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12/20/2011 Results

LMaD: Inside the Small Box (Jonathan) for the morning's opening deal is a mini-curtain screen.

James' Round (who's wearing some fake $100 bills on his attire): Curtain #1- Pool table & SAMSUNG 51" 3-D HDTV ($4,650)
Kelsey's Round (dressed as a penguin): Curtain #2- AICO dining room w/ Dine With 9 private chef for a night ($6,119)
Yelonda's Round (dressed as a clown): M-C ($800)- Trip to Orlando ($6,150)
Curtain #3- Swiss cheese & crackers dining room


Katherine, who just turned 30, is about to Go For a Spin to maybe the $16,285 KIA Soul (Curtain #1).

1. Twilight or Harry Potter: Harry Potter- YES
2. Jock or Nerd: Nerd- NO
3. Hugs or Kisses: Hugs- NO

After taking out the ZONK in between $500 & $1K, she spins that Wheel of Jeopardy...& for the second time in a row, it lands on $400.

The third deal involves some e-mail (Jonathan).

Christopher's Round (dressed as a doctor): "It's your lucky day! SWIPE HERE to claim your sweepstakes prize."
DECISION: Big Box- TagHeuer men's watch, Tobi wallet & Tom Ford Aviator sunglasses ($1,968)
E-mail- $225

Jacqueline's Round (dressed as a bride): "Dear Wayne: I recently won a lot of money by clicking on a sweepstakes e-mail. Any suggestion on what to do with the money?" (Curtain #2)
DECISION: NO for $700- Trip to NYC ($6,340)

Rosa, who's dancing like she it's the '70s, plays Three of a Kind for the Volkswagen Jetta (Curtain #1). She chooses Cards #3, #4 & #6.

1. #3: 4 OF DIAMONDS
2. #4: 4 OF CLUBS

So far, so good. The Sure Thing Jackpot (Curtain #2) is started off w/ a BULL BBQ & a hammock from The Hammock Source worth $2,973, but she'll go on.


After Wayne adds $1.5K to it...she's going the distance.


While Emily's dressed as a referee, Tiffany's the real one on The Dealing Game.


1. If I were to pick your prize, would it be something I could keep at home or would it be something I would use away from home?
2. If I were to write about your prize in my diary, what are some key words about your prize that I would include?

She picks on Wayne (Curtain #3)...Jonathan (Curtain #1) had the $4K Santa Barbara getaway. She could then quit w/ $800 & does so...when she could've rode on a rocking cow.

Joyce's Fast Deal: YES to ...Hot...Hoot Silver Envelope ($1K)- VIP Photo Shoot w/ Gary Copeland ($3.5K)

Kylie's Fast Deal: YES to LAPTOPZONK!APPLIANCES SB ($1,300)- Appliances ($3,198)

Kevin's You've Already Seen Deal (Curtain #3): ZONK (rocking cow; that costs him $1,200)

THE BIG DEAL: Yelonda could be clowning around in the $25,720 Dodge Challenger SE if she chooses correctly from Doors #1 & #3...she picks #1. #2 had...the trip to Coconut Bay. #3 contains...an iMac, iPad & iPhone4 totaling $2,747- SHE'S THE FOURTH AIRED BD WINNER IN A ROW (& fifth in the past six episodes)!

Neither Brian & Monica (dressed as a peanut butter & Jelly sandwich) are wearing a baby shoe at show's end, so Wayne won't pay either of them $500. In the other Quickie Deals, a lady dressed in red pulls out a receipt for $100 from Jonathan (had it been for coffee, she would've doubled her money) & Sandra even recalls the ARP of today's BD on the nose even w/ a $1K range that Tiffany gave her for $100!

Tomorrow should be the family episode.

TPiR: This is the second time Daniel Goddard has appeared on "The Price is Right" this month (but this was the first episode he taped for Season 40, I think) & we'll first see him for the opening PUFB, but George first has to call on Justin Zeller, Dorothy Richards from Wilkes-Barre PA, Pierre Asselin & Cristina Auguste. Now this Holiday Gift Idea of the Day can be offered- some Rockwell power tools (Amber & Daniel behind splitting sign)("Blackout" by Breathe Carolina).

Pierre: $1,101/Cristina: $1.5K/Dorothy: $849/Justin: $1,250

ARP: $1,150

Justin was over by a Benjamin, so Pierre from Bronx, NY plays Lucky $even for the Ford Focus SE (Rachel)("Mr. Know It All" by Kelly Clarkson).

