-night trip to the ElDorado Hotel & Spa in Santa Fe (Amber at Door #3; features a hot air balloon ride for two) worth $6,940 ("I Wanna Go" by Britney Spears for the trip; '94 SP cue by Edd Kalehoff for the SPs).

iPad app magnets: $20- $16 ($21 left)
Three cookie cutters: $22- $20 ($19 left)
Sephora makeup: $36

Video Bonus: Larry's Time

Going to the green location next's Travis Comnick & the next-to-last GUFB's a NordicTrack elliptical trainer (Rachel behind splitting sign)("Work Out" by J. Cole).

Elena: $2K/Sandra: $2,010/Yavinder: $1,499/TRAVIS: $1,800

ARP: $1,999

We're one away from a Total GP Sweep, but Travis has to worry about playing 10 Chances for a pasta machine (Manuela), the Le Creuset cookware (Manuela) &/or the only automobile that's been won on "Price" so far this week, a Versa SL HB (Std., Nav./Sat., Plates)(Amber)("Domino" by Jessie J for the smaller prizes, "The One That Got Away" by Katy Perry for the car).

Possible Pasta Maker Numbers: 0, 4 & 7

2. $47
3. $70

Possible Cookware Numbers: 0, 6, 7 & 9

4. $670- NO (where was that Chef's Classic cookware when we needed it right now?)
5. $760- NO
6. $609
7. $690- WRONG AGAIN
8. $790- WRONG AGAIN
9. $970- LOSS

Cookware: $960
VERSA: $18,690


Trying to make that CR sweep happen right now is Sydney Williams & the deciding IUFB's the Mosconi pool table (Amber & George at Door #3)("Blackout" by Breathe Carolina).

Elena: $1,597/Sandra: $2,800/Yavinder: $2,801/SYDNEY: $3K

NO sweep today, but Elena wins the $1,630 pool table to finally leave CR.


(Note: Drew did mention the possible history before reading the last IUFB price.)

Elena's job is to figure out which is the Most Expen$ive- a MacPro desktop (Rachel), the his/her Honda CRF-50 motorcycles (Manuela) & six pears of A Brand jeans (Amber)("Fortune Hunter" by Edd Kalehoff). The computer's her choice. 

Jeans- $1,045
Motorcycles- $2,998
Computer- $3,973

My lineup:

1. Cliff-Hangers
2. Most Expen$ive
3. 10 Chances
4. Danger Price
5. Pushover
6. That's Too Much

SCSD #2:
Travis ($2,069): 40 + 85 = OVER BY A QUARTER
Patricia ($9,342): WINS $1K IN SPENDING MONEY
Elena ($9,646): TWO NICKELS IN A ROW

Patricia's Bonus Spin...doesn't pay off at $.75.


Door #4- Six-night trip to Perth (Larry & Manuela)(Edd's version of "Waltzing Matilda")
Door #2- West White Potter green/white sailboat (most recent classic boat cue by Edd)



PATRICIA'S PINK SHOWCASE (featuring Door #2)(using a current Showcase musical cue by Edd for the first two prizes):

Left- That giant gumball machine (Amber)
Right- VESPA LX-150 (Amber)
Inside- MINI Cooper HT (Std., PWrap, Armrest, Adapter)(current consolation prize cue by Edd)(Manuela)



Showcase Prices:

Kathleen: $31,705
Patricia: $34,238- DOUBLE SHOWCASE WINNER #3!!!!

Patricia's grand total in cash & stuff as the second-highest winner to date this season: $76,285! She would've just barely been the third-highest daytime winner if she had won the $26K on The Big Wheel, but I think she needs to take Larry out on a date- he's extremely lucky to her!


Video Bonus: "TPiR" Season 40 DSW #3 (& BREAK BANK moment #4 overall)

WoF: There are two Things to solve on the $1K Toss-Up:

_ _ _ D I _ _ / A N D

B O _ _ _ _

Cherie scores on BIRDIES AND BOGEYS. Interview time:

Cherie Montgomery (Waukegan, IL)- A health care company senior manager in the northern suburbs of Illinois who has a daughter named Ariel in her senior year in college studying Psychology
Matt Rossiter (Sommersville, NH)- A Wheel Watcher who says that every time he solved a puzzle on the show, his grandma would think they were watching a repeat
Joe Gilberti (Destrehan, LA)- A youth sports coach who plays golf

$2K T-U theme's Around the House:


_ A _ T R _ _ S

Joe lands on an AIR MATTRESS.

At the beginning of a Show Biz puzzle in the FAMOUS footwear Jackpot Round, he calls two T's for the featured trip to the Bahamas but then stops on Lose a Turn. Second, Cherie calls a dud in H. Third, Matt calls three R's for $1.5K while on Jackpot, buys three E's & two A's, lights up three C's & a D while on the Jackpot again & again for $500 more apiece & he goes for the bigger money this time...

A C T _ R - D _ R E C T _ R

_ E _ / A _ _ _ E C _

...he nails ACTOR-DIRECTOR BEN AFFLECK for the $7,100 pot & a total of $10,100!

