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12/29/2011 Results

WoF: Two more episodes left this year. Thursday's first Toss-Up falls under the topic of Place:

F _ V E - _ T A R

H _ _ _ _

"Wheel" offers trips to these all the time & Jamie knows we're referring to a FIVE-STAR HOTEL. Let's find out how many stars each of these players will get for their performances tonight:

Jamie Schuh (Valders, WI)- An autism therapist who has two nephews, one of whom just returned from Afghanistan
Becky Gorton (Lakeville, MN)- A director of business development for an analytics consulting firm & an Augustana nursing home volunteer who's married to Matthew, has a six-month-old baby girl named Caitlin & a female Airedale dog named Zoey
Gardenia Parham (Lynwood, IL)- A legal secretary married to Fred for 16 years who has hopped on the back of her husband's motorcycle on occasion

The next stop's the $2K T-U that acts as something In the Kitchen:

C A _ _ E R O _ E

D I _ _

Gardenia gets CASSEROLE DISH.

The featured trip wedge of the night could send one to the Four Seasons Resort Lanai at Manele Bay in Hawaii & it's worth $5,800. After announcing that the NatuRelief Jackpot Round category is Fun & Games, Gardenia's first letters are two T's for $800, three E's, an A, a $300 N, five R's for another $1.5K & the other two vowels in the puzzle of two O's & three I's, then she calls on four L's to add another two grand & the green 1/2 KIA...

T _ R I L L I N _


_ O A _ T E R

R I _ E far, her THRILLING ROLLER COASTER RIDE has led her to a cash total of $5,600.


(Note: A holiday shout-out's made by the production department.)

Jamie kicks off the Before & After Round w/ the Lose a Turn. Second, Becky puts up three T's to pick up that Million Dollar Wedge, two H's for $1,200, two E's, a $300 N & two A's, then she takes two D's for another 11 bills & the board at this time...

T H E / T _ D A _

_ H _ _

A N D / T E _ _

...and she solves "THE TODAY SHOW" AND TELL to get on the board w/ $2,100.

SOLE LaT: Jamie

(Note: The other shout-out of the evening comes from the post-production folks.)

However, she's starting the Mystery/Prize Puzzle Round featuring some People. She collects the other 1/2 KIA immediately w/ two S's for a grand, two E's & three A's, followed by a $900 N pairing, a couple I's but then the only dud vowel buy of the round (O). Gardenia secondly calls for a $300 R & M & buys the leftover U...

_ E _ E N _ A R _

_ A _ _ / M U S I _ I A N S

...& she's known enough LEGENDARY JAZZ MUSICIANS to win 350 more bucks & a $5.5K vacation to the Loews New Orleans Hotel, giving her a new total of $11,450 in cash & trip.

SOLE DUD: O (Becky)

TONIGHT'S SPIN ID: EJ0736704 (Edna J.)

The final T-U category's Show Biz:

B _ _ _ S _ A _ E

T O U _

Becky takes too long.

B A C _ S _ A G E

T O U _

Jamie doesn't need the BACKSTAGE TOUR for him to quadruple up.

Some Food & Drink goes on the big board next. Jamie's opening letter is N for negative. Becky secondly says a $400 T but then a dud of R. Third for Gardenia are a $500 S, triple E's, a $500 B but then the Bankrupt next to where the WC formerly was to give back $750. Jamie's second turn leads off w/ the twin F's for eight Benjamins, two O's & a U, then following a $1,650 set of C's...

C _ O _ C E / C U T S

O F / B E E F

...he eats some CHOICE CUTS OF BEEF for $1,950 additional & $5,950 overall, so he's in second place.

DUDS: $350 N (Jamie), $400 R (Becky)

Next to be solved appears to be a Phrase. Becky duds out right away w/ a T. Gardenia gets the other Bankrupt, which means we move on to Jamie, who calls a $600 N & a $900 trio of G's & purchases an I & two E's before we finally go to Last Chance Mode...

G _ E _ _ I N G

G _ _ E

...& the remaining consonants have a value of $1,550 per appearance. He then calls the back-to-back S's on top...