Second digit: 7- 9 ($5 left)
Third digit: 6- FLAT BROKE (ARP: $19,185)

(Note: The prize copy for said Focus incorrectly included the paint/fabric protection.)

After Theresa Falkenberg comes on down, the second IUFB's a six-night trip to the Best Western Plus Hacienda Hotel Old Town in San Diego w/ two LEGOLAND tickets (Gwen at Door #5)("Set Fire to the Rain" by Adele).

THERESA: $2,400/Cristina: $2K/Dorothy: $2,200/Justin: $420

ARP: $2,438

Theresa, a retired court reporter from Bakersfield, CA, could win $10K in spending money playing the Grand Game (cue the end of the classic "Family Feud" theme by Score Productions; "You Da One" by Rihanna for the groceries) w/ a $5 target price. The mostly-themed Christmas groceries are the Liquid Plumr Penetrex Gel, a one-pint container of Nestle Coffee-mate Peppermint Mocha creamer, seven feet of multicolored ribbon, a 36-ounce tub of Nestle Toll House Sugar Cookie Dough, an 18 oz. aerosol can of Santa Snow & a Russell Stover candy tin.

1. Creamer- $2.79 ($10)
2. Ribbon- $3 ($100)
3. Snow- $3.99 ($1K)
FOR $10K: Dough ($5.69)
L.P.- $4.69
Tin- $8.99

Red player #3's Foster Winston & the third one-bid deals w/ a 5.7 karat pair of gemvara.com yellow gold earrings (ceiling)("In Paris" by Jay-Z & Kanye West).

FOSTER: $1.5K/Cristina: $1,501/Dorothy: $999/Justin: $1,502

ARP: $1,658

Justin, a pilot from Carlsbad, CA who's wearing a white t-shirt that his mom made, plays Side By Side for that $8,099 ski-doo Summit Sport (Amber at Door #2)("Domino" by Jessie J)...which he doesn't win.

Pierre: Half-Dollar + 35 = $.85
Justin: Half-Dollar + 55 = OVER BY A NICKEL
Theresa: 60 + 70 = OVER (could've left w/ $12,438 in cash & trip)

The other end of the spectrum's secondly plugged in by Sheila Wood & the fourth GUFB's a pair of Jimmy Choo platform pumps (Gwendolyn & Rachel)("Pass At Me" by Timbaland featuring Pitbull & Bruno Mars).

Foster: $600/Cristina: $700/Dorothy: BUCK/SHEILA: $699

ARP: $750

Cristina, a stay-at-home mom from Rosalie, CA, plays One Wrong Price ("Not Over You" by Gavin Degraw) for some See By Chloe accessories marked at $1,755 (Rachel), an Avanti Fitness Cardio GYM 3500 marked at $1,978 (Daniel) & a BOSE 46" video wave HDTV marked at $5,349 (Amber). She thinks the dummy's assigned to the TV...but the gym's actually $2,999.

Our next Pricing Game hopeful may be Christopher Capcara & the next thing on the Tuesday PUFB list happens to be an iPad2 w/ two white covers (Amber)("Good Life" by OneRepublic).

Foster: $1,201/CHRISTOPHER: $650/Dorothy: $1,200/Sheila: $600

Bad news for Dorothy- the ARP's $707, so Christopher from Pittsburgh, PA instead plays Pocket Change for the FIAT 500 AT (Std., Organizer, Mats, SCovers)(current truck/van/convertible cue by Edd Kalehoff)(Greedy Gwen's Car Lot).

REMAINING NUMBERS: 2, 3, 6, 7 & 8

Second Digit: 7 ($ 1 7 , _ _ _; #16)

Third Digit: 3- CORRECT ($ 1 7 , 3 _ _; #2)

Fourth Digit:
1. 8- INCORRECT (Half-Dollar)
2. 2- RIGHT ($ 1 7 , 3 2 _; #9)

Last Digit: 8- NO ($17,326; #7)(Three Quarters)


1. #16: NICKEL ($.30)
2. #2: QUARTER ($.55)
3. #9: QUARTER- WIN! ($.80)
FINAL ONE: #7- $.75 ($1.55)

Last to be picked on is Julie Marable & the sixth & final IUFB's a royal blue Electrolux washer/dryer (Rachel behind rising sign)("Tonight is the Night" by Outasight).

