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12/30/2011 Results

TPiR: It's the third annual Best Prizes of the Year Show! The First Four this time out are Sheri Barnett, Christopher Ellard, Lizanne Tomassoni & Anya Boyer. The IUFB opener's a trio of Apple products- the iPad2 (which led to that four-car Race Game win), iPhone4S & the MacBook Air (Manuela in the clam)("The Show Goes On" by Lupe Fiasco).

Lizanne: $2,100/Sheri: $1.5K/Christopher: $1,900/Anya: $1,950

ARP: $2,486

Lizanne (who has a fiancee named Mike) is playing the last retro car Pricing Game of '11, the Bonus Game, for something similar to what we saw on the Halloween episode, a 1965 Ford Mustang GT Coupe (includes three-speed automatic transmission) appraised at $19,900 (Rachel at Door #3)("S & M" by Rihanna; the previous restored automobile was a $19.5K '73 Mustang Mach 1 Convertible).

Designated SP Song: "The Edge of Glory" by Lady GaGa

(Notes: As of this taping day, the board for this PG has had its stucco removed & the base of it's now green.)

1. Burger maker
IS NOT: $29

2. Keurig coffee brewer
IS NOT: $90

3. Donut hole maker
IS NOT: $39

4. Snow cone maker
IS NOT: $40

She...unknowingly LOST right away after getting tricked by that burger maker. After a year of having all the retro cars won, they got SHUT OUT this year. The next chance to give away a retro ride will take place on Monday w/ Snoop Dogg.

I'm sure this person isn't necessarily a LFaT unlike Lizanne, Valerie Westmoreland, & the second IUFB's the Michael C. Fina 18-karat white gold sapphire/diamond ring that Gwendolyn's wearing right this second ("Dynamite" by Taio Cruz).

VALERIE: $1,999/Sheri: $2K/Christopher: $2,300/Anya: $2,800

ARP: $2,200

Chris was over by a Benjamin, so Sheri (originally from Tulsa, OK) scores a Bonkers FIVE-SECOND EXACTA on the $7,995 Brammo Enertia motorcycle (Rachel at Door #3)("The Lazy Song" by Bruno Mars)! The wrong price was $8,236.

The blue podium's secondly occupied by Linda Koening & the third PUFB's that inflatable Twister game set (All at Door #3)("Written in the Stars" by Tinie Tempah featuring Eric Turner).

Valerie: TWO BUCKS/LINDA: $1,200/Christopher: $1,100/Anya: BUCK

ARP: $2K

Linda, a YWCA worker from Pala Mesa, CA, plays Most Expen$ive for a BBQ gas grill (Gwen), a mojo :) photo booth (Rachel) & the SAMSUNG 59" plasma HDTV (Manuela)("Pumped Up Kicks" by Foster the People). She goes w/ the grill.

BBQ- $1,400
Booth- $4,999
TV- $2,599

Linda ($2K): 20 + 95 = OVER BY $.15
Lizanne ($2,631): 45 + 60 = OVER BY A NICKEL

Third to go blue's Charles Jones & the fourth IUFB today's a four-piece selection of those Burberry accessories for the ladies (Manuela at Door #5)("You Make Me Feel..." by Cobra Starship feat. Sabi).

Valerie: $1,501/CHARLES: $1,200/Christopher: $1.5K/Anya: $3,200

ARP: $1,870

Valerie from Chicago plays Pick-a-Pair (instead of Pl!nko as her black T-shirt already indicates) for the Fantastic Sams gift card, the twice-a-month services from The Maids for a year, a year's worth of organic groceries & pairs of adult movie tickets every week for a year courtesy of Fandango, making it a prize package worth $7,404 ("Tonight, Tonight" by Hot Chelle Rae for the main prizes; "Lighters" by Bad Meets Evil feat. Bruno Mars for the grocery items). The popular groceries used in this edition are a 12-pack of TAB soda, a 16-ounce box of General Mills Basic 4 Cereal, an eight-ounce pack of Challenge Butter, the 12-ounce bottle of Herbal essences Toussle Me Softly Shampoo, the Gorton's 30 Crunchy Breaded Fish Sticks & the 24-ounce bottle of Mt. Olive Kosher Dill Spears...& she's a winner right away w/ the $5.19 soda & fish! The shampoo & the cereal each cost $4.19 & the butter & the pickles were each worth $2.89.

Coming on down eighth will be Betty Hartwick & that royal blue Electrolux washer/dryer's next to be bid on (Gwen behind splitting sign)("Born This Way" by Lady GaGa).