SOLE DUD: $600 H (Cherie)

I smell a Mystery/Before & After Round coming. In the lead-off role, Cherie calls her second consecutive dud consonant of S. Second, Matt too calls a dud in R while on the Wild Card. Third, Joe calls two N's for $1,100, purchases three E's & two I's but then calls a baddie of H. Returning to Cherie, she gets up there a $600 M & two L's for another thousand dollars & the green 1/2 KIA & the other two vowels of A & O, but her next spin of that wheel lands on the left Bankrupt of the Million Dollar Wedge to eat up her 1/2 KIA & the remaining $1,100. Matt next gets two K's & a C for $900 per appearance & a couple D's for the other 1/2 KIA & another thou...

_ I C K L E D

_ I N K


...& he's TICKLED PINK LEMONADE to move to $13,800 & gets to begin what could be a crucial round.

DUDS: $550 H (Joe), R (Matt), $400 S (Cherie),

(Note: This happened to be the very first B & A puzzle when that category got started about midway in Season 6.)

But he loses his turn immediately at the start of a Prize Puzzle Round regarding a Phrase w/ an N call. Joe secondly calls a $3.5K T & buys the I at the start & four E's, then the letters he claims afterwards are a $3.5K M, the rest of the vowels (O, A & U), a $600 B, triple L's for $1.5K extra & quad S's for a $1,200 addition, then we look at...

I ' M

A B S O L U T E L _

S _ E E _ _ L E S S

...I'M ABSOLUTELY SPEECHLESS- this guy solves to take the lead away from Matt w/ another $9,050 & a $5,750 trip to the Sandals La Toca Golf Resort & Spa, $16,800 total in cash & St. Lucia.

SOLE DUD: $500 N (Matt)

TONIGHT'S SPIN ID: JR5615943 (Joe R.)

If Matt solves this $3K T-U & Cherie solves the remaining puzzle (s) in this maingame w/ not too much money, we're going to Sudden Death between the men. People will be the category this time:


N _ _ _ H B _ R S

Joe gets NEW NEIGHBORS to double his lead.

We then ask What Are You Doing? during the Last Chance Round...& consonants are each worth the big $6K! Should Matt call just one correct consonant that appears once & solve this puzzle, we'll still go to SD. After he calls an S...

_ R _ _ T _ _ _ N G

M Y / S _ _ N G

...he's PRACTICING MY SWING...for $18K (everybody had that amount at that time) & the championship w/ $31,800 in green! Joe leaves w/ $19,800 in cash & vacation & Cherie has the $1K in T-U money.

$52,600 in cash & voyages have been won so far this evening!

DUDS: F (Cherie), L (Joe)

TONIGHT'S BANKRUPT TRASH (excluding cardboard): $1,100

Maxwell House Big Money Round #59: I'm not sure if Matt's seen the current Bonus Wheel concept when he was watching w/ grandma, but he's spinning that BW right now & it lands on the E in AMERICA'S. About half the letters in this Place are lit up from the get-go:

T _ _ _

S T _ N _

Thinking he may know it, he calls CDMO & gets...

T _ _ _

S T _ N D

...but he's been foiled & misses w/ TOFU STAND & TOGA STAND. The right one was TAXI STAND & he doesn't win $35K, but he leaves w/ just $3,200 less than that.

J!: Boomie Aglietti will try to keep on truckin' tonight at these people's expense:

Beth Watkins (Savannah, GA)- Graduate student of Medieval Studies
Silas Crawford (Jacksonville, FL)- Attorney

Opening Categories:


Jean (Alex's wife), 91-year-old mom Lucille & American cousin Dolores (she's from Florida) are in the audience. At the end of the first half of the Jeopardy! Round, Boomie hits the Daily Double to close out Burns, Baby, Burns w/ $4,200; Beth has $2,600 & Silas starts w/ four bills. He wagers $1,200.

Steinbeck took note when Burns wrote "The best-laid schemes O'..." these two things "...gang aft agley".

"What are mice & men?"...correct for $5,400 & to move into Lock Game Territory! He's NOT in that position at the end of the round, but he's leading Beth $7K-$4,800; Silas stays in third place w/ $3,400.

LACH TRASH (all unattempted): $1,800

Double Jeopardy! Topic List:

TV SHOW SUPPORTING CHARACTERS (three are listed on each clue; each correct response's a TV title)
PLAYING MIDDLE T (each right word has a T right in the middle)

Beth claims a DD under the center Churches & Cathedrals answer w/ $10,800 & just a $2,200 deficit between her & Boomie for first; Silas' a closer third w/ $7,800. She's gambling her current second-place margin of $3K, so this clue's for the lead:

Teddy Roosevelt spoke to a crowd of 10K at the laying of the foundation stone for this cathedral in 1907.

"What is the National Cathedral?" right to get in front w/ $13,800! And she also takes down the last one from the $1,600 Times Past spot at $16,600 while Boomie was going hunting right after it w/ $15K so far. This is for $2K additional & to stay ahead of the champ:

In the Congress system of 1815-25, nations tried to solve conflict diplomatically, starting w/ the Congress of here.