Foster: $1,501/JULIE: $1.5K/Dorothy: $1,399/Sheila: $1,200


Foster, a hairstylist from Long Beach, CA, wins the $2,698 washer/dryer & plays The New Range Game for a Beachcomber Hybrid Hot Tub (Amber at Door #3)("Marry the Night" by Lady GaGa). Why is the board so new, you might ask? Because the front of it has repainted w/ a different shade of yellow & there are some metal borders around it. No matter what, he'll spin The Big Wheel second in the upcoming SCSD after this PG's over. Out of a range of $10,800-$11,400, he stops it at $10,973-$11,123...but he's $71 short, so Christopher saved our bacon.

SCSD #2:
Cristina ($750): 20 + 35 = $.55
Foster ($2,698): $.85
Christopher ($18,033): 75 + 60 = OVER

SHOWCASE #1 ("Someone Like You" by Adele for everything but the last prize):

Door #1- Opulent Items outdoor dining set w/ a Bayou Classic stainless-steel turkey fryer set (Amber)
Right of Door #1- Trip for four to Disneyland in Anaheim w/ limo service (Amber)
Door #3- Sea-Doo Speedster 150 (Gwen)("Car Slide Vamp" by Edd)




Door #2- La-Z-Boy Quinn living room group w/ this season's offered Christmas Tree & a catered Christmas party for 30 (Rachel)("You Make Me Feel..." by Cobra Starship feat. Sabi)
Near Door #4- Six-night trip to FrasierSuites in Sydney (Daniel)(Michael Karp's newest rendition of "Waltzing Matilda")



Showcase Prices:

Pierre: $22,589
Foster: $22,797

Foster wins $25,495 in merchandise.


WoF: The first Toss-Up topic's Occupation:

T R A V _ L

_ _ _ _ T

Alanya may have to call a TRAVEL AGENT soon, because she makes the $1K solve here. We're going around the horn on the contestant interviews tonight:

Alanya Blake (Rohnert Park, CA)- A third-generation real-estate appraiser whose mom is her boss; after graduating from UCLA, she traveled to Puerto Rico & stayed there for three years
Ken Beyer (Chicago)- A systems administration coordinator for a marketing firm in Glenview, IL who got the call to appear on this GS two days before his wedding (at that time, the St. Louis Cardinals won the World Series)
Linda Albano (Middleton, MA)- Photographer/independent window cleaner/independent sales consultant for a cosmetics company

The $2K T-U prompt's Living Thing:

H O _ _ _ _ H O E

C _ _ B

Alanya picks up a HORSESHOE CRAB that triples her cash.

After I reveal that the MidNite Jackpot Round category is Song Lyrics, the prizes on the wheel are an $8.5K EZ-Italy trip & the Tuesday/Thursday gift tag from Ricardo Beverly Hills. She first Bankrupts on the Million Dollar Wedge's right side. Secondly, Ken calls two N's for $1K & the blue 1/2 KIA, buys an E & calls out four H's for another $1,200 & a $1K couple of T's for the other 1/2 KIA, then he buys an A & calls a couple S's while on Jackpot for another grand & two G's for $1,800 more. He next buys an I & calls for a $300 W at the end of the puzzle & we have showing...

_ A S H I N G

T H _ _ _ G H

T H E / S N _ W

...he nails "DASHING THROUGH THE SNOW" from "Jingle Bells" for $20,550 in cash & KIA Soul; he even leads off in the next round!


(Notes: The newer video for said KIA was displayed while Jimmy was describing it. Also, a shout-out's made by the promotions/marketing department.)

A Same Name puzzle's available for the Mystery Round. He loses his turn right away, however, w/ a T call while on the luggage. Second, Linda calls two N's for $1,600, buys two A's, says a $500 D & purchases two E's, followed by three R's for a $1.5K addition but then a dud in G. Third, Alanya puts up a $300 C (the first letter of the last word), an I & the M at the end for the MDW, but she then loses both that & a $50 bill to the Bankrupt next to the Wild Card; that's her second one of the night. Ken then controls a $450 S & an O, but he then calls F for flub. That gives Linda a chance to solve this...

_ R I N _ _ E / A N D

S O _ R


...& she's on the board w/ WRINKLE AND SOUR CREAM for $3,100; she also keeps control.