G _ E S S I N G

G _ _ E

...& he's won this kind of a GUESSING GAME round to pocket another $3,700 & leave w/ $9,650. Becky has the $2,100 from the second maingame round & Gardenia wins by $1,800.

$23,200 in cash & flying has been won so far on the show this evening.

SOLE DUD (before final bell): $800 T (Becky)


Maxwell House Big Money Round #69: Given Gardenia's late two Bankrupts, I'm not sure her landed envelope from the first A in AMERICA'S has anything worth all that much. But we'll know what's in there whether she wins or loses on this Phrase, starting like this:

_ _ _ _ / T _

_ N _ _

She might have an idea by calling GDMO...

G O O D / T O

_ N O _'s GOOD TO KNOW she's $30K richer & we have our third BMR win in a row after an eight-episode drought! She finishes w/ $41,450 in cash & Hawaii and the Rebuilding Together bank's up to $182.5K; she didn't bring any friends or family, though.

J!: These contestants don't want Jason Keller to be the third-ever 10-time champion:

Dave Leach (Atlanta)- Software analyst
Jennifer Green (Paris, TN)- University librarian

Thursday's Openers:


After the first half has been completed, Jason's trailing Dave $2,600-$2K by the amount Jennifer has, $600. To wrap up this Jeopardy! Round, because of a Triple Stumper on the $800 Official British Royal Post, Jason misses out on the round-ending Daily Double that Dave gets instead; Dave's leading the champ $3,800-$3K, w/ Jennifer on both of their heels w/ $2,200. Dave wagers $2K:

Edmund Halley was the second this "Royal" from 1720-1742.

"What is a Royal Astronomer?"...he had the two words switched around, but that's acceptable to end the round w/ $5,800.

LACH TRASH (all attempted): $2,600

It's Double Jeopardy! Time on All of This:

THE THIRD-MOST POPULAR PRESIDENTIAL CHOICE (every clue reveals said person & each correct response's the name of the President who won)

$400 "D-O":

It precedes "tranquility' in The Preamble of The Constitution.

Jennifer: "What is domestic?"- CORRECT ($2,600)


A lump or blob of something, like whipped cream.

Dave: "What is a dollop?"- CORRECT ($6,600)

Middle clue:

It's a file of documents on a particular subject or person.

Jason: "What's a dossier?"- YES ($4,200)

First Opera Clue:

This title character's sent to fetch Isolde, his uncle King Mark's intended bride.

Jason: "Who was Trista?"- RIGHT ($4,600)


She's a slave to Amneris, an Egyptian princess.

Jennifer: "Who was Aida?"- RIGHT ($3,400)

$1,600 "D-O":

Small "coins" thrown from Mardi Gras floats.

Dave: "What are doubloons?"- RIGHT ($8,200)

Last "D-O":

This word for a wild brawl's from the name of a Dublin fair.

Dave: "What is donnybrook?"- RIGHT ($10,200)

$400 Scientist:

In 1727, this physicist became the first scientist buried in Westminster Abbey.

Jason: "Who was (Isaac) Newton?"- RIGHT ($5K)

$1,200 Opera Clue:

Alban Berg's 1937 opera's a real doozy, or a real this, the double-talk name of its title character.

TS #3: "Lulu"


Gingerbread figures turn back into boys & girls when the witch's spell's broken in this opera.

Jennifer: "What is 'Hansel & Gretel'?"- YES ($5K)

Final Opera Clue from Alex from the Metropolitan Opera:

The Mets' production "Enchanted Island" (which premieres on New Year's Day, BTW) is a version of "The Tempest" & the costume I'm wearing belongs to this magician who rules the island.

Dave: "Who is Prospero?"- RIGHT TO MOVE INTO LOCK GAME TERRITORY ($12,200)

$800 Scientists Clue from Sarah Whitcomb from Rio:

To switch on floodlights for Christ the Redeemer's dedication in 1931, this radio pioneer sent shortwave signals from Naples.

Jason: "Who was (Guglielmo) Marconi?"- CORRECT ($5,800)

Center clue:

Scientist & author Temple Grandin overcame this alienating condition, from the Greek for "self" or "same".

Jennifer: "What is autism?"- YES INDEED ($6,200)


In the 2nd Century, this Alexandrian astronomer catalogued 47 of the 88 constellations we know today.