"What is Paris?"...incorrect; that was in Vienna, meaning she's $400 out of first for now.

DJ! LACH TRASH (all unattempted): $2K

Heading Into the Final:

Boomie & Beth: $18,600 each
Silas: $8,600


Boomie: $18,400
Silas: $8,600
Beth: $18,800

FJ! SUBJECT: American Authors.

He was born in NYC on April 3, 1783, toward the end of The Revolutionary War & named for one of the war's heroes.

Silas Crawford's final response was "Who is Washington Irving?"...good for another $8K & $16,600. I can tell you right now the two tied players risked it all...

...only Beth Watkins becomes champ w/ $37,200! Boomie Aglietti, who goofed w/ Nathaniel Hawthorne, leaves w/ $59,799.

pumped!: Remember, this is the first episode in their new timeslot.

Katie Hepburn: 2008 Civic LX Coupe


1. When waved in NASCAR or IndyCar, the white flag indicates the lead cars are on the final lap.
Guess: FALSE

2. The U.S.'s tallest mountain's located in Alaska.
Guess: TRUE- MOUNT McKINLEY ($25)(1/4)

3. According to Forbes in '10, Chicago's the U.S. city w/ the worst traffic.
Guess: FALSE- L.A. ($50)(1/2)

Final Question: Shaquille O'Neal has won more scoring titles than Kobe Bryant.
Guess: FALSE- TWO EACH ($75)(3/4)


1. What sports car brand utilizes a famous logo featuring a prancing horse- Maserati, Lamborghini, Mercedes-Benz or Ferrari?
Guess: Ferrari ($125)(FULL)

2. In what year did Neil Armstrong make his legendary moonwalk- 1968, 1969, 1970 or 1971?
Guess: '69 ($175)- OVERFLOW

3. Reaching speeds of 70 mph, what's the world's fastest land animal- gazelle, antelope, jackrabbit or cheetah?
Guess: Gazelle (A: Cheetah)(3/4)

FQ: After an on-track incident, what driver said Kevin Harvick's wife "...wears the fire suit in the family"- Kyle Busch, Denny Hamlin, Brad Keselowski or Joey Logano?
Guess: Kyle B. (A: Joey)(1/2)

bonus round: The Bumper-to-Bumper topic of the week's Car Brands & Their Home Countries. She finishes w/ 10.6 left.

Citroen- SWEDEN (A: France)
Opel- FRANCE (A: Germany)($275)

high octane:

1. From '99 until declaring bankruptcy in '02, what now-disgraced company owned the naming rights to the home of the Houston Astros (who will soon be moving to the American League)?
A: ENRON (1/4)

2. Built from the remains of a '59 Cadillac ambulance, the ectomobile's the primary vehicle for what paranormal posse?
Guess: Ghostbusters ($375)(1/2)

3. What soccer team has Sir Alex Ferguson coached to 12 English Premier League titles since '86?
Guess: Manchester United ($475)(3/4)

FQ: The Indianapolis Motor Speedway technically's NOT located in Indianapolis, but instead in what neighboring town?
A: Speedway

top-off challenge: When the NFL was formed in '20, it involved 14 teams. Which of these cities was NOT home to one of the original franchises- Muncie, IN, Toledo, OH, Decatur, IL or Canton, OH?
Guess: Canton (A: Toledo)($287.5)

Robert, John, Jeff & Michael, four firefighters who own an '04 American LaFrance 100 ft. ladder truck, only make $50 during the regular round.

Peter Morandi & Tim Bessin (just before they went to a NY Yankees home game): Audi Q7

They go 3/4 in regular & sweep the plus for $325 in cash & gas card; they took a kid to the game after their game was done.

Squeegee Challenge Theme: Race Car Drivers

$200 (bottom-left corner): DOUBLE CHAMP- KYLE BUSCH
$100 (top-right): SMOKE- JEFF GORDON
$25: INDIANA BOY- NO GUESS (A: Tony Stewart)


1. Though they haven't owned the team since '81, what chewing gum company's name's still connected to the Chicago Cubs' home park?
Guess: Wrigley ($375)

2. Also one of the all-time leaders in retirement, what QB broke Dan Marino's record for career TD passes in '07?
Guess: Tom Brady (A: Brett Favre)

3. What word added to the '11 Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary is defined as "a close, nonsexual male friendship"?
Guess: Bromance ($475)

FQ: In what southern city's the NASCAR Hall of Fame located?
Guess: Charlotte, NC ($575)

t-o challenge: The Florida Space Center housing the launch site for NASA shuttles is named after what U.S. President- Richard Nixon, Dwight D. Eisenhower, George Washington or John F. Kennedy?
Guess: Kennedy ($1,200)

Millionaire Thursday:

Conclusion of Mike Hamilton's Game

Game 2
Game 3

Episode ratings:

8: "Jeopardy!", "Let's Make a Deal" & "The Price is Right"
7: "pumped!" & "Wheel of Fortune"
6: "Millionaire"
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