DUDS: $600 F (Ken), $800 G (Linda), T (Ken)

The ladies have to do some serious catching up in the Prize Puzzle Round w/ the category of Phrase to deal w/. Linda's first letter is a dud of T. Alanya secondly lights up a $300 N, an $800 R, three E's, a $600 B, a $900 D, two I's & a $300 F before Bankrupting for the third time this evening w/ the other regular one to fork over $2,400. Third for Ken are a $400 M (the first letter of the solution), two O's, an $1,800 trio of S's, a $450 Y & the rest of the vowels in the round (a U & two A's), then after he grabs five L's for $2.5K additional...

M Y / F R I E N D S

_ I _ _ / A L L / B E

S O / _ E A L O U S

...he'll be saying "MY FRIENDS WILL ALL BE SO JEALOUS", since he's $4,400 richer & has won himself a $5K holiday at the GANSEVOORT in Miami Beach, FL, meaning he's $50 shy of 30 grand in cash & prizes!

SOLE DUD: $500 T (Linda)

TONIGHT'S SPIN ID: LP04939 (Lana P.)

The identity of the $3K T-U's People:

H _ R _ E S / _ _ D

_ _ _ L _ _ N _

Ken knows his HEROES AND VILLAINS to jump to $32,950 in winnings.

This bit of Fun & Games is the puzzle solution for the Last Chance Round w/ consonants paying off at...$1,800 each. After a G called by Linda...

_ _ _ _ _ N G / _ N / _

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ N _

...she must've been JUMPING ON A TRAMPOLINE recently, because she picks this solve off to finish in second place w/ $4,900. Alanya has $3K in T-U Christmas moolah & Ken's already a big winner w/ $32,950 in cash & stuff!

We've given away $40,850 in cash & merchandising so far on this episode.

TONIGHT'S BANKRUPT TRASH (excluding MDW): $2,450

Maxwell House Big Money Round #62: Even though his last name's definitely NOT Jennings, this Ken spins the N in WIN. We've got some more People to recognize, starting like this:

_ E _

S _ _ _ _

DGHA gives him...

_ E _

S _ _ A D

...without the P's, he can't solve PEP SQUAD & he's the second straight VW Eos loser. But he still leaves w/ $32,950 in cash, trip & KIA.

J!: Jason Keller had been waiting for 16 years to appear on this show & now he's going for his third win tonight against:

Doug Davies (Monrovia, CA)- Investment consultant
Karen Hedlund (Brooklyn, NY)- Nursing tutor

Tuesday's Base Categories:

PAPAL PEOPLE (a year's listed on each clue & each correct response's the name of a Pope)

Karen ends the first half of the round w/ the Daily Double at the end of Colors; she's leading Jason $3,200-$2,800, while Doug has $800. For another $1,800 & to stay in first, here's her clue:

The name of this deep red also means "...of prime importance".

"What is Crimson?"...is incorrect, so back to second she goes; it was cardinal. She's still in that position after the board gets cleared out by $1K w/ $3,800; Jason's leading score has reached $6,200.


Double Jeopardy! Lineup:


Jason jumps at the DD under the $1,600 "List" clue w/ $7,800; Karen's up to $4,200 & Doug trails her for second by six bills now. He wagers the face value of this answer:

Adjective for the medical philosophy of treating the entire person, mind & body, not just the part that's ailing.

"What is holistic?"...yes to be $600 shy of the 10 G's mark & slightly move into Lock Game Territory. But Karen's Checking It Twice when it comes to the current scoreboard as soon as she selects the night's last DD behind its $800 clue w/ $5,800; Doug's just on her tail w/ $5,600 & Jason's way out in front w/ $14,200. She bets $2.5K:

This Constitutional amendment uses the phrase "...twice put in jeopardy of life or limb".

"What is the Sixth Amendment?"...missed it by one; it was the Fifth.

SOLE ATTEMPTED TS: $2K (Zoom In For a Close-Up)
UNATTEMPTED LACH TRASH (all unattempted): $2K

Post-DJ! Scores:

Jason: $22,600 (LG!)
Karen: $6,100
Doug: $7,600


Jason: $22,600
Karen: $10,400
Doug: $7,600


While north of his homeland, he was inspired to write perhaps his greatest work "Alturas de Macchu Picchu".

Response: "Who is (Jorge Luis) Borges?"
Final score: $6,100

Response: "Who was (Pablo) Neruda?"
Wager: $4,601
Final score: $12,201

Response: "Who is Neruda?" (he wrote this down just as the think music started)
Wager: $2,400
Wins w/: $25K

Three-night total: $69,800.