BETTY: $2K/Charles: $2,300/Christopher: $2,600/Anya: BUCK

Christopher, a pharmaceutical worker from Laguna Beach, CA who looks like the late McLean Stevenson (he was one of the regulars on the syndicated "Match Game" from '79-'82), was off by $68 on the right side, so he'll play Gas Money for this popular new car...the FIAT 500 AT (Std., Mats, Organizer, Covers)(Manuela)("Forget You!" by Cee-Lo Green). Whenever we play this PG, I say we're at BobboChung's Car Castle & I'm willing to sell him that FIAT & $10K for the price of $10K if he can leave the ARP on the board amongst these five price cards:


1. $14,029- $1K
2. $15,947 (the Peanut Gallery isn't too happy)- $4K ($5K)
3. $16,524 (they don't like that selection, either)- $3K ($8K)
FINAL PICK: $18,711 (at the request of the crowd)- FOURTH GM WINNER EVER!!!

The last new "Price" participant this year's Thomas Olafson & the final GUFB's a Nintendo 3DS package that includes two consoles & starter kits (Manuela & Rachel)("More" by Usher). Anya's in the WORST possible one-bid position.

Betty: $800/Charles: $575/THOMAS: $549/Anya: $629

ARP: $760- Anya's finally on stage!

After this singer from The Funkomatics (she's from Temple Beach, CA but originally from Palm Springs) gives Drew a fake eye, she plays Freeze Frame for one of those stainless-steel kitchen appliance trios (Gwen at Door #3)("On the Floor" by Jennifer Lopez feat. Pitbull). Win, lose or draw, she'll spin The Big Wheel first in the second SCSD. Her answer's $8,536...but it's only $6,847.

SCSD #2:
Anya ($760): 60 + 20 = $.80
Valerie ($9,274): 70 + 95 = OVER
Christopher ($30,024): 75 + 35 = OVER BY TWO DIMES


Door #1- 100 pairs of designer shoes (Rachel)("E.T." by Katy Perry feat. Kanye West)
Door #2- '12 Chevrolet Volt (Gwen)("TPiR" consolation prize cue)



SHERI'S SHOWCASE ("Rolling in the Deep" by Adele):

Door #4- Six-night trip to the Le Taha'a Island Resort & Spa in Tahiti (Manuela)
Door #3- Porsche Boxster (Std., AT, Seats, Bar, Wheel, Sound)(Rachel)

SHERI BIDS 28 GRAND ON TRIP/PORSCHE SHOWCASE (because she thought Anya overbid)- GAME OVER


Showcase ARPs:

Anya: $49,937
Sheri: $71,628

Thanks to Sheri's EPIC FAIL, she's NOT the biggest winner of Season 40 so far & Anya wins $50,697 in stuff, Volt included.


WoF: Toss-Up #1 this Friday revolves around a one-line Person:

_ _ R F E _ _ _ O _ I _ T

Becca's a PERFECTIONIST so far. The last three aired players of '11 on this stage are:

Becca Christian (Bakersfield, CA)- A Riverlakes Community Church administrative assistant & hospital registration clerk going to Bakersfield College & is working on completing the prerequisites to become a future physician's assistant
Melissa Malka (Sunrise, FL)- A single, healthy baker who has pictures of her feet taken while she travels (early in her interview, she mistakenly said she's married & has two children)
Eric B. Grant II (Blacksburg, VA)- A Montgomery County Schools substitute teacher for the middle & high levels who's also a big sports fan (especially the Virginia Tech Hokies)

$2K T-U Q's What Are You Doing?:

_ O _ _ _ _ G

C H _ _ P A _ N E

Becca blanks.

_ O _ R _ _ G

C H _ M P A _ N E

Eric's POURING CHAMPAGNE to steal control.

The last Prize Wedge of the year represents a trip to the Bernadus Lodge in Carmel Valley, CA worth $5,790 & the NatuRelief Jackpot Round has a big-sized Event in store. He first calls for two T's to get the trip wedge right out of the gate & a $300 H, then after buying five E's, he calls a $1K couple of S's while on the Jackpot & a $2.5K S & purchases two A's & five I's. Following his Free Play of the U to clean out the vowels, he captures five N's for $4.5K additional but then Bankrupts out of the round while on the Million Dollar Wedge's left side to miss out on $13,340 in cash & trip...