Dave: "Who is Ptolemy?"- RIGHT ($13,800)


In 1986, Ernest Ruska received The Nobel Prize in Physics for his development of this type of microscope 53 years earlier.

Dave: "What is an electronmicroscope?"- RIGHT ($15,800)

First Daylight Come Answer:

A dawn event, or a Florida city of 84K.

Dave: "What is Sunrise?"- RIGHT AGAIN ($16,200)


"Light's glittering morn bedecks the sky", says a hymn for Lauds, also called morning this.

Jennifer: "What are prayers?"- YES THEY WERE ($7K)


Daylight comes & its time for this mix of martial arts & exercise whose name means "supreme ultimate fist".

Jennifer: "What is T'ai chi (ch'uan)?"- RIGHT ($8,200)


DD #1! For another $3K, here's her clue:

When in Rome, Eos, Goddess of Dawn, went by this name.

"What is Aurora?"...good for $11,200.


This author says the cells in the skin of some of her characters are "...reflective like crystal" & sparkle in daylight.

Dave: "Who is (Stephanie) Meyers?"- RIGHT ($18,200)

$400 Me Wanna Go Home Clue:

The "wine" is too warm in the Transylvanian Alps of this country & why do I have to carry garlic? Me wanna go home.

Jason: "What is Romania?"- YUP ($6,200)

$2K (DD Hunting & High School Strategy Alerts):

If you can't stand the heat either, then let's caravan out of this fabled city at the center of Mali; me wanna go home.

Jason: "What is Timbuktu?"- RIGHT ($8,200)


The seafood was great, the tequila too much in this "True Cross" city on the Gulf of Mexico (which is also named for a Hyundai car); me wanna go home.

Jason: "What is Veracruz?"- RIGHT ($9,800)(ONE-MINUTE ALERT)


Got sunburned visiting the beach of this most populous Brazilian city; home, please!

Dave: "What is Rio de Janiero?"- INCORRECT ($17K)
Jason: "What is Sao Paulo?"- RIGHT AGAIN ($11K)

$2K Clue Under The Third-Most Popular Presidential Choice:

John B. Anderson

Dave: "Who was (Ronald) Reagan?"- RIGHT ($19K)

Last Me Wanna Come Home Answer for $800:

The Summers are nice in this capital of Manitoba-- that's when I should've come. Me wanna go home!

Jason: "What is Winnipeg?"- YES ($11,800)



Strom Thurmond

"Who is FDR?"...WAS NOT CORRECT. He was Harry Truman.


SOLE TS OF THE ROUND (unattempted): $1,200 (Opera)

Heading into the Final:

Jason: $8,800
Jennifer: $11,200
Dave: $19K


Jason: $11,800
Jennifer: $9,800
Dave: $18K

Jason's all but out of this.

FINAL JEOPARDY! CATEGORY: Contemporary American Writers.

Concluding a four-book series, his 2004 novel "Folly and Glory" features Kit Carson, William Clark & Jim Bowie.

Response: "Who is McMurty?"
Wager: $11,198
Final score: $2

Response: "Who is (James A.) Michener?"
Wager: $3,401
Final score: $15,599

Jason Keller's important response was "Who is (Jason) Grisham?" & he wagered $7K. So if he's right, he's the first 10-time champ since David Madden. Otherwise, he's leaving for the time being w/ $215,900 & Dave's won the crown...

...NO. Shoot. Correct: "Who was Larry McMurtry?" (I wonder if Jennifer meant James).

p!: The weather wasn't that good when this episode was shot.

Joshua Peterson (who's the fireman chief for the LSFD): '99 Honda Accord Sedan


1. More than 70% of police cruisers sold in the last five years have been Ford Crown Victorias.
Guess: TRUE- CORRECT ($25)(1/4)

2. For every human being on Earth, there are more than 1M ants.
Guess: TRUE- YES INDEED ($50)(1/2)

3. In '10, Americans aged 18-24 spent more hours online per month than those aged 45-54.
Guess: TRUE- WRONG (A: 39.3-32.2)

Final Question: According to the USDA, soda provides more added sugar to a two-year-old's diet than candy, cookies & ice cream combined.
Guess: TRUE- RIGHT ($75)(3/4)