WSS: Stepping into the Hero circle's Krista Baker from Pearisburg, VA (who's a cosmetics account manager).

#3: Clarissa Barton (Palm Springs)- Non-profit intern

After the first commercial break, we have:

Krista (_ _ T _ _ V _ _ _ _ T): What does the "UV" in UV rays stand for?- ULTRAVIOLET (12.13)
Clarissa (_ _ V _ _ G / _ R _ _ _ _ _ / _ Y _ _): Steven Spielberg first directed Tom Hanks in what movie?- "SAVING PRIVATE RYAN" (14.2)
Krista (_ _ _ / _ H _ / _ L _ _ B _ _): Joe Wurzelbacher got what blue-collar nickname on the 2008 Presidential campaign trail?- "JOE THE PLUMBER" (7.13)
Clarissa (_ I _ _ G _ _ _): Metric measurement equal to approximately 2.2 pounds- MISSES FIRST HALF (A: KILOGRAM)


#1: Price Trochet- A former "Wheel of Fortune" champ who's a Barista & TiVos four game shows at a time

SPECIALTY ROUND: "What a Monster"

Price #1 (J _ _): If you're on Monster.com, you're looking for a new what?- JOB (14.8)
Krista #1 (L _ _ H / _ _ _ _): Tales of a "monster" living in this Scottish lake stretch back 1.5K years- LOCH NESS (10.47)
Price #2 (_ _ _ _ T): Monster Energy Drink invites you to "Unleash the..." what?- OUT (A: BEAST)

AMOUNT FOR #1- $10K ($25K)

(Notes: Once a pass has been used, the clock restarts from the 20-second mark. Also, at the end of each show, Ben drops through the Hero's trap door.)

#6: Elena Crabtree (Phoenix)- Pageant beauty queen

Elena #1 (S _ U _ G _ _): What blanket w/ sleeves is an infomercial moneymaker?- SNUGGIE (15.6)
Krista #1 (S _ _ - P _ _ K): Awesome abs or a group of soda cans- SIX-PACK (8.73)
Elena #2 (X _ _ _): What video game console was created by Microsoft?- XBOX (15.67)
Krista #2 (A _ _ _ _ R _): A quiver's a carrying case used in what sport?- ARCHERY (14.47)
Elena #3 (_ _ _ V _ N / _ Y _ _ _): "Does The Noise In My Head Bother You?" is a memoir by what Aerosmith singer & current "American Idol" judge?- STEVEN TYLER (13.2)
Krista #3 (_ _ S _ _ _ _ T _ _ / _ O _ _ M _ _ T): What's the tallest structure in the District of Columbia?- WASHINGTON MONUMENT (15.33)
Elena #4 (_ O _ _ Y / _ L _ _ _): What "Annie Hall" director said he wanted to achieve immortality by dying?- GONE (A: WOODY ALLEN)

AMOUNT FOR #6- $15K ($40K)

#2: Adam Netif (Vienna, WV)- Professional wrestling ring announcer

SR #2: "Supercharged" (this is all about the word "super")

After the next break:

Krista (_ _ D _ _ _ _ K): A superhero's partner or a model of Smartphone- PASS (one left)
Adam- SIDEKICK (18.27 left; Krista had the answer just after passing)
Krista (_ _ _ K / _ _ M _ _): Neil Young was once in a band w/ what "Super Freak" singer?- RICK JAMES (12)
Adam (_ _ _ E _ / _ _ _ _ _ _ Y): During the 2008 election, two dozen states held primaries on what day?- SUPER TUESDAY (14.8)
Krista (_ _ G _ _ _ _ / _ R _ _ _): Psychoanalyst who divided the human psyche into the id, ego & superego- SIGMUND FREUD (12.47)
Adam (_ _ L _ _ _ _ G _): Alabama's NASCAR Superspeedway- OUT (A: TALLADEGA)

AMOUNT FOR #2- $10K ($50K)

#4: Vanessa "Bring It On" Barnett (Flint, MI)- Journalist

Following some commercials:

Vanessa (_ P _ _ M _ _ _ I _ _): Type of eye doctor who doesn't perform surgery- OPTOMETRIST (13.93)
Krista (_ A _ _ _ _ _ C): What American luxury car's logo originally featured six ducks?- CADILLAC (15.2)
Vanessa (_ _ D _ _): What country's film industry's known as Bollywood?- INDIA (15.13)
Krista (_ H _ _ _): Zappos is one of the world's largest online retailers of what product?- SHOES (11.73)
Vanessa (_ _ _ _ E _): The Star of David appears on what country's flag?- ISRAEL (14.4)
Krista (_ _ _ L / _ _ / _ _ T _): "Modern Warfare" & "Black Ops" are editions of what video game series?- OTHER PASS USED