_ I N _ I N _ / I N

T H E / N E _

_ E A _ / I N

T I M E S / S _ U A _ E

...& Becca's RINGING IN THE NEW YEAR IN TIMES SQUARE to tie for the early lead w/ $2K each & keep control of that giant circle.


This is the year's last Before & After Round. She leads it off w/ a dud in T. Second, Melissa calls out two R's for $600 & a $350 S, makes the purchases of an E & an A & duds out w/ the P. Third, Eric inserts a $1,200 couple of L's, a $350 M & three N's all on top for the Wild Card & w/ said object still in hand (after learning his lesson in gambling)...

_ _ N N A M _ N

R _ L L S -

R _ _ _ E

...he says CINNAMON ROLLS-ROYCE for a $1,550 lead.

DUDS: $500 P (Melissa), $600 T (Becca)

'11's last Mystery/Prize Puzzle Round theme's Thing. Melissa's letter picks start out w/ S for sorry. Secondly for Eric are quad T's for $3,600, three E's, an A, a $1,200 N quartet & the three I's to wipe out the vowel section...

I N - _ _ I _ _ T

E N T E _ T A I N _ E N T

...& he banks another $4,050 & will be watching some IN-FLIGHT ENTERTAINMENT early on his trip to the SuperClubs Breezes Resort, Spa & Golf Club on Runaway Bay valued at $6,540, so this first-place player's at $14,140 in money & Jamaica.

SOLE DUD: $900 S (Melissa)


(Note: Unlike the show's most recent video game, FP's available in the entire maingame.)

The year's T-U's conclude w/ the Proper Name of a media personality:

_ _ D E R _ O N

_ _ _ P E _

Formerly the host of "The Mole", Melissa IDs ANDERSON COOPER to avoid getting gooseegged.

She'll then start this Phrase w/ a $900 M, three I's to complete the first word but then Loses a Turn. Eric secondly calls a couple T's at $300 per appearance & buys three O's, then come a $1,200 N pairing, four G's to add triple the previous amount & the double E's just before his light bulb turns on again...

I ' M / G O I N G / T O

G E T / O _ G _ N I _ E _

...& he says "I'M GOING TO GET ORGANIZED" to jump to $19,040 in cash & vacation.

SOLE LaT: Melissa

Time for that Last Chance Round w/ Living Thing as the topic & consonants being worth...$1,900 a pop. After two D's are said by Becca...

_ L D / _ N _ L _ S H

S H _ _ _ D _ _ the buzzer, she likely just gave away $11,400 w/ an incorrect response of OLD ENGLISH SCHNEIDER. After Melissa repeats the H, Eric gets the E's for free..

_ L D / E N _ L _ S H

S H E E _ D _ _

...& gets an OLD ENGLISH SHEEPDOG worth another $5,700 to his winning overall bank of $24,740 in cash & trip! Becca leaves w/ two thou & Melissa has three.

$29,740 in cash & trip has been given away on the '11 "Wheel" finale so far.

DUDS: M (Melissa), R (Melissa), T (Eric)
DQs: 2 (Becca's blown solve, Melissa's H duplication)

TONIGHT'S BANKRUPT TRASH: $13,340 in cash & getaway

Final Maxwell House Big Money Round of '11: Eric's Bonus Wheel spin stops on the one-star & the BMR category right here's Phrase. This pretty big one starts w/:

S _ _ _ / T _ E

S _ R _ _ _ E

Let's see what CHDAM do...

S _ _ M / T H E

S _ R _ A C E

...I've got plenty of bad news...first, Jim Lubinski just cost us our fourth & final PERFECT BONUS ROUND WEEK of this year. Also, Eric's going to have to SKIM THE SURFACE...

...on lots of specs & have to pay the tax & title on this Chrysler 200 Convertible Limited (Std., #730N) worth $32,885! That means he drives home w/ $62,625 in cash & merchandise and the Rebuilding Together bank has reached a final total of $187.5K!

(Final notes: I thought for sure the final count in the Rebuilding Together charity bank would be $185K; that means either one of the BR wins from this season's weekend "Wheel" reruns actually counted towards that total or they've given an unintentional spoiler about how the "America's Game" episode went on the Ports of Call set that hasn't aired yet.)

(Also tonight: Final Jeopardy! was a Triple Stumper again to close out the week, but Dave Leach still had a lock game win & has a two-day total of $34,683.)

Episode ratings:

8: "Wheel of Fortune"
7: "Jeopardy!" & "The Price is Right"
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