1. W/ five titles, Jack Ingram has more championships than any other driver in what racing series- Sprint Cup, Nationwide, IRL or Trucks?
Guess: Trucks- WRONG (A: Nationwide)(1/2)

2. Which of the following states is NOT part of The Four Corners- New Mexico, Oklahoma, Arizona or Colorado?
Guess: Oklahoma- RIGHT ($125)(3/4)

3. Though the winningest team the last two seasons, what MLB team has racked up the most losses in history- Phillies, Cubs, Braves or Cardinals?
Guess: Phillies ($175)(FULL)

FQ: Eleven horses have won the Triple Crown of horse racing. Which of these horses didn't- Affirmed, Secretariat, Seabiscuit or Citation?
Guess: "Seabiscuit" ($275)- OVERFLOW

Squeegee Challenge Category: Race Car Driving

$200 (top-left corner): SHRUB
$100 (bottom-left corner): NOT KURT
$50 (top-right corner): KID- LIL'KRIS
$25: TOTAL PRO (A: Kyle Busch)

high octane:

1. The championship tournament of what college sport inspired the term March Madness?
Guess: Basketball ($375)

2. As of this year, who's the world's highest-paid athlete according to Forbes?
Guess: Alex Rodriguez- INCORRECT (A: Tiger Woods)

3. What popular ballpark snack was introduced at the 1893 Chicago World's Fair under the name "Candied popcorn & peanuts"?
Guess: Cracker Jacks ($475)

FQ: Who's the only racer to win the Indy 500, the Daytona 500 & the 24 Hours of Le Mans?
Guess: Jeff Gordon- NO WAY (A: A.J. Foyt)

BAILOUT (second ever to pass on the final query)

Jose Ragan & John Grassie: '02 Suzuki XL-7 4-Door

regular: They're right on the first & last statements.

plus: They nail the even-numbered questions to stay in this game.

S.C. Category #2: Athletes

$200 (top-left): WRESTLER- JOHN CENA
$100 (top-right): "ROCKY III"- HULK HOGAN ($250)

That's their final total.

Rafael Candelaria: '91 Accord Sedan

regular: He's up to a full tank of gas already.


1. What college topped The Princeton Review's list of the top American party schools for the '11-'12 school year- Arizona State University, University of Georgia, Ohio University or Florida State University?
Guess: Ohio- YES INDEED ($200)- OVERFLOW #2

2. At the end of "Thelma & Louise", the title characters are seen driving a Thunderbird into what national monument- Devils Tower, Mount St. Helens, Mariana Trench or Grand Canyon?
Guess: Mt. St. Helens- NO (A: Grand Canyon)(3/4)

3. Andy Roddick's married to which top "Sports Illustrated Swimsuit" model- Marisa Miller, Brooklyn Decker, Kate Upton or Irina Shayk?
Guess: Irina- WRONG (A: Brooklyn)(1/2)

FQ: What NFL team has won the most Super Bowls- Cowboys, 49ers, Steelers or Patriots?
Guess: Cowboys- WRONG AGAIN (A: Steelers)(1/4)

search warrant Le Mans Edition #2: Greg's looking for the name of a race track.

$200: MILK
$50: OPEN WHEEL- TIME OVER (A: Indianapolis Motor Speedway)


1. What steak sauce got its name because King George VI thought it was top-class?
Guess: A-1- RIGHT ($300)(1/2)

2. What term refers to a car that's been customized to sit closer to the ground?
Guess: Lowrider- RIGHT ($400)

3. Found on bottles of sunscreen, what does the abbreviation SPF stand for?
Guess: Sun prick- NO WAY (A: Sun Protection Factor)

FQ: What mission was the site of a famous 13-day siege during the Texas Revolution?
Guess: The Alamo- HE REMEMBERED IT ($500)

top-off challenge: Which of the following is NOT a way to say "goodbye" in a foreign language- "Ciao", "Konnichiwa" or "Auf Wiedersehen"?
Final Answer: "Auf Wiedersehen" (A: "Konnichiwa")($275)

Episode ratings:

7: "Wheel of Fortune"
6: "Jeopardy!" & "pumped!"
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