AMOUNT FOR #4- $20K ($70K)


Remaining For Speed Round #2:

Raj Dwalia- Finished 26th in the World Quizzing Championships
Jeff Nimoy- An honor roll student who had a 3.8 GPA in high school
Lindsay Morgan- Won every academic award in her Eighth Grade graduating class
Dr. Jonathan Gelver- Has a Master's Degree in Biomedical Engineering from Columbia University
Heather Alexander- Scored a 99 percentile on her ACTs

Raj (C _ _ C _ _ _ T _ / C _ _ P / C _ _ K _ _): Sweet treat invented by the owner of the Toll House Inn- CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE (4.87)
Jeff (A _ _ / W _ _ _ H _ _ S _): Late British singer who vowed she wouldn't go to "Rehab"- OUT (A: AMY WINEHOUSE)(his last name guesses of WOODHOUSE, BIRDHOUSE & TOLLHOUSE are ZONK ANSWER OF THE WEEK NOMINEES)
Lindsay (I _ _ _): Colored circle around the pupil of the eye- IRIS (6.67)
Jonathan (W _ _ _ _ / C _ _ _ L _): Where "Hard and Kumar Go To" in their first movie (it's a hamburger fast food joint)- "WHITE CASTLE" (5.67)
Heather (K _ _ _ T): Gold's purity is measured in this unit- KARAT (6.27)
Raj #2 (_ _ X _ _ O): This nation's flag features an eagle carrying a serpent- MEXICO (5.67)
Lindsay #2 (_ H _ / _ E _ _ _ _ _ _ T): Simon Boker plays a former fake psychic on this CBS TV show- "THE MENTALIST" (4.13)
Jonathan #2 (_ _ R _ _ _ R): Io is a volcanically-active moon of this planet- JUPITER (4.93)
Heather #2 (_ _ _ R _ _ T): A French explorer named Cadillac founded this U.S. city- DETROIT ON THE BUZZER
Raj #3 (_ H _ _ _ E _): Indian relish made w/ fruit, vinegar, sugar & spices- CHUTNEY (5.33)
Lindsay #3 (_ E _ _ _ / _ _ _ _ _ P): She holds the record w/ 16 Academy Award acting nominations- OUT (A: MERYL STREEP)
Jonathan #3 (_ H _ _ _ E _/ _ _ _ W _ _): Author of "The Origin of Species"- CHARLES DARWIN (6.6)
Heather #3 (_ _ _ _ E _ _ _ G _): Mysterious ancient monument on England's Salisbury Plain- STONEHENGE (5.4)
Raj #4 (_ _ _ _ _ _ _ J _ _): It's Hebrew for "praise ye the Lord" (& is also a song title)- "HALLELUJAH" (5.6)
Jonathan #4 (_ U _ _ _ _ P _ _ _): Food staple of the koala diet- EYCALYPTUS (5.47)
Heather #4 (_ _ _ _ _ _ / _ O _ _): This U.S. President was born Leslie Lynch King, Jr.- GERALD FORD (2.47)
Raj #5 (_ _ M _ _ _ _ / _ _ _ _ _ R / _ _ _ _ _ _): Kate Middleton's stepmother-in-law- ELIMINATED (A: CAMILLA PARKER BOWLES)
Jonathan #5 (_ _ _ _ _ / _ _ _ _ _ O _): This fashion house's purses have an "LV" logo- LOUIS VUITTON (4.93)
Heather #5 (_ _ _ / _ _ T _ _ _ / _ _ _ _ _ _): Saint-Exupery novella about a space-traveling boy- "THE LITTLE PRINCE" (4.6)
Jonathan #6 (_ _ _ _ / _ E _ _ _): "Beauty is truth, truth beauty" according to this poet's "Ode on a Grecian Urn"- HEATHER WINS $16K (A: JOHN KEATS, which she knew)

She takes the drop.

Millionaire (Broadway Giveaway Week, Day 2):

Conclusion of Kathryn Shrader's Game

Start of Alex Granovsky's Game

Episode ratings:

8: "Who's Still Standing?"
7: Everything